Tyler McPeak

Chest/Side Delt/Bicep/AB/Calve

  1. WORKOUT13 300x12021 Chest/Side Delt/Bicep/AB/CalveIncline Hammer Strength Press - 2 warm up sets 3 working sets 2 drop sets on the last set. 3x5-12
  2. Incline Barbell Press - 3x10-12 2 drop sets on last set
  3. Cable Flys - 3x15-20
  4. Flat Smith Machine Press - 3x6-12 1 drop set on last set
  5. FST Technique Flat DB Flys - 5x12
  6. Standing DB Lateral Side Raises - 4x10-12 2 drop sets on last set
  7. Seated Hammer Strength preacher curl - 3x12 2 drop sets on last set superset rope crunches
  8. Standing Concentration Curls superset rope crunches 2x12
  9. Standing Calve Raise - 5x12-15 superset bodyweight standing raise
  10. sit ups on decline bench - 2x15

Very high volume and very intense workout.  Had an awesome pump throughout the whole routine.. I didn't want to stop icon smile Chest/Side Delt/Bicep/AB/Calve   I decided to take my afternoon cardio off.  The only cardio I did for today was a 30 minute walk with the dogs this morning when I woke up.  Another day down....another day closer to my shoots!



WORKOUT13 300x12013 LEGS = TRASHEDBefore heading to the gym today I watched Jay Cutler's Undisputed DVD  Leg workout for some inspiration.  I followed his routine to the best I could but had to make a couple of substitutions for the lack of gym equipment at GYM 5 icon sad LEGS = TRASHED   It still turned out to be a crazy intense workout that I'm still not physically feeling right from.  Don't you just love leg day?

  1. Leg Ext - 1 warm up set to 15 - 3x12
  2. Leg Press - 4x10-12 final set was 8 plates on each side for 10 reps
  3. Smith Machine Squats - 4x10-12
  4. Front Squats - 3x10 (first time i've done these in a long time)
  5. Leg Ext FST-7 - 7x12 (same technique as I did in my shoulder video from this past weekend click here for shoulder video)
  6. Lying Leg Curl - 3x12
  7. Seated Leg Curl - 3x12
  8. Hyper Ext hamstring and glute squeezes (first time i've ever tried these)
  9. seated calve raise superset standing body weight raises - 4x12 weighted 20 for body weight raises


WORKOUT13 300x1205 ARMS/Calves/ABS

  1. Rope Pressdowns - 4x12
  2. Cambered bar pressdowns - 3x10-12
  3. Close Grip Bench Press - 4x8-12
  4. Skullcrushers - 4x8-12
  5. Standing wide grip cambered bar curls 4x10-12
  6. standing db curls - 3x10-12
  7. spider curls - 4x10
  8. close grip cambered bar preacher curls - 3x10 one dropset on last set
  9. reverse grip standing barbell curls superset seated calve raise - 4x12
  10. lying leg raise super set weighted bench sit ups - 2x15-20
  12. 15 minutes elliptical

Got a great pump today.  My site is having some tech problems that should be fixed by tonight.  As you can see the categories are not showing up along with the videos on the right hand side.   Tomorrow I will most likely take the day off from weights but I will be doing some cardio.



WORKOUT13 Shoulders/Traps/Calves/ABS

  1. Smith Machine press - 2 warm up sets 3 working sets one drop set on the last. 8-12 reps
  2. standing lateral raises - 3x8-12 one drop on the last set
  3. plate front raises - 3x12
  4. rear lateral db raises chest on incline bench - 3x12
  5. fst-7 machine lateral raises - 7x12
  6. Barbell shrugs superset seated calve raise - 3x12
  7. db shrugs superset seated calve raise - 2x12
  8. cambered bar knees on bench ab roll outs superset rope crunches 3x10-12
  9. elliptical 25 minutes
  10. bike riding total to and from the gym 6 miles

I got this shoulder workout from Jay Cutler's Undisputed  video. It was very hard but I loved it.  I'm also loving training heavy again.  After my workout I had my last client of the day and it was time for us to do an assessment.  There is no other better feeling I get from my job when I see my clients reactions as soon as they see the number of inches dropping icon smile Shoulders/Traps/Calves/ABS It's very satisfying to me to see my clients change not only physically but mentally as well. This makes me feel so good! Tomorrow is ARM DAY!


-Workout- Legs/ABs/Cardio

Maryanne (another trainer at the gym I work at) and I trashed legs tonight.  It was the first time she worked out with me so I had to step it up a notch to make sure it was a good one icon smile Workout Legs/ABs/Cardio   Tonight's focus was on Glutes & Hamstrings although quads were not taken lightly at all.  For my warm up I rode my bike to the gym which is about 1.5 miles.  Despite the cold weather I've still been enjoying these rides because it wakes me right up and gets me nice and warmed up for the weights.

  1. Leg press - 2 warm up sets to 15 then 3 working sets on the last set did 3 drop sets all rep ranges 8-15
  2. Stiff leg Deadlifts - 3x12 one dropset on last set
  3. Squats superset walking DB lunges - one drop set on the last set of squats 3x5-12 - walking lunges 20 steps total
  4. lying leg curl superset leg ext - 3x12-15 one dropset on each exercise on last set
  5. one leg smith machine squats superset stationary reverse lunges - 3x12
  6. seated calve machine - 3x12 2 dropsets on the last set
  7. standing calve raise - 3x12 one dropset on the last set
  8. jump rope 1 minute intervals superset rope crunches 3x12
  9. jump rope 1 minute interval superset standing one arm cable oblique crunches 3x12
  10. 10 minutes stair climber intervals level 4.0 for recovery 30 seconds to 1 minute level 8.0-9.0

Tomorrow is chest day icon smile Workout Legs/ABs/Cardio


-Workout- Shoulders/Calves/Cardio

  1. Seated sideways on bench one arm db lateral raises - 1 warm up set 3 working sets 12 reps
  2. upright rows 3x10-12 2 drop sets on last set
  3. giant set of standing db laterals - first set descending 30lb x 10, 20lb x 15, 15lb x 20 , 8lb x 25 the second set did ascending.
  4. reverse pec dec - 3x12 one drop set on last set
  5. bb shrugs superset db front raise - 3x12
  6. one arm cable shrug superset standing calve raises 3x12
  7. jumprope 10 minutes

my body is loving the extra carbs icon smile Workout Shoulders/Calves/Cardio after my workout i taught my first ab class so if your in the nashville area contact me to come check it out! here is another picture from my most recent shoot with rick day.

TM 4 00541 226x300 Workout Shoulders/Calves/Cardio

Rick Day NYC December 3 2010


-Video-Legs December 18


-Workout- LEGS/Cardio

No other day like leg day.  I biked to the gym to get my knee's nice and warmed up despite the bad weather.  I made it back just it time after my workout because it started to rain on me on the way home.  Here is the workout

  1. Stiff Leg Deadlifts - 4x12 1 warm up set for 20
  2. Squats - 3x12 - one set of 20. these are done constant. lighter weight i only did 135 but no pauses it continuous up and down.
  3. Stationary DB Lunges - 3x12
  4. Leg Press superset lying leg curls - 3x12
  5. Seated Calve Raises - 4x12
  6. Run 2 miles in 14minutes
  7. stairclimber 5 minutes

Here is a couple of digitals that i took just now.  All of the extra food has definitly filled me out and my muscles fill very tight and full even when i'm not pumped.  My pumps have been insane! I'm weighing 205 in the am.


Shoulder/Calves/Abs/Cardio/Heavy Bag

Finally I'm able to do some over head work.  For the past couple of months I havn't been able to do any type of overhead press because there was a minor tweak in my left shoulder.  Since taking proper care it's almost back to 100 percent. Yesterday's workout was great. Very intense once again!

  1. Reverse Grip Smith Machine Shoulder Press - 4x10-12 one dropset
  2. standing db laterals - 3x12 one drop set
  3. cable one arm lateral raise superset standing bb front raise - 3x12
  4. One arm standing db overhead press superset db shrugs - 3x12
  5. Oblique crunches (on hyper ext benc) superset leg press calve raises - 2 sets of 15 for oblique and 4x12-15 for calve
  6. weighted bench crunches 2x12
  7. standing straight barcable crunch 1x15
  8. boxing coordination training/heavy bag practice
  9. 1.5 miles run 15min
  10. 5 minutes stair climber
  11. i biked to and from the gym

basic heavy bag workout video next week!


-Workout- Legs and a quick UPDATE

Sunday, November 14, 2010

one of my best leg workouts went down today. i trained them a little heavier then i normally do so i know there going to be talking to me in the am. i had a a busy but great productive weekend. this upcoming week i’ll be filming my back routine along with a couple of cooking segments and i’m starting this week demonstrating one exercise a week video clip with full description of that particular exercise.also i hired a webmaster and the new and improved tylermcpeak.com will be coming soon that will tie my youtube channel blog, photo galleries etc all together. hope every had a great weekend also! Youtube Channel
  • Lying leg curls superset leg ext 4×12
  • Squats 4×10-12
  • Leg press (narrow foot stance) superset stiff leg deadlifts 3×10-12
  • walking db lunges 3 sets total 40 steps each set
  • seated calve raise 4×12