Tyler McPeak

-Workout- Chest/Calve/Ab/Cardio

Great workout today with my training partner Ron.  My appetite was back in full force today icon smile Workout Chest/Calve/Ab/Cardio We worked out at 4:40pm today. Here 's the workout

  • Incline BB Press - 1 warm up set for 12 - 3x10,8,5, one drop set for 15
  • Flat DB Fly - 3x12
  • Flat BB Press superset with Pullovers - 3x12
  • Pec Dec FST-5 - 5x15
  • seated calve raise superset rope crunches 3x12 one dropset on the calves for on the last set
  • oblique crunches on hyperext bench 2x15
  • standing one arm cable oblique crunches 2x12
  • RUN 2 miles 13:15 (my best time)
  • 10 minute jumprope
  • 5 minute stair climb on 7.0
  • 5 minute jumprope

Looking forward to spending some time with friends tomorrow night.  Having people over at the house then were heading out after to see some live music...gotta love Nashville for the live music.  The talent here is ridiculous.  Had to change my filming schedule around so I'll be filming Legs on saturday and boxing on sunday!


-Workout- LEGS/abs

this afternoons leg workout intensity was insane!  i believe it's because i'm so excited about getting back up to NYC in front of the camera.  i look at these shoots as the most important ever because i'm reintroducing myself with a different physique that i was never able to accomplish before. the way i look now is the way i've always wanted to since i first started lifting weights at age 18.  here is the workout

  1. leg press - 3 warm-up sets for 15-25 reps,3 working sets of 12 reps (worked up to 6 plates on each side) then on the last set did 3 dropsets of 10 reps a piece finished with just 2 plates a side.
  2. squats -  4x10-12 one drop set on the last set
  3. lying leg curl superset stiff-leg deadlifts 3x12 one drop set on the last set of lying leg curls
  4. walking db lunges - 15 steps each way total 30 steps for one set. did a total of 3 sets
  5. seated leg press calve raise - 4x12
  6. standing calve raise superset rope crunches 4x12
  7. jump rope 5 minutes

tomorrow is back/bi and wednesday is arms which i'll be filming so i'll have that video up wednesday night.  i wanted to film this workout tonight but didn't have anyone that could. then thursday am i leave for ny and i'll be doing shoulders that night after shooting with rick day at 4:30pm

here's another picture from my last night on my VA trip with Anthony and Josh.

photo7 Workout LEGS/abs

202 - Roanoke,VA


-Workout- chest/side delt/tri/ab

photo5 300x225 Workout chest/side delt/tri/ab

Awful Arthers Roanoke,VA

This workout was at 1pm today.

1. - Flat hammer press 4x12 one dropset

2. - Incline db fly 3x12

3. - Flat db press superset pec dec 3x12 one dropset

4. - Pullovers superset seated later raise 2x12

5. - Rope Pressdowns superset ab bb rollouts 2x12

Another picture from my VA trip.  Went to Awful Arthers to have a couple of beers and shoot a game of pool.  My mom ended up beating me in that game of pool.


-Workout- ARMS/ABS

Thursday, November 18, 2010
so my new supplement cocktail came in the mail today from bodybuilding.com store and i LOVE IT! today was a carb up day for me also so that always helps get me pumped too. carb sources were sweet potato,oatmeal,1 apple. here’s the routine

- preacher curls superset cable kickbacks 4×12
 - seated partial bb curls superset straight cable pressdown 3×12-15
 -standing close-grip bb curl superset skullcrushers 3×12
 - one arm standing preacher curl superset dips 3×12 and failure for dips
 - rope crunches 4×12
 - oblique side cable crunches 2×12

no cardio today. i’ll be filming a at home ab routine and then filming my chest routine saturday!


-Workout- shoulders/forearms/abs/jumprope

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

  • rope front raises superset bent over db laterals 4×12
  • standing db laterals 3×12
  • standing overhead cable laterals (for rear delt) superset upright rows 3×12
  • standing closegrip bb shrugs
  • db shrugs 3x 20,15,10 superset standing bar ab crunch 3×12
  • reverse wrist curls superset underhand wrist curls 3×20-30
  • jumprope 10 minutes

i’ll be going to the gym here in a bit to do some more cardio. light jog for 20 minutes and some additional ab work also filming a at home ab routine tonite for my youtube channel!


-Workout- Chest/side delt/tri/ab/jump rope

Monday, November 15, 2010

another good one tonight!

Hammer press flat machine 4×10 one drop set
Flat db press 3×10 one drop set
Incline db fly 3×12
Pullovers superset pec dec 3×12
Standing lateral raise superset close grip cable pushdowns
Set one 30 reps set 2 20 reps set 3 & 4 15 reps
One arm oblique cable crunch superset captain chair weighted leg raises 3×12
Hyperext bench side crunches superset weight bench crunches 3×12
Jump rope 15min


-Workout- chest/side delt/tri/ab/calve/hiit – Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday, November 9, 2010
today i got one of the best pumps i’ve gotten in a while! here is the routine

  • incline bb press 4×10
  • incline db press 3×12 one drop set
  • flat db flys 3×12
  • flat hammer strength press 4×12
  • db pullovers 3×12
  • TRI-SET - standing lateral cable one arm raise,over head seated one arm db ext,seated calve raise. 3×12
  • SUPER-SET - rope crunches, seated leg press machine calve raise 3×12
  • oblique side one arm cable crunches 3×12
  • 10 minutes HIIT stepper machine 1 min recovers 3 minute high intensity

just finished filming my first cooking segment for my youtube channel once i get it edited down it will be online shortly!


-Workout- chest/side delt/tri/ab/hiit

tyler davin00 Workout chest/side delt/tri/ab/hiit
just got home from yet another sick workout. here’s the routine

  • flat hammer strength press 4×10-12 one drop
  • slight incline db fly 3×12
  • incline press machine 4×10-12 one drop
  • db pullovers 3×12
  • fst-7 cable flys 7×15
  • vbar pushdowns superset standing lateral raise 3×15
  • side oblique cable crunches
  • captain’s chair weighted knee raise 3×12 (first time i tried these with weights and dammmn all i can say is painnnnnnn!)
  • 20 minutes HIIT stairclimber

-Workout- arms/calve/abs

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

love arm day! here's the routine

- straight bar preacher curls superset standing straight bar close grip curls 4x12
- cable rope kickouts superset dips 3x12 ropes and 3x20 on dips
- seated db curl superset cable straight bar seated behind next curls 3x12
- spyder curls superset one arm reverse press downs 3x15
- wrist curls superset reverse wrist curls 3x20-30
- seated calve raise 4x12 one drop set
- chair leg raises 3x15 superset rope crunches 3x20
- jump rope 10 minutes


-Workout- arms/abs/run

Thursday, October 21, 2010

today's arm routine was just ok. i base my workouts on how my pump is. and i think sense yesterday was extremely low carb day i wasn't able to really fill up today. i didn't do as much as i normally would either for this reason. regardless it was ok. here's the routine

  • standing straight bar curls 3x8-12 one drop superset cable straight bar kick outs
  • incline db curl superset overhead one arm db ext 3x10-12
  • one arm seated preacher curl superset straight bar skullcrushers 3x10-12

for forearms and abs i did a little circuit for about 10 minutes i jumproped for 2 min then went straight into reverse seated wrist curls for 20 reps then bench crunches for 30 reps then back to the rope for 2 min.

i just got back now from my usual 6 mile course that i do and i think it's a bit too chilly to be running without a shirt on now because i was cramping most of my run which was hell. but i pushed through it and ended up running it in 46:22 not my best time but i can live with it.