Tyler McPeak

Arms/Treadmill Run

  1. WORKOUT13 300x12027 Arms/Treadmill RunRope Cable Curls superset one arm reverse pressdowns - 4x15-30 1 drop sets on last set of each
  2. One Arm Standing DB Preacher curls superset DB Skullcrushers - 3x12-15
  3. Incline DB Curls superset Straight bar cable pressdowns - 3x12 2 dropsets on last set of each
  4. lying down cable curl to forehead superset standing one arm db overhead ext 3x15
  5. Treadmill Run 2.85 miles in 20 minutes
  6. biked to and from the gym total 3 miles

This was my final workout in Nashville before I head off to Columbus,OH in the morning.  When I arrive tomorrow I will do a cardio session to ensure that I will not be retaining any water from the flight.  My first shoot will be 8PM tomorrow night.  Friday morning is my second shoot.  Then I'll be able to relax and enjoy time with my friends.  I will not be taking my computer with me however I will be getting a lot of video footage.  I'll be posting up the video sometime next week.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!



WORKOUT13 300x12024 ARMS/ABS/SPRINTsFor a switch up with arm training today I went high reps.  I ended my workout with 25 minutes on the treadmill.  2-3 minute long intervals on speeds of 10.0-11.0 followed by walking on 3.5 for 2 minutes. I did this back in forth till i reached 20 then walked on a incline of 14.0 for 5 minutes.  I also biked to and from the gym for a total of 3 miles.  On my rides I did sprints as well trying to go as fast as I could uphill for about 30 seconds.

  1. Cambered bar close grip preacher curls superset straight bar cable pressdown - 4x20
  2. standing straight bar curl superset bodyweight dips - 3x15-20
  3. spider curls superset rope pressdowns - 3x15-20
  4. standing concentration curls triset one arm over head db ext and seated reverse wrist curls - 3x20
  5. standing hammer db curls - 3x15
  6. rope crunches 3x15
  7. treadmill 25 minutes

Everyone have a great weekend!  I will have a new workout video up next week before I leave for the Arnold!


Chest/Side Delt/Bicep/AB/Calve

  1. WORKOUT13 300x12021 Chest/Side Delt/Bicep/AB/CalveIncline Hammer Strength Press - 2 warm up sets 3 working sets 2 drop sets on the last set. 3x5-12
  2. Incline Barbell Press - 3x10-12 2 drop sets on last set
  3. Cable Flys - 3x15-20
  4. Flat Smith Machine Press - 3x6-12 1 drop set on last set
  5. FST Technique Flat DB Flys - 5x12
  6. Standing DB Lateral Side Raises - 4x10-12 2 drop sets on last set
  7. Seated Hammer Strength preacher curl - 3x12 2 drop sets on last set superset rope crunches
  8. Standing Concentration Curls superset rope crunches 2x12
  9. Standing Calve Raise - 5x12-15 superset bodyweight standing raise
  10. sit ups on decline bench - 2x15

Very high volume and very intense workout.  Had an awesome pump throughout the whole routine.. I didn't want to stop icon smile Chest/Side Delt/Bicep/AB/Calve   I decided to take my afternoon cardio off.  The only cardio I did for today was a 30 minute walk with the dogs this morning when I woke up.  Another day down....another day closer to my shoots!



WORKOUT13 300x12019 ARMS/CardioMy Sunday started off with a great run on the treadmill on an empty stomach for 25 total minutes.  I did several sprint intervals and one mile for speed which I did in 6 minutes to end the workout off.  A couple hours later was my first arm workout at the new gym and my training partner Ron joined.  We blasted arms for about an hour and did my favorite cardio machine afterwards which is the stepmill.

  1. 21's with the straight bar superset seated cable machine overhead ext - 4x21 on curls and 4x12-15
  2. preacher curl machine superset rope cable press downs - 3x8-12 2 drop sets on last set
  3. incline db curls (very low incline almost laying down flat) tri set seated barbell partial curls & dips  - everything 3x8-12
  4. preacher curl machine (a different one at a different angle) fst style - 4x10-12
  5. decline straightbar skull crushers superset standing db hammer curls - 3x12
  6. stepmill HIIT 20 MINUTES


WORKOUT13 300x12017 CHEST/Biceps/Calve/AbsMy second workout at the new gym and it was INTENSE.  I'm surprised that my strength is still going up considering I'm low carbs and doing extra cardio.  Being in a new environment with new equipment has definitely been a great change.  With 14 days left till my shoot I'm looking forward to getting back in front of the camera!  I've never been in this type of condition before!

  1. Incline Hammer Strength Press - 4x 5x12 2 drops on last set. (on my forth set i used 3 plates on each side for 5 reps)
  2. Incline DB Press - 1 feel set 3x8x10 1 dropset on last set (worked up to 80's)
  3. Flat DB Fly - 3x10-12 one dropset on last set (worked up to 60's)
  4. Decline Hammer Strength Press - 3x8-10 2 dropsets on last set
  5. DB Pullovers - 3x12 used a 90
  6. Preacher Curl Machine - 4x10-12 one dropset superset with standing calve raise
  7. Standing DB Curl - 2x10 superset seated calve raise
  8. Sit ups on decline bench - 2x20 superset standing concentration curls 2x12
  9. AB crunch machine 3x12

-Workout- Chest/Biceps/Abs

  1. Incline DB press 2 warm up sets followed by 3 working sets w/ 2 drops on the last set rep range was 4-15
  2. Standing Cable Flys - 3x10-12 one drop set
  3. Seated Chest press machine - 3x8 2 drop sets on the last set
  4. Flat DB Flys - 3x10-12
  5. Flat Hammer Press - 3x5 one drop set on last set
  6. One arm DB preacher curls - 4x6-12
  7. Standing Straight Bar curl - 3x10-12 one drop set on the last done as DRAG curls
  8. standing one arm cable high curl superset db hammer curl - 2x12
  9. weights ab bench sit ups - 25lb behind the head 3x10 then each set dropped the weight for an additional 10 reps superset standing oblique one arm crunches 3x12

The only cardio I did today was my bike rides to and from the gym total of 6 miles.


-Workout- ARMS/ABS

Tonight both Ron and I agreed that this was one of the best arm workouts we've done in a while!  We've been training heavier then we normally do and since I've been watching Charles Glass (guru trainer from LA - trains at Gold's Venice Beach) videos on Flexonline.com I've been using his drop set techniques. They are super INTENSE! I'll be recording new workout videos next week so everyone can have a visual of the technique.

  1. Incline DB Curls superset One arm cable tricep kickouts - 2 warm up sets then each working set consisted of 2 dropsets. 3x6-12
  2. standing BB curls superset two arm overhead seated db ext - 1 warm up set 3 working sets same as above with drops 6-12 reps
  3. BB preacher curls superset rope pressdowns - 3x8-12 same drops as above
  4. hammer curls superset closegrip bench pres - 2x10-12 one drop set on the last set of hammer curls
  5. seated concentration curls triset reverse grip bb curls and close-grip pushups to failure - 2 sets 10-12 reps 2 drop sets on the curls.
  6. Hanging Leg Raises giant set w/ rope crunches,oblique floor twists,weighted sit ups 2 sets to failure

-Workout- Chest/Biceps

photo111 225x300 Workout Chest/Biceps

After training Chest/Bi at BAC Botetourt,VA

So after having plenty of carbs after my leg workout this morning it was time to hit some Chest and Biceps with my friend Ben.  All I've got to say is it feels so good to feel like myself again.  I'm training harder than ever and I'm so happy I'm not trying to be someone I'm not anymore (with trying to be skinny for fashion modeling).  The past couple of days has been my most intense and heavy workouts I've done since I used to train strictly as a bodybuilder.

  1. Flat DB Press - 3 warm up sets followed by 3 working sets of 8-10
  2. Incline Hammer Press - 3x8-12 with one dropset on the last set
  3. DB Pullovers - 4x10-12
  4. Incline DB Flys - 3x10-15
  5. Freemotion Fly Machine - 2x12
  6. Hammer Preacher Curl - 3x10-12
  7. Standing Cable One arm Curl - 2x12

I'm taking tomorrow off as I'll be traveling all day and after all of these intense workouts it will do my body some good to rest.  Once I get back to Nashville I have a lot of video editing to do and all of the videos I recorded will be up by the end of the week.  The picture above was after tonight's workout.  I forgot to get a picture of Ben and I (sorry Ben).


-Workout- Back/Shoulder/Bi/Boxing/Stepmill

bentyler 300x218 Workout Back/Shoulder/Bi/Boxing/Stepmill

Ben, Tyler & Big Man Dec 23 2010 BAC

"For a fact, this business is more crooked
The boys'll sell they souls to the devil, the Lord lookin" - Style P

Today was a awesome workout! I worked out for 2 hours and 15 minutes. I had some built up aggression that I got  out.  my old training partner Ben worked out with me today and we killed it! It was like we picked up where we left off last time we worked out together.

  1. weighted chins - 3x6-12
  2. one arm hammer row - 3x12 with 2 dropsets on the last set for 15-20
  3. overhand bb row superset reverse grip pulldowns - 3x12
  4. deadlifts 3x12
  5. standing lateral db raise superset standing rope pulldowns - 3x12
  6. upright row superset machine lateral raise - 3x12
  7. one arm behind back cable lateral raise superset bent over db laterals 3x8-12
  8. one arm smith machine shrug triset with machine shrugs and preacher curls machine - 3x12
  9. concentration db curl superset with forearm rope 3x12
  10. heavy bag boxing 15 minutes
  11. step mill 15 min high intensity on level 14

-Workout- Chest/Side Delt/Bicep/Ab/Heavy Bag/Stair Climber

Wow is all I've got to say about today's workout!  What a difference a little bit of food can make lol.  I felt like a new person today and was originally going to take off but I took a 2 hr nap and ate a  pizza (for recipe click here ) also had a cali club (for recipe click here ) and a couple of peanut butter balls (recipe click here ) So being nice and full I was ready for a intense workout!

  1. Hammer Strength Press superset DB Pullovers - 4x12 (on the last set of hammer press did 3 plates for 4 drop 2 plates for 6 then 1 plate for 12)
  2. Incline bb press - 3x12
  3. Pec Dec superset seated later db raises - 3x12-15
  4. Standing DB Concentration Curls superset dips - 3x12 (last set of concentration curls) did drops started with 30lb for 12,20lb for 10, and 10lb for 15)
  5. Ab BB rollouts - 2x10 superset with pushups to failure
  6. Hanging leg raises - 2x12
  7. Boxing - heavy bag practice 20minutes
  8. Stair climber 10 minutes high intensity

Here is pictures taken at the end of each of my shoots while I was in NYC.