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Workout of the WEEK! ARMS

There will be some new changes to my website!  In my public blog and in my members section there will be several new additions.  On the public side of things one of the new weekly additions is a workout of the week!

qselQplMGRoDIYEWOfWLXENIGsfZXyCuiOzd Workout of the WEEK! ARMSI get asked all the time what I do for my arms and the best way to train them.  Arms is a muscle group that I used to be embarrassed about because when I was 18 years old I had little twigs.  It's also a muscle group that in the first couple years of training didn't take off like the rest of my body did.  So I went from having embarrassing twigs to 18.5 inch arms after several years of dedication to the gym.  Just like with every other muscle group I train to achieve the maximum pump in the muscle.  The nutrient rich blood that fills up your muscle while you train is what will cause GROWTH.  Give this workout a try on your next arm day and I guarantee you will be pumped to the max!  This was yesterday's arm workout!  Directly after arms I did some HIIT cardio.

photo431 Workout of the WEEK! ARMSRest 45 seconds to 90 seconds in between all sets.  Don't forget to drink plenty of water during your workout and in between sets flex and do static holds to increase the pump!

  1. Standing concentration curls - 6x12-15 (sometimes I lose count of how many sets I'm doing because if something feels good and the pump in increasing after each set I will continue on until i feel the need to move on)
    superset with
    cambered bar close grip cable pushdowns - 6x12-15
  2. Cambered bar close grip preacher curls - 4x12-15 +  2 drop sets on last set
    superset with
    seated cambered bar overhead ext - 4x12-15 + 1 drop set on last set
  3. Seated Machine curl - 3x15
    superset with
    rope cable pressdowns - 3x15
  4. Seated Cable Behind the head curls - 3x20
    superset with
    seated dip machine - 3x20
  5. Jacobs Ladder - 5 min
  6. Stair climber - 15 min HIIT - 1 min level 1, 30 sec level 8 back in forth




Questions – 1/20/2013

shoutbox7 300x180494 Questions 1/20/2013Jamie
Hi Tyler, im currently on a bulk type cycle, eating enough excess calories to gain mass and i was just wondering what the best way to avoid or ger rid of bloat is? I know it may be typical to be bloated sometimes because of the large influx of calories, mainly carbs, but is there something i can to not atleast not have my stomach look like a baloon?
18 January 2013

Tyler - Your body doesn't need that large of an increase in calories in order to gain lean muscle tissue that will cause your stomach to be bloated.  You do need to be over your maintence calories but you are setting yourself up for a lot more work when it comes time to lean back down.  My only suggestion would be to lower you overall calorie intake to get rid of the bloat.

Tyler, hypothetically, in your opinion... what Leg routine would burn more calories: A routine where you did 4 exercises (BB squat etc) each exercises consisting of 3 sets of 12-15 reps OR a routine where you did the same number and type of exercises however each exercise only consisted of 3 sets of 5 (heavy). Essentially, what burns more calories, high reps or low reps, assuming that no other variables have changed?
17 January 2013

Tyler - I would say higher reps.  You still want to be doing enough weight where you are close to failing out at 12-15.  My heart rate always spikes up anytime I'm doing higher reps rather than 5 rep sets.  This is going to boil down to what you want from your physique though.  The 5 rep range is going to be more strength and power building while the higher reps are more for muscle growth and pump.

Tyler, i was wondering how to counteract the effects of too much protein for the kidneys. I weight 180 (16% bf) and take in about 200g protein a day while lifting weights 3-5x a week. Is there a supplement you know of? Do i even need it?
14 January 2013

Tyler - There is no supplement to take.  If your worried about protein being harsh on your kidneys then I suggest just lowering your protein intake.  200g a day at 180lb really isn't that much.  I wouldn't go any lower then 1g per body pound if your really trying to make progress with your physique.

Hey Ty, was wondering do you cycle creatine? If you do what is the most ideal cycle or how do you cycle it? Also, what other kind of supplements do I have to cycle? (sorry newbie here)
12 January 2013

Tyler - Don't be sorry everyone has to start somewhere.  If you are just getting started though I suggest not worrying about supplements right now and focus on making your nutrition 100 percent along with training at 100 percent.  If you are dead set on starting to use supplements now though you can stay on creatine for several months.  I'll take short 4-8 week breaks from it but other then that I'll stay on it most of the year.


Questions – 1/10/2013

shoutbox7 300x180493 Questions 1/10/2013Jake
Tyler, does supersetting the same muscle group create more growth? For example, if i super setted Incline DB Bench Press with Incline DB Flys, is that better that if i did them as straight sets and seperate exercises? Like what is the main advantage of supersetting them (aside from saving time)? I know there is more muscle broken down, but what if my rep range it from 8-10, wont it feel like im doing 16-20 reps in the end?
10 January 2013

Tyler - Super setting, tri setting, and giant setting are all intensity techniques.  Anytime you are breaking the muscle down and giving it the proper nutrients and rest afterward you are creating growth.  Using this technique has it's benefits by flushing a lot of blood into the muscle very quickly.  I do incorporate super sets every week and the only down side I would say is that you won't be able to use the same amount of weight as you would for a straight set.  That being said though this is not weight lifting or power lifting and your muscles do not know X amount of pounds you are using.  As long as your are feeling the muscle being taxed you are getting better.  Keeping the muscle confused is the main staple in my training I live by.

Do your work each muscle, exercise and set to failure every time, every workout?
9 January 2013

Tyler - I don't take every set to failure. Some sets I still leave some gas in the tank.  However, Every workout I am taking my muscle to failure.  Hope that makes since.

Im doing a basic bodybuilding split (Chest day, back, shoulder, arms, leg day) 5 days a week. Im trying to put on some mass, so im doing quite a bit of volume with each of these workouts and taking a post workout carb (karbolyn) and BCAA shake. I was just wondering if i should be adjusting the amount of carbs i take pwo depending on the muscle group i work? I'm obviously more taxed after a leg or back day then i am on a shoulder day or arms day... should i still be taking the same amount of pwo karbolyn per workout? Also, some people take karbolyn (and it says on the package) prior or during a workout as well. Would that not cause an insulin spike resulting in fat storage, especially prior to a workout?
9 January 2013

Tyler - You can try something like that on your more taxing days.  I personally don't do that and keep things static.  I've actually gotten away from the use of karbolyne, or gatorade powder and really havn't noticed a difference at all.   You can take it pre workout and during workout.  I've done that in the past as well and I didn't like the way it made me feel at all.  It messed with my pump and I wasn't able to sustain one.  I've read that Leucine spikes your insulin enough to drive the nutrients into your bloodstream post workout.  All that being said what I'm doing now is my BCAA at the gym and 20-30 min later I'll have some whey, then about an hour after that will be a whole food meal consisting of protein and carbs.


Back at it!

nashville Back at it!


TMT The Blueprints is all finished up and will be coming out in a few days!! 43 different workouts are included in this book!  It has a beginners, intermediate, and advanced program!

After taking some time off from being robotic with my nutrition and cardio through the months of November (after my shoot) and December I officially started back on a meal plan this past Sunday.  I also took 4 weeks off from any type of stimulant based supplement and the only things that I continued to use was some aminos, vitamins, and whey.  My weight for my shoot on November 7th was 202lb and for the past couple weeks I was steadily holding onto 225lb on an empty stomach.  By the end of the night I was weighing 230lb.  I could easily get heavier if I wanted to and get caught up on the number the scale says (as I did in my novice years) but I would start to look sloppy and that is not a look I'm going for.  Too bad everything we ate didn't turn into muscle because I have a ridiculous appetite and the more muscle I've put on the hungrier I seem to be.  So right now after only being back on a nutrition plan for 3 full days my weight has dropped down to 219lb.  This first initial quick drop in weight is a bunch of water.  I tend to hold onto water like a camel and day by day my condition will harden back up.  I started cardio back up last week and did 4 days of 20 minute low intensity post weight training stepmill.  This week I've done 3 days of 30 minutes empty stomach AM cardio on the stepmill and will do 2 more.  Depending how my body responds to everything will depend on what I'm going to do with my nutrition and cardio regimen.  Right now I'm doing 7 meals and that will stay the same.  My goal is to eventually reach that same or better condition I had for my shoot but be heavier (more muscle) once I compete.  So far I'm leaning towards doing the Derby Show in Louisville at the end of April as my first physique competition.

jan6chest2013 Back at it!Member Section Updates:

  • New Chest Training Video added Sunday
  • Food Prep Video added today
  • Meal Plan Update



Questions – 1/8/2013

shoutbox7 300x180492 Questions 1/8/2013Jamal
When you would ever incporate Machine or Cable work during a workout? When would be a good time do so? My workouts consist of all free weights and i read that using cable exercises could be a good shock for my muscles, especially my shoulders.
7 January 2013

Tyler - I incorporate cable work at any point of my workout.  Beginning, Midway, Or end.  I believe in the muscle confusion principle so I never do the same workout twice because I feel that it's the best way to shock your muscles by doing something different each time you step in the gym.  My suggestion is definitely throw some cable work into your workouts.  For shoulders some of my favorites are behind the back cable one arm laterals, and seated rope face pulls.  Check out my members section if you want full detailed workouts that I do.

Tyler, do you usually cycle of your supplements (i.e. creatine) when doing on a photo shoot? Are there specific supplements you use prior to a photo shoot (short term)?
7 January 2013

Tyler - I stopped creatine use about 5 days before my shoot.  There are no specific supps I use short term prior to a shoot. I didn't use any diuretics for my Jason Ellis shoot.

Hi Tyler, As you know most of the Multi vitamins out their in market have insane dosages of vitamins in them like 10000 IU of vitamin A where RDA of vitamin a is 3000 IU. I just want to know how do you choose Multi for yourself or can you recommend any good Multi.
7 January 2013

Tyler - Most of the sports specific or bodybuilding catered multi vitamins have more in them since our bodies are put through a lot more than the average person.  The recommended dose from the government is for average people that aren't training their ass off in the gym every week.  I suggest going to bodybuilding.com and using one of the top supplement companies version of multi vitamin

When is it best to do use the drop set technique? The last set of the last exercise of the muscle group? Beginning of the workout as a pre exhaustion technique? Last set of ever exercise you do?
5 January 2013

Tyler - You have answered your own question.  My belief is the muscle confusion principle so I say try them all!  See what works best for you and see how your body feels.  I like to do them a couple time throughout the workout and it really just varies on the exercise I pick do them with.  Sometimes it's on the first exercise other times is several exercises.  Check out my  members section for my detailed workouts and you will be able to see exactly how many I do etc for each workout.

Hey Tyler, just want to seek your professional opinion. I just got out of surgery a couple of weeks ago and I can't workout for a month. I am going to be doing TMT-Phase 2 when I get back for the first 4 weeks while waiting for your new e-book to be released. However, do you think I should try to bulk up to make up for the 1 month break or just resume my cutting phase?
1 January 2013

Tyler - That depends on what your trying to do with your body.  I assume that after surgery and being down for a month you might lose weight.  I would get back on a regular eating plan in order to bring your weight back to where it was and the assess the situation from there.  My new ebook will be out very soon!


TMT The Blueprints

screenshot11 TMT The Blueprints

Screenshot from Members Chest Video!

With only one more day left of 2012 I can't help but take some time and reflect on everything that has happened in my journey this year.  What really stands out to me is the past 8 months.  I feel that I have gotten back to my old ways and have fully transformed back into my fitness physique that I always wanted when I first started out at 18 years old.  That being said the past 8 months has been the most dedicated to the lifestyle I've ever been with consistently doing the correct things EVERY day.  My nutrition has been 100 percent along with my training.  My training has been better than ever in which it has evolved into a high volume and high intensity muscle confusion approach.  Since not making the top 5 of the Bodybuilding.com spokemodel search the decision has been made to compete in the NPC Men's Physique division in 2013.  I took a look at the schedule yesterday and there are a couple shows that caught my attention.  Competing is what got my foot in the door in 2007 so I'm going back to my roots and one of my goals is to get that pro card!  One of my friends Josh M here in Nashville has competed a couple of times so he will be helping me out with the posing and stage presence etc.   Right now I'm weighing 225lb on an empty stomach and this is the best condition I've ever been in at this weight.  I've taken a short break from cardio (only a week and a half or so) but will be starting that up soon again.  I can't wait to see what's in store for 2013 and I hope everyone stays focused on their goals and I can be an inspiration for you to make change and keep training HARD!!

mindmuscle TMT The Blueprints

Screenshot from Members Video - explaining pre workout nutrition and mind muscle connection. how to maximize your PUMP!

After releasing my first two ebooks of my own personal workouts I wanted to do this next one differently.  I wanted to design something that EVERYONE can benefit from.  I've learned so much knowledge over the past nine years of what works and has yielded the best results that I want you to experience my theory and approach to physique improvment.  So with TMT The Blueprints I have designed three different 12 week programs.  There is a beginner, intermediate, and advanced program.  If you are just starting out once you make it through the beginner program you will be able to move into the intermediate.  Based on your results and fitness level will depend on how long you will want to stay as an intermediate.  Once you graduate from intermediate and move onto the the advanced level then you will be doing my exact workouts!  TMT The Blueprints comes out in January!!

dec27armday TMT The Blueprints

12/27/2012 - 225lb ARM DAY


2013 Bodyspace Spokemodel search Semifinalist!

photo269 2013 Bodyspace Spokemodel search Semifinalist!

11/7/2012 SHOT by Jason Ellis

Thank you everyone that took the time to vote for me throughout the month of November!  I received an email yesterday letting me know that I had made the top 20 for the spokesmodel search!  I couldn't have done it without you guys so again THANK YOU icon smile 2013 Bodyspace Spokemodel search Semifinalist!   I've already switched over to cutting mode now just to be on the safe side.  If I am fortunate enough to make the top 5 that means I'll get to compete in LA  during the fit expo which is  Jan 19th weekend.   So that puts me at about 6 weeks out right now.  Today was the first day that I did a morning cardio session and it felt great.  I forgot how good it makes me feel to get up and get my day started with some low intensity cardio.  I will still be doing the HIIT program 3 days a week but as an addition I will be doing low intensity cardio as well.

justdoit 2013 Bodyspace Spokemodel search Semifinalist!

12/5/2012 - JUST DO IT!

Tuesday my training partner Erik and I hit legs with a ton of volume!  I can honestly say that it feels like I havn't been training my legs hard after that workout because the DOMS are INTENSE right now lol.  We spent a total of 2 hours on the entire leg starting things off with 30 minutes of calves.  Calves are still my weakest muscle group and they are improving but just like everything else it will take time.  We did some German volume training for squats which is 10 sets of 10 reps and the thing that shocked me was that I was getting stronger towards the last 3 sets.  100 total reps for squats is grueling and I'm sure that has a big part to do with these crazy DOMS.  Erik texted me later on in the afternoon saying his legs were still numb and he was so thankful that i like to hit legs that hard.  To me there is no other way to train.  Balls to the wall all the time!  Of coarse you have to be smart and listen to your body too.  You need to know when to back off and when you can go crazy.  Yesterday I felt completely drained from that leg session so instead of training arms I ended up taking the entire day off.  I'm glad I did because today I feel refreshed and ready to train hard!  I think I'm going to go back to my old split of taking every Wednesday and Sunday off...seems to work best for my body.

contest 2013 Bodyspace Spokemodel search Semifinalist!Part of the requirement of being in the top 20 for this contest is a submission of a video of why I deserve to be the spokesmodel.  It's due on Sunday and will be uploaded to my youtube channel so I'll be posting that on here as well.

I decided to turn my shout box back on but please keep in mind that this is for anything to do with health and fitness related questions.  So please keep anything inappropriate to yourself or I'll have to take it back down again.


November Recap!

32 November Recap!

11/7/2012 - shot by Jason Ellis

What's up everyone! It's been a while since I've posted on here and wanted to give some quick updates of what's been going on in my life.  First off my shoot with Jason Ellis on November 7th went PERFECT!  I've gotten back all of the images and they are by far my BEST work I've EVER done!  I had been working with Tad the Diet Coach for about 6 months and he prepared me for that shoot as well.  I've never been in that type of condition and I have Tad to thank for that guiding me and pushing me harder than I ever would have on my own.  That last week or so was pretty rough but it was all well worth it!  I will be randomly posting new images up from that shoot soon.  After my shoot was over I didn't waste any time and was in the gym training the day after.  I took a few days off from my diet then was back on it up until Thanksgiving week.  I traveled up to VA to spend it with my family and friends and had a great time.  My birthday was also that week and I turned 28 years old.  It's hard for believe that I've now been training and trying to improve my physique for 9 years! (should be 10 years since I started at age 18 but minus the year of living in NYC when I was 24).  During the holiday week I got to train with my old training partners natural pro Matt Liller, and Ben Bowles (which will be competing very soon himself).  We had some really good training sessions and the day after thanksgiving we trained back and as the last exercise we did dead lifts.  I hit 500lb for 2 reps then dropped down to 315lb for 25.  After having some intense workouts and quite a few drinks for my birthday celebration then a 9hr road trip back to Nashville (only supposed to take 7.5 hrs but traffic was crazy) it took me a few days to recover from that trip...must be that I'm getting old lol.  This past week getting back into the swing of things I could tell my body was worn down and beat up and by Thursday I had lost my motivation and could tell something was off with my body.  So I decided to take off a full 3 days from the gym and it was the best decision I could've made.  It's now Monday and I'm ready to get back after it and train my ass off again!  Never underestimate the importance of rest and recovery.  If you start to feel burnt out or just lacking the motivation take a few days off.  I think if I would've continued on and not taken some time off I would have pushed my body into an over trained state which you can't continue to make progress when your body is fighting you back and craving rest.  During my days off I didn't do anything fitness related and tried to keep my mind off of training and diet altogether.  I've started working with a sports massage therapist in November as well.  Every 2 weeks I'll be getting deep tissue and fascia stretching therapy done.  Since my chest is an area that has been my main focus to bring up for the past year I've been getting the facia stretching done every session.  It's a painful 90 minutes but I can already tell a difference in how my muscles are firing and training hard week after week takes a toll on you and being able to fix minor aches and pains has been a HUGE plus!  As for my workouts I've kept the volume high and I feel that is the only way to train!  Every workouts is anywhere from 20-30 total working sets.

bicep November Recap!

11/28/2012 screenshot from members section arm video

In a couple days bodybuilding.com will be announcing the top 20 for the upcoming spokemodel search contest.  I want to thank everyone that took the time to vote for me throughout the month of November!  Hopefully you guys got me into the top 20 and shortly after that they will announce the top 5 around December 15.  If I do make the top 20 I'm going to go ahead and start up my cutting phase again just to be on the safe side.

Also you want to follow my daily workouts and nutrition logs check out my members blog which is updated daily.  Also starting last week there will be weekly videos!

turnup November Recap!

11/30/2012 - "love the life you live. live the life you love." - Bob Marley


19 Days OUT! (Members Section Free Preview)

This is my post today in my members section blog.  Every workout is posted daily along with my supplementation and nutritional plans, tips, etcThere is also a forum where you can post and ask any questions pertaining to your diet and workouts etc.

oct18 19 Days OUT! (Members Section Free Preview)

10/18/2012 - no flex relaxed

I could definitely feel the effects of dieting and no days off from cardio yesterday.  I was feeling pretty drained and depleted but still had a VERY good training session with Erik.  It's been really nice to have training partners for almost every workout because I'm pushing myself harder than I would if I was just by myself at this point.  Skin is getting thinner by the day.  I'm seeing new vascularity and for the first time ever I'm seeing veins coming out the side of my glutes.  When I spoke with my coach Tad Inoue on Wednesday he told me that he couldn't believe that I was dropping at the rate I am with the amount of food he has me on.  This amount of food is allowing me to keep my volume very high with weight training which I love!  My strength has not dipped down at all.  19 more days till I shoot!  The only changes as of today that I'm making is no more sugar free popsicles or my celery and cucumber snacks.  Only my meals.  I've dropped a total of 6lb so far during this dieting process and I can't wait to see what I look like when I dry out!  I got to have my last cheat meal last night and Amber told me that I ate enough to feed a family lol.  I started off at my place with a glass of red wine (I'm a pinot drinker)  and a glass on the way to Cheesecake Factory (she drove)  Those 2 glasses of wine gave me a very nice buzz and it was much needed because for the past few days I've been getting HIGHLY irritable.  The dumbest shit has been pissing me off and my temper has been very short lol.  We started off with buffalo chicken wings and a chicken quesadilla.  I ate 3 of the 4 quesadilla slices and not sure how many wings I had but it was the majority icon smile 19 Days OUT! (Members Section Free Preview)   We both ordered burgers and I got the classic burger with bacon,one egg,cheese, and avocado added along with fries.  She got the BBQ burger and could only eat half so I finished off her half as well.  For desert we got 2 slices of cheese cake.  Chocolate cookie dough and Reese's peanut butter.  She had a few bites and  I pretty much ate both pieces ha.  If you've been reading my facebook posts at all you'll know that my sleep has been so screwed up during this process.  Last night was even worse.  The cheat meal kept me heated all night and I couldn't use the covers and my place is set on 69 degrees.  We fell asleep around 11 and I woke up at 2am wide awake ready to go thinking it was 6am.  I basically was only able to take short naps for the rest of the night.  The reason this happens is because the cheat meal throws your body into shock when your depleted and it speeds up your metabolism where it's in overdrive all night long.  Despite lack of sleep after all that food today I feel replenished and actually feel normal again.  This will only last for today because tomorrow I'll be feeling depleted again icon sad 19 Days OUT! (Members Section Free Preview)   Today is back day and I can't wait to train!  Here is yesterday's workout

  1. Standing reverse cable flys (for rear delt) 3x20 warm ups (10,20,20 each side) (3x15) 30lb each side
  2. Reverse Pec Dec Flys - (for rear delts) 4x12,12,10,10 one dropset on last set (130lb,160lb,160lb,160lb,drop to 100lb)
  3. Smith Machine overhead press - (for overall delt)  4x15,12,10,8 2 drops on last set (100lb total,120lb,140lb,140lb, then dropped 40lb, then 50lb)
  4. Standing DB Laterals (for side delts) - 4x12 with 2 drops on last set (25lb each hand,35lb each hand,40lb,40lb, then drops 25lb,15lb,5lb)
  5. Barbell Front Raise - 4x12 (50lb,60lb,70lb,80lb)
  6. Barbell Shrugs - 4x12 (225lb all sets)
  7. Smith Machine Behind the Back Shrugs (135lb all sets) 3x15
  8. 15 min HIIT cardio on stair climber level 5.0 for 1 min followed by 1 min of 7.0. at the 13 min mark I finished with 2 min of 7.0
oct181 19 Days OUT! (Members Section Free Preview)


This video pretty much explains how I feel icon smile 19 Days OUT! (Members Section Free Preview)



videos9 300x1201332 TMT PHASE TWO Cycle 2 BACK!My second training eBOOK is available at http://tylermcpeak.com/store for $14.95!

Here is a short glimpse of my BACK workout from cycle 2 of TMT-PHASE TWO!

Towards the end of TMT-PHASE ONE I started to crave the feeling of lifting heavier weights. Now before I go into any further detail I want to address that the words heavier weight is a relative term. Meaning your muscles don't know X amount of poundage that your lifting so that being said I NEVER WANT YOU TO SACRIFICE YOUR FORM FOR TRYING TO MOVE TOO MUCH WEIGHT. As you will see this program is designed to increase strength and really target those fast twitch muscle fibers for the first 4 weeks. It has been years since I've done this low of repetitions and I was curious to see what would happen and the result was getting stronger and my muscles got thicker so be ready to beat the shit out of your body but please be careful. The low rep schemes on certain lifts does not mean that you want to throw form out the window and lose focus of the target muscle. Keep in mind this is still a bodybuilding program and not a powerlifting contest. One of the goals here is to increase your strength during the first 4 weeks by getting a feel for the heavier weight so once weeks 5-8 roll around you should be able to use heavier weights for the higher rep sets that you were not able to use before. The reason for only doing low reps heavier weight for 4 week is to let your joints rest and heal up because you can't continuously try to push your body with maximum poundage and stay healthy. You don't want to be sidelined with an injury that will keep you out of the gym. Even though Cycle 1 is geared towards moving the poundage up and gaining strength each week there are still intensity techniques involved to flush as much blood into the muscle so you are guaranteed to get great pumps! For cycle 2, the purpose is to volumize the muscle with higher reps and target the slow twitch muscle fibers. You will not only get great pumps but also your muscle endurance will really be tested during this phase. More supersets and giant sets are involved during this cycle so be prepared to mentally have to push past the pain of the lactic acid build up. The more lactic acid build up equals a larger amount of growth hormone released! So without further ado welcome to TMT-PHASE TWO!