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Questions – 9/6/2011

21 Questions 9/6/2011

Rick Day - Summer 2008 NYC

if i need lose 5/6 % bodyfat, you think that i can do hiit, 15 minutes 5 days a week? can you give me an example of how it is do correctly??? thank ty!
6 September 2011

Tyler - you can do all the cardio you want but if you don't eat clean you wont drop that body fat.  so to answer your question and i'm assuming that your diet is clean yes you can lose body fat doing that but your going to have to experiment and see if that amount will work for YOUR body.  a couple of examples would be stepmill 3 minutes of step rate around 100 followed by 2 minutes of 50-60 step rate. or you can go minute for minute.  Also you can keep things switched up and run 1 mile on a treadmill for speed then do the remainder of your cardio time jumping rope.  there are lots of different ways to do high intensity cardio. i suggest keep it switched up so you won't get bored and it'll keep your body guessing and you will reach your body fat goals.

could u please give some perspective on online training and nutritional consultations? how can it be as effective as in person training and consultation? i noticed you offer it and I am assuming your new program you're starting with Hany is online/phone as well
6 September 2011

Tyler - first off i want to say that you have to already have the drive and determination to reach your goals before signing up for online training.  the reason that it's just as effective is that everything is mapped out for you. there is no guess work for you.  all you have to do is follow instructions .  like i said you have to already have the drive.  how my program works is that based on your current body fat,weight, and goal is how i would design a nutrition plan for you. as for the training that would depend on your goal as well.  i feel it's easier to follow a nutrition plan and exercise plan when it's mapped out for you and your doing something on a specific day etc.

Hello Ty ! thanks a lot for your site ! What is the method you use to estimate your body fat level ? Impedance ? anthropometric ? Skinfold ? heigh and circonference ? other ? I’d like to use the same one to follow my progresses ! thanks for help !
5 September 2011

Tyler - I do not get my body fat taken. I havn't had a skinfold test done since 2007.  I monitor my progress by taking pictures, and looking myself in the mirror.

Hey Tyler, just wanted to say thanks for the time and dedication to make this awesome website! You put a lot of time here answering are questions and i'm sure i'm not the only one that is thankful! Keep up the good work! You have always been an inspiraton to me and my buds since we saw your photos! Thanks again
5 September 2011

Tyler - thanks Mike!

Tyler, what's you opinion on using a weight belt? Do you only use it for heavy squats and deadlifts? It not when do you use one? Also what brand/kind of belt do you wear?
4 September 2011

Tyler - I wear a belt on everything that I do.  I feel like it keeps my waist small and tight and keeps me conscious of keeping my abs tight when doing exercises. I have a hardbinger belt but looking into getting a sheik soon.

Hi, I work out at home..I have all the needed equipment except a workout bech with a backrest..can i still workout the shoulders without a back rest.? Thanks man..
4 September 2011

Tyler - of coarse you can! the first year i worked out in my parents basement with very basic equipment.  you can do standing overhead press for shoulders, standing or seated lateral raise, db front raises, barbell front raises, upright rows. bent over db laterals for rear delts. also you can do the shoulder presses seated too you just won't be able to go as heavy but it will build core strength.

Hey Tyler, I'm wondering, how long can you not workout and maintain body mass (of course not making any gains) but while eating pretty healthy still, any ideas?
4 September 2011

Tyler -  I really don't know. I'm sure it's different for everyone.  The good thing is muscle has memory and it will respond quickly.  I suggest not taking any longer then a week off from working out though.

Tyler, When trying to build lean muscle Is it essential to take a BCAA product around your training sessions? And when is the best time to take it (before/after/during)? Other then that, thanks for all of your training/slash nutrition advice it is all really helpful!
4 September 2011

Tyler - It is essential if your trying to build lean mass.  I've taken BCAA's between my meals, pre workout, during workout, and post workout.

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