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Questions – 9/8/2011

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Rick Day - 2008 Summer NYC

Hello Ty ! Thanks for all ! your site 's amazing and you become to me a model of life ! how many time you spend daily at the gym for workout ? i'm trying to follow your workout program (weights + cardios) and it's difficult to me to spend less than 2h to do everything ! In that your timing too ? watching your videos you seem not to take very few time between reps! thanks a lot
8 September 2011

Tyler - if your spending 2 hours in the gym in one session that is way to long to be in there.  shorten your rest periods in between your sets and avoid conversation etc.  all of your weight training shouldn't take any longer then 45 minutes to 1 hour max. as for cardio it depends on what your goals are and where your bodyfat is currently but if the only time you can do cardio is after your weight training start off with 15-20 minutes for the first couple of weeks and see how your body responds.

Hi Tyler, first off thanks for the amazing website that serves as a source of motivation, knowledge and determination for me and many, many others. I was just wondering if you had any advice on working out without a pre-workout supplement and not losing any progress. I have been using stimulants like Jack3d and No-Xplode for about 3 months and I decided to stay off them for a couple of weeks and my workouts so far have been much less productive. I know you have just took time off supplements so I was wondering if you had any tips for getting ready and pushing out the extra reps without supplements?
7 September 2011

Tyler - I think your doing your body a huge favor by giving the stimulants a break.  Stimulants exhaust your adrenal glands which can cause Adrenal Fatigue.  Adrenal Fatigue can lead to muscle loss and catabolism of skeletal muscle.  Strength and or endurance loss from adrenal fatigue wouldn't allow you to train at your best.  Over training is a great sign of adrenal fatigue symptoms include the sensation of being "burned out",lack of sex drive, impaired attention, depression or anxiety, and insomnia.  All of that being said it sounds like a mental game for you right now.  I would take a few days off (or even up to a week if needed)  let your body rest and you'll be wanting to get back in there and tear it up without having to use a stimulant.  Also another suggestion would be to up your carb intake pre workout and that will help give you more energy.

tyler...any advice on approaching photographers. i would like to try modeling and cannot figure out how to find the reputable ones.
7 September 2011

Tyler - there is a couple of ways you can go about it.  first would be to seek them out yourself. find which magazines you would like to work with and get the contact information from there and I would try to contact them on facebook as well.  second would be to get with an agency and they will set you up with all the shoots you need to build your portfolio.

Hi Ty ! during the last modifications of your training program, you decided to stop supplements for some weeks excepted proteins of course ( it was in August, I think! ) ! do you decide to reschedule supplements with the Hani's program and if it is, what is your new routine ? thanks a lot for advises ! you're the best !
7 September 2011

Tyler - I will be taking Hany's supplement company's stack.  evogennutrition.com - I'll be taking E.V.P.,Cell K.E.M. and Glycoject.  I'll let everyone know how it is once I start to use it.  It should be coming in the mail today.

Hello Tyler ! happy to know the last training program you schedulded before the Hani’s adventure was the good one ! In this program when you say wendesday and Sunday are days OFF, does that mean you don’t do any workout at all ? neither wheigh nor cardio one ? Or do you do some cardio session however ! thanks for advise and I wish the best for your new training process !
7 September 2011

Tyler - This week I did 1 cardio session on Wednesday and no weights.  Sundays are a full day off of nothing but REST.

Hey, what are your thoughts on the P90X program and its effectiveness for gaining lean muscle?
7 September 2011

Tyler - I've never tried the P90X program out.  I think if your trying to lean down and not get any bigger and have a athletic look this would be a good program.  It's very high intensity.  If your main goal is to build lean mass and add muscle then I suggest sticking with a bodybuilding style routine.

it could be psychological, but do you ever notice that you look more ripped in the mirror than when you just look at your body?

Tyler - It's most likely the difference in lighting.  Start taking weekly or every other week digital progress pictures in the same lighting and same spot at your house so you can monitor your progress.

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