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A 12 week intense training program that includes 15 different workouts from 3 different cycles that you will be going through. Each cycle has specific purposes so be ready for mind blowing pumps and extreme pain to take your mind and body to a whole new level! This detailed program will allow you to improve your physique by shaping and detailing, burning fat, gaining size and strength, all while keeping your muscles with maximum fullness. The way I have designed this program is the best of all of the different styles of workouts that I have used on my body that are guaranteed to produce results. Your body will be in shock from week to week while you go through each cycle so your physique has no other option but to respond. Also included is my supplementation guide of all the current supplements that I am taking. This hybrid style periodization training program is like nothing else today!

Here is a break down of the 3 different cycles that you will be experiencing with TMT-Phase One!

Weeks 1,4,7,10
Lower volume heavy weight.  That being said you NEVER want to sacrifice form in order to lift a certain weight.  Even though it’s heavier weight you still need to focus on getting the strong contraction on every rep.  The rep range is 6-10.  They are mostly all straight sets but there are supersets . Fast Twitch fibers will be targeted this week.  They are where you get your power and strength from.

Weeks 2,5,8,11
Volumization Weeks.  During these weeks you will be using both heavy and lighter weights.  On some of your compound movements you will train heavy but also lighter weights and higher reps are involved.  LOTS of advanced training techniques are in this cycle to create maximal stimulation and you will feel your muscles fire and fill up with blood like never before.  The rep ranges are anywhere from 6-30 so you will be using a combination of fast twitch (power and strength) and slow twitch (endurance) fibers.  The different techniques that are introduced in these weeks are super sets, tri sets, , speed of the movement (from super slow to super fast), duration of peak contraction, static holds, and more!

Weeks 3,6,9,12
TERROR WEEKS! A.K.A.  Giant Sets.  Be ready for extreme pain but in turn extreme PUMPS!  This is by far the most challenging section of the program and you cannot…I repeat CANNOT be weak minded.  When your mind is telling you that you can’t do more or it might be getting to painful you have to fight it off and realize your muscles can handle it and the results are well worth the work.  Intensity techniques and power moves will still be used in this cycle.  Every workout is designed to target each muscle group at every angle possible by performing giant sets.  A giant set is 4 or more exercises done back to back with no rest in between.  Only 10-15 seconds in between exercises anything more and your muscles will start to recover.  During these workouts it will  feel like a cardio workout as well so get ready to drop some body fat while causing hypertrophy by maximal stimulation!  If you are feeling all of your secondary muscles take a large workload you need to lighten the weight.  Learn how to shut off using secondary muscles and only use the targeted muscle group. If possible for this week I suggest going to train at a time when it’s not busy at the gym so you will be able to perform the giant sets properly.   I understand that some of you will not be able to perform giant sets due to schedules and only being able to workout when there are several people in the gym so if that is your case I suggest breaking it down into super sets or tri sets it will still be effective.

**This is a PDF file so there is no need for a kindle or any other ebook reader**

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  1. Hey, Tyler. Nice stuff. Keep it going and keep it real in 2011. And I hope you make great gains in the coming year. Justin

  2. Hey just wanted to say you and as well as greg plitt are big inspirations to me! Good story behind you! I will bbe entering next years Fitness Amercia show to get into fitness modeling also! im 21 years old and very motivated! Any advice would be great man thanks!! Good luck to ya

    • thank you beau! i’m glad i can be an inspiration. my advice for you competing in this upcoming show would be to have 100 percent confidence and show up in the best shape of your life!

  3. Hi Tyler!
    Very very fascinating! You’r a serious Man!
    <3 Tamás

  4. Hey Tyler, just wanted to let you know your shoulder vid is set to private. Not sure if that’s intentional or not, but I was hoping to look at it and maybe incorporate some of your stuff into my shoulder routine tonight. Thanks.

  5. Hey Tyler, I couldn’t open the shoulder video either?

  6. Tyler es un excelente entrenador y un amigo del mundo. saludos desde Monterrey Mexico
    H. Jiménez Rodríguez

  7. Hey Tyler,
    Huge fan and got a random question. Im gonna order a shirt but thinking about sizing. (You know how some many shirts are different). What size are you wearing in the picture? Thanks bro. Also get those beats out in the public so I can download them lol.

    • whats up tyson! im wearing a Large in the picture. as for my beats i’ve still been working on them when i get time. i’ll be using a couple more in my upcoming video this weekend.

      thanks for the support! keep it 100!

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