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Florida Champion Performance Trip

920505 377104492399919 628349326 o Florida Champion Performance TripIt's now a week after my recent trip to Ft Lauderdale Florida and I wanted to do a recap of my trip.  First off I want to say it was an awesome trip and experience to meet everyone at Champion Performance and they couldn't have made me feel more welcomed.

Tuesday May 7th the day before leaving I prepared all of my food I would need to have for my trip.  I know you might think what a pain in the ass that has to be and I'm not going to lie it kinda is but you have to do what you gotta do.  I've been traveling with my food like this ever since I started traveling for shoots, competition etc.  Of coarse it would be easy just to be able to hop on a plane and eat whatever you'd like whenever you'd like but with my body I can't do that.

922887 376726665771035 1509147360 n Florida Champion Performance TripWednesday I arrived in Florida around 11am and Ariella Palumbo another team member arrived at the same time.  IFBB Pro Lee Banks flight was delayed so he didn't meet up with us until team dinner.  We were greeted by Maryann, Camilla and Isaac from Champion and went straight to the offices.  We were in meetings throughout the day and we got to tour the plant where all the supplements are made starting from raw materials and each process after that.  It was pretty fascinating to see all of that because I never really think of the process of how something is made when I'm taking my supplements.  One of our meetings we had was about some upcoming new products that we will have that I can't wait for them to be released soon!  After we finished up at the Champion HQ we went back to our hotel for about an hour before we were picked up to go to team dinner.  I managed to get a quick pump workout in for about 30 min in the hotel gym :). We went to one of the hot spots on downtown Ft Lauderdale called YOLO and I had one of the best steaks in a LONG time.  After a long productive fun day I went straight to sleep once I got back to my room.

941235 376877265755975 77645380 n Florida Champion Performance TripThursday morning we were picked up and headed to our shoot that was at a gym in Lake Worth which was about a 45 min drive. We shot from 11am till about 5pm and I learned some new tips and tricks from Lee throughout the day.  At 5'8 and 240lb he makes me feel like I'm a stick figure lol.  After we finished up with a successful day of shooting it was cheat meal time! We ate at a restaurant right beside the beach and all ordered burgers, fries and had carrot cake for desert.  And oh yeah Lee and I split a quesadilla for an appetizer.

945923 377041582406210 548409885 n Florida Champion Performance TripFriday morning we were picked up and headed to a cross fit gym for our final shoot. We shot from 11am till about 3pm then had to head to the airport.  One of my favorite shots from this trip was taken here of me pulling a 200lb tire so I can't wait to see the final image of that! Once we got to the airport Lee and I had another cheat meal which was some pizza and a calzone sandwich and I had a couple candy bars.  Once I got back to Nashville I had one more cheat meal at Cheesecake Factory then got back on my normal diet on Saturday.  Overall it was such an awesome experience and made everything that much more real for me.  I feel so thankful and appreciative that I have this opportunity and being around the other team members and everyone at Champion Performance makes me want to work even harder!  This is only the beginning of one of the best chapters of my life!carrot Florida Champion Performance Trip


New Champion Pure Whey Protein Stack AD!!

championAD New Champion Pure Whey Protein Stack AD!!This week I got some exciting news that I'll be used for the Champion Performance ad that will be on the back of FitnessRX!!  It will be on the June/July issue which comes out May 28th.  My friend Cody Kern who has been shooting the professional video series took this image this week and we are planning another shoot here in the next couple weeks!  Another week down of great training and tomorrow is my full day off of rest and relaxation before I get back to work on Monday and Tuesday then I fly down to Florida on Wednesday.  I can't wait to get down to meet everyone at Champion and get back in front of the camera!  I'll be in team meetings all day Wednesday then we have a team dinner that night.  Thursday I'll be shooting all day and another team dinner. Friday is a half day shoot and I'll be flying back to Nashville that afternoon.  Friday I plan on going out to dinner and having my first cheat meal in about 5 weeks once I'm back in Nashville  but then it's back to my diet on Saturday.  I have more upcoming shoots that I can't announce just yet but I'm beyond thrilled!

photo161 New Champion Pure Whey Protein Stack AD!!

It's been so nice having my boy Ron back training with me pushing me every workout! This was taken after our back workout Friday

Today was good ol arm day for me and below is the video from today's session!



photo123 Delt/Trap/TricepWeek 2 into my new training split and I have to say I'm loving it!  However, training three days in a row always leaves my mind and body feeling pretty depleted by today, so I always take Thursdays off from weights.  I've learned over the years in the gym that my body does best with one day off during the week and one day off during the weekend.  I've tried training 5-6 days in a row and my body just doesn't recover like it needs to with the amount of volume I'm throwing at it every workout.  Yesterdays session was ridiculous.  It was one of the best pumps I've gotten in my shoulders and triceps in a while so I had to share this one for you to give a try!

  1. Barbell Shrugs - 4x12-15 + 2 drop sets on last set
  2. DB Seated overhead press - 4x10-12
  3. Seated Cable High Rope Row - 3x15
    superset with
    Seated Lifefitness lateral machine - 3x15
  4. Straight Bar Upright Row - 3x30 (Video Below of technique I used)
  5. Reverse Pec Dec - 3x15
    superset with
    Seated DB laterals - 3x10-12 + 1 drop set on last set
  6. Seated Db overhead press (using the momentum change techique) -  3x12
    superset with
    DB Shrugs - 3x15-20
  7. Rope Pressdown - 3x20
    superset with
    Straight bar skullcrusher - 3x12
  8. One Arm cable pressdown - 2x12

Upright Row Technique:

Last set of Number 6 of the workout:

Next week on Wednesday the 8th I'll be flying down to FLA to shoot for my sponsor Champion Performance and I can't wait to get down there and meet the rest of the team along with everyone else at Champion!  I'll be taking plenty of pics and might get some video for a VLOG!  Until next time everyone keep up the hard work!

worthit Delt/Trap/Tricep


Workout of the WEEK : ARM DAY

photo1471 Workout of the WEEK : ARM DAYSince Thursday is my off day from weights I still have the wide open gap in my schedule from about 12pm or 1pm till about 5pm ( when I usually get my own training done) before I have to be back at the gym to train my  afternoon clients.  I just had my 20 min of cardio to do, morning clients to train and then I was off to do some errands, food prep and I got my hair cut.  One of my dietary changes at the end of this week was lowering my sodium levels.  After doing that since Thursday I can already tell I'm getting drier and during yesterdays arm workout I hardly broke a sweat and usually it's pouring off of me.  I'll be going to FLA May 8th-10th for some team meetings and shoots for my sponsor Champion Performance!  I can't wait to get back in front of the camera since my physique has never looked this way (size and condition) and I'm really excited to keep progressing!  I'll still be able to tighten up a tad bit more before I leave icon smile Workout of the WEEK : ARM DAY   There is a couple more things in the works that I can't announce just yet but once those are done I'm going to take my annual summer trip back to my hometown Roanoke,VA to spend time with family and friends.  My nephew

dylan2 Workout of the WEEK : ARM DAY


Dylan is playing T-Ball this year too so I'm looking forward to seeing him play at one of his games as well (I think I can teach him a thing or two ;)).  I MISS THEM..I have not seen my family since Xmas so I'm definitely looking forward to it.  I'll also be linking up with my nutritionist Kurt Weidner in Blacksburg to get after a workout!  If you've never heard of him I suggest you look him up.  He's a BEAST!  and a genius!  I  always knew I had the potential to be a lot bigger/fuller then my most recent shoot with Jason Ellis (or anytime before that)  because I only weighed 200lb for that shoot and I think the amount of cardio that I was doing resulted in sacrificing a lot of muscle.  I couldn't be happier with how I'm responding to Kurt's methods and I'm 215lb now and barely doing any cardio compared to what I've done in the past.  I've only been working with him for a short period (6 weeks) so I can't imagine my progression as we move forward!  A couple of reasons why I chose him to work with was for one my boy Matt Liller (Muscle Mania Natural Pro) worked with him for 2 years and spoke highly of him and the results that Matt has gotten from his hard work and dedication to the program spoke for themselves to say the least.  The other reason is that he only works with natural athletes.  Today is my complete off day of EVERYTHING and so far on the agenda is Church, detail my car (depending on how this weather turns out), and I might go see Pain and Gain...all by my lonesome lol.  Have a great Sunday and keep training HARD!

My old training partner Ron linked up with me again this week since Tuesday and it was an awesome week of training!  I pushed myself even harder having him there!

photo1421 Workout of the WEEK : ARM DAYSaturday - ARMS

  1. One Arm DB Preacher Curls - 4x10-15  + partials on last set
    superset with
    One Arm Rope overhead kickouts - 4x15
  2. Standing Cambered bar Close Grip curl - 4x10-12 + 1 drop set on last set
    superset with
    Close Grip Press - 4x6-12 + 1 drop set on last set
  3. Straight Bar preacher curl - 3x12 (pausing at the bottom for 2 seconds at stretch)
    superset with
    V-bar cable pressdown - 3x15-20
  4. Seated DB Curl (pausing for 2 seconds at contraction) 3x12
    superset with
    seated straight bar partial curls - 3x15
  5. Seated Overhead DB Ext - 2x12
    superset with
    Rope pressdowns - 2x12
  6. Close grip push ups  - 2x failure



April 26 VLOG

photo1412 April 26 VLOG

215lb April 26 2013

APRIL 26 VLOG - I give some news on what I have upcoming along with what I eat, supplement with preworkout and a little clip from today's workout!