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McPeak Fitness Video Series BACK Workout

This is the first training video of my new series. I take you through one of my back workouts and explain how to properly execute each exercise. Make sure to subscribe for more updates and videos coming soon!

Filmed and Edited by Cody Kern



videos9 300x1201332 TMT PHASE TWO Cycle 2 BACK!My second training eBOOK is available at http://tylermcpeak.com/store for $14.95!

Here is a short glimpse of my BACK workout from cycle 2 of TMT-PHASE TWO!

Towards the end of TMT-PHASE ONE I started to crave the feeling of lifting heavier weights. Now before I go into any further detail I want to address that the words heavier weight is a relative term. Meaning your muscles don't know X amount of poundage that your lifting so that being said I NEVER WANT YOU TO SACRIFICE YOUR FORM FOR TRYING TO MOVE TOO MUCH WEIGHT. As you will see this program is designed to increase strength and really target those fast twitch muscle fibers for the first 4 weeks. It has been years since I've done this low of repetitions and I was curious to see what would happen and the result was getting stronger and my muscles got thicker so be ready to beat the shit out of your body but please be careful. The low rep schemes on certain lifts does not mean that you want to throw form out the window and lose focus of the target muscle. Keep in mind this is still a bodybuilding program and not a powerlifting contest. One of the goals here is to increase your strength during the first 4 weeks by getting a feel for the heavier weight so once weeks 5-8 roll around you should be able to use heavier weights for the higher rep sets that you were not able to use before. The reason for only doing low reps heavier weight for 4 week is to let your joints rest and heal up because you can't continuously try to push your body with maximum poundage and stay healthy. You don't want to be sidelined with an injury that will keep you out of the gym. Even though Cycle 1 is geared towards moving the poundage up and gaining strength each week there are still intensity techniques involved to flush as much blood into the muscle so you are guaranteed to get great pumps! For cycle 2, the purpose is to volumize the muscle with higher reps and target the slow twitch muscle fibers. You will not only get great pumps but also your muscle endurance will really be tested during this phase. More supersets and giant sets are involved during this cycle so be prepared to mentally have to push past the pain of the lactic acid build up. The more lactic acid build up equals a larger amount of growth hormone released! So without further ado welcome to TMT-PHASE TWO!


“Touch Up” Training

sept23 Touch Up Training


For the past 8 weeks during TMT-PHASE 2 I incorporated a training technique called touch up training.  Basically you can use it to bring up weak points to your physique or do what I did and have a little touch up work for almost everything.  It was the first time I'd ever tried this out and I loved the results it gave me.  I think it's smart to cycle on and off with it but I feel that 8 weeks it a good enough trial period to give it a shot.  That is just one of many different techniques you will find within TMT-PHASE 2.  Overall Phase 2 allowed me to gain strength and the amount of volume has allowed me to maintain 5 percent body fat!

7.5 weeks out from my upcoming shoots and I'm extremely ANXIOUS!  I'm just so glad that I decided to shoot in November rather than wait till the new year.  This time of high calories has allowed me to train my ass off and really fill my physique out more.  I'm very pleased with what my condition is doing with the only change being that I havn't had any cheats now in 3 weeks.  This weekend was great!  It all started with a ridiculous 30 set BACK workout on Friday.  The 30th set for the workout was dead lifts.  I knocked out 315lb for 22 reps.  That is a PR for me..most reps I've gotten in the past was 20.  I'm tempted to shoot for 30 reps next time  icon smile Touch Up Training I went for a hike on Saturday...ballooned up my Delts and went to the Titan's game today.  It was my first time going to a pro football game and it was awesome despite getting burnt all to hell.  Once it heels a bit I'm going to get spray tanned in a few days to balance my color back out because right now I have farmers tan icon sad Touch Up Training

Two more training videos coming this week from TMT-PHASE 2!

dtown Touch Up Training

I went for a run today after the game and I forgot how much I love it! I'll most likely start doing a couple times a week before it gets too cold


Finally feeling normal again…

stress Finally feeling normal again...My life has been crazy hectic the past two weeks.  I managed to travel to Philly and had a blast with my friend Anthony.  My relationship ended as soon as I got back.  I moved into my new place, launched my members section and still had to put the finishing touches on TMT-PHASE 2 ebook all while still having to get all of my workouts in.  Cook all my food, train my clients, and work on online clients programs...it's been just a little stressful for me but eh I'd rather have a shit load of stuff to do then have nothing to do at all.  There was a time in my life when I was living in NYC and going through my depression phase that I had absolutely nothing going on.  I was living in a little shoe box in east village with a crazy roomate that was on drugs and partied almost every night of week.  Here I am all depressed dealing with food issues feeling sorry for myself  WAITING for something to happen for me instead of grabbing life by the balls and going after it myself.  NYC is the perfect place to make shit happen too but I was just in the wrong mindset at the time.  My priorities were fucked up and I was just lost in life.  Fast forward back to now...since all of this stuff has been going on it's been hard for my mind to shut off at night and I havn't been sleeping so the past two nights I've started taking ZMA again and it has helped me sleep like a rock.  I was feeling pretty shitty all of this week up until today and mentally I havn't had that same focus that I usually have during my workouts where I just feel like an animal in the gym.  Monday's workout was really good but Tuesday I lost focus and even today's back workout wasn't that great.  I think another good night of rest and I'll be right back where I need to be mentally tomorrow.

So all of that being said there has been a short delay on the release of TMT-PHASE TWO.  It will not be released on Monday the 17th.  I have 10 new workout videos that will be coming out weekly that go along with the book.  Starting next week in my members section will be my daily workout logs so you can follow along exactly what I'm doing for that day cardio included to get me prepared for my upcoming shoots.


Old School Back Attack!

With my members section launching very soon I wanted to give a preview of what you will have access to.  My daily workout's will be posted along with my daily diet.  Here is today's workout.  I decided to do a throwback workout.  This was how I used to train in my early 20's when I would max out week after week on deadlifts.  Just like I said in my previous post about getting ballsy and trying to go heavy I went ahead and went for it today.  500lb actually didn't feel too heavy and next time I do this style of workout which won't be for a little while I'm going to attempt 600lb which is my all time best.

  1. Deadlifts - Several warm up sets, 135,225,315,405, first working set 455x3, 500x4, then I did drop sets.. 405lbx8, 315lbx10, 225lbx15 see video below
  2. Overhand barbell row - 3x12,12,10 (started with 135 and added 20lb each set)
  3. Reverse grip pulldown - 3x12 (135,150,150)
  4. Standing one arm db row - 3x12 (60,65,70)
  5. Seated Row superset standing rope pulldowns - 3x10 (seated row 150lb) , 3x12 (standing rope 80lb)

Needless to say it was one of my best sessions in a while and there is something about picking up heavy ass weight that gets me all fired up!  I love the nervous butterfly feeling I get right before I'm about to pick up some heavy ass weight!  Here shortly I'll be getting my keys to my new place and was originally intending on moving some of my stuff today but after that crazy back workout I won't be doing much of shit for the rest of the day lol.  No cheat meal for me tonight just my normal diet which you will be able to see in my members section.


12 Weeks Out!

aug22progress 12 Weeks Out!

8/22/2012 - 216lb on an empty stomach..12 weeks out!

I am officially 12 weeks out as of yesterday from my upcoming shoots.  I'm weighing 216lb on an empty stomach and my goal right now is to continue to fill out slowly to keep making improvements for the next 4-6 weeks.  I've been able to maintain my body fat right at 5% (it's still reading 4.91% on calipers) so as long as that doesn't go anywhere this process should be easier than it ever has been to get camera ready.  Once the 6 week mark hits I'll change gears to get super shredded!  As I'm writing this I'm doing all my food prep for my PHILLY Trip!  This is one of the downsides to this lifestyle because it would be a hell of a lot easier just to eat whatever I wanted on this short vacation.  BUT, in order to keep my progress rolling in the right direction I have to make sure I still don't miss any meals and always being prepared will keep me from having to resort to other options.  I can't wait to get up there tomorrow!  I asked Anthony yesterday what was on the agenda for tomorrow and so far we are planning on training DELTS sometime in the afternoon then heading out for drinks later on that night.  Like I said in a previous post this is my last weekend of fucking off drinking wise till I get done with my shoots so I'm going to ENJOY myself and RELAX with good company with a buzz :)  That leads me into a random thought...if you do like to enjoy yourself and party every so often you better make sure to get your ass in the gym the next day as if it was a normal training day.  Don't be lazy and use the excuse that you had too much to drink the night before.. there have been plenty of times in the past 8 years of me doing this that I've partied hard the night before and still got some kick ass workouts the next day...or at least I thought they were lol...one example is my most recent trip to Roanoke the arm video that I did with Ben on Saturday I had drank pretty heavily the night before and still worked my ass off the next day...it can be done!  This will be my last blog post till Monday and I'll do a Philly Recap!  Everyone have a great weekend and train hard!  I'll be updating my facebook page several times through my trip!

aug23back 12 Weeks Out!



Keep your priorites straight!

backscreenshot3 300x166 Keep your priorites straight!

Screenshot from Cycle 3 Back Workout - 7/3/2012

What's Up everyone! Hope you guys had a great 4th of July!  For me it was just treated as any other normal day this year.  I got up knocked out some cardio had all of my normal meals and ended up doing a lot of research and some work.  Last year I was getting drunk at a neighborhood party and the year before that I was in Jamaica with my girlfriend getting TOAR UP!  2008 and 2009 was the same story except I was in NYC and every other year before that was in VA getting shitfaced lol.  As you can see my priorities have changed extremely.  I'm not saying I never have fun because I definitely will be letting loose and getting my buzz on next weekend a couple nights when I'm in VA with my friends.  I think it's extremely important to have balance in your life and be able to still have some drinks on occasion if you are into that but in order to achieve your full potential with your physique you can't make it your everything.  Meaning going out every weekend getting drunk which will lead to missing meals, poor workout performance, or saying screw your workout the next day all together, possible late night junk eating after being drunk, etc etc you get the point.  I've been down that road many times and trust me it'll get you no where fast.  Switching gears now to my workouts this week.  Cycle 3 TERROR WEEKS are insane!  Each time when these weeks approach I get very excited because it's my favorite cycle out of all 3 found in TMT-PHASE ONE!  I've been filming again all week so there will be plenty of new videos that I will be putting out next week.  This Saturday I'll be putting out a Cycle 2 Arm video so make sure to check that out!  Everyone keep pushing hard and push beyond your mental limits!

armscreenshot 300x167 Keep your priorites straight!

Screenshot from Cycle 2 Arm Workout



Deadlift Session TMT-Phase 1

videos9 300x120139 Deadlift Session TMT Phase 1Here is a snippet of my Back workout that is in Cycle 1 of TMT-Phase 1.  I tell you how to do proper technique and take you through all of my sets for Deadlifts!



photo73 e1335460009979 225x300 Back/Bicep

Nashville - January 2012

After working out Monday I woke up feeling lethargic and drained on Tuesday so I had to skip out on a workout and just rest.  Yesterday I started to feel like myself again in the gym and I did one of my favorite back workouts.  It had been exactly 3 weeks since I'd done back so needless to say I'm pretty sore today.  I was pleased to at the fact that I used the same weights as I did on that Tuesday before I got sick.  Still my endurance is pretty poor but it is improving.  I really can't wait till I'm 100 percent again.  My weight is slowly coming back and I can tell that my muscles are starting to retain glycogen again.  I guess when you get sick you lose the ability to retain glycogen.  I weighed 208 this morning.  It sucks having to hear from all your clients tell you that you look skinny...but at least it's coming back lol.  Here is the workout..give it a try in your next back day it was a good one!

  1. Narrow Grip D Bar pulldowns - 3 warm ups 10-15, 4x8-10 1 drop set on last set
  2. Overhand BB Rows - 3x10
  3. Knee on bench DB Rows - 3x10
  4. Wide Grip Pulldowns - 3x12 (lighter weight paused at the bottom of each rep for a 1,2 count and contracted hard)
  5. Behind the neck curls on Pulldown cable - 3x20,15,12 and 1 drop set for 20
  6. Standing Cambered bar curls wide grip - 3x12
  7. Close Grip cambered bar preacher curls - 3x12 superset one arm standing cable high curl - 3x10

Centopani’s Back Workout

WORKOUT13 300x1201172 Centopanis Back WorkoutAfter watching Evan Centopani's latest back workout video on musculardevelopment.com it hyped me up to give this a try.  It's similar to how I used to train my back when I was younger but is still very different.  It was an awesome back session and I know I'll be sore tomorrow.  I'll be using this routine for the next couple of weeks.  Give this one a try on your next back day.

  1. Deadlifts - 2x10 (135lb),1x8 (225lb),1x6 (315lb),3x6 (405lb)
  2. standing straight bar pulldowns - 4x12 (70lb)
  3. narrow d-bar grip pulldowns - 3x10 (140,150,160)
  4. assisted pull ups - 3x10-12 (70lb)
  5. standing one arm db rows - 3x10 (80lb,90lb,100lb)
  6. hammer strength low row - 3x10 (pulled both at the same time) (45+25 each side for first set) (45+35 each side for last 2 sets)
  7. straight bar seated cable row - 3x10 (120lb all sets)

I rested 2 min b/w sets for deadlifts and everything else was 60-90 seconds