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19 Days OUT! (Members Section Free Preview)

This is my post today in my members section blog.  Every workout is posted daily along with my supplementation and nutritional plans, tips, etcThere is also a forum where you can post and ask any questions pertaining to your diet and workouts etc.

oct18 19 Days OUT! (Members Section Free Preview)

10/18/2012 - no flex relaxed

I could definitely feel the effects of dieting and no days off from cardio yesterday.  I was feeling pretty drained and depleted but still had a VERY good training session with Erik.  It's been really nice to have training partners for almost every workout because I'm pushing myself harder than I would if I was just by myself at this point.  Skin is getting thinner by the day.  I'm seeing new vascularity and for the first time ever I'm seeing veins coming out the side of my glutes.  When I spoke with my coach Tad Inoue on Wednesday he told me that he couldn't believe that I was dropping at the rate I am with the amount of food he has me on.  This amount of food is allowing me to keep my volume very high with weight training which I love!  My strength has not dipped down at all.  19 more days till I shoot!  The only changes as of today that I'm making is no more sugar free popsicles or my celery and cucumber snacks.  Only my meals.  I've dropped a total of 6lb so far during this dieting process and I can't wait to see what I look like when I dry out!  I got to have my last cheat meal last night and Amber told me that I ate enough to feed a family lol.  I started off at my place with a glass of red wine (I'm a pinot drinker)  and a glass on the way to Cheesecake Factory (she drove)  Those 2 glasses of wine gave me a very nice buzz and it was much needed because for the past few days I've been getting HIGHLY irritable.  The dumbest shit has been pissing me off and my temper has been very short lol.  We started off with buffalo chicken wings and a chicken quesadilla.  I ate 3 of the 4 quesadilla slices and not sure how many wings I had but it was the majority icon smile 19 Days OUT! (Members Section Free Preview)   We both ordered burgers and I got the classic burger with bacon,one egg,cheese, and avocado added along with fries.  She got the BBQ burger and could only eat half so I finished off her half as well.  For desert we got 2 slices of cheese cake.  Chocolate cookie dough and Reese's peanut butter.  She had a few bites and  I pretty much ate both pieces ha.  If you've been reading my facebook posts at all you'll know that my sleep has been so screwed up during this process.  Last night was even worse.  The cheat meal kept me heated all night and I couldn't use the covers and my place is set on 69 degrees.  We fell asleep around 11 and I woke up at 2am wide awake ready to go thinking it was 6am.  I basically was only able to take short naps for the rest of the night.  The reason this happens is because the cheat meal throws your body into shock when your depleted and it speeds up your metabolism where it's in overdrive all night long.  Despite lack of sleep after all that food today I feel replenished and actually feel normal again.  This will only last for today because tomorrow I'll be feeling depleted again icon sad 19 Days OUT! (Members Section Free Preview)   Today is back day and I can't wait to train!  Here is yesterday's workout

  1. Standing reverse cable flys (for rear delt) 3x20 warm ups (10,20,20 each side) (3x15) 30lb each side
  2. Reverse Pec Dec Flys - (for rear delts) 4x12,12,10,10 one dropset on last set (130lb,160lb,160lb,160lb,drop to 100lb)
  3. Smith Machine overhead press - (for overall delt)  4x15,12,10,8 2 drops on last set (100lb total,120lb,140lb,140lb, then dropped 40lb, then 50lb)
  4. Standing DB Laterals (for side delts) - 4x12 with 2 drops on last set (25lb each hand,35lb each hand,40lb,40lb, then drops 25lb,15lb,5lb)
  5. Barbell Front Raise - 4x12 (50lb,60lb,70lb,80lb)
  6. Barbell Shrugs - 4x12 (225lb all sets)
  7. Smith Machine Behind the Back Shrugs (135lb all sets) 3x15
  8. 15 min HIIT cardio on stair climber level 5.0 for 1 min followed by 1 min of 7.0. at the 13 min mark I finished with 2 min of 7.0
oct181 19 Days OUT! (Members Section Free Preview)


This video pretty much explains how I feel icon smile 19 Days OUT! (Members Section Free Preview)


“Touch Up” Training

sept23 Touch Up Training


For the past 8 weeks during TMT-PHASE 2 I incorporated a training technique called touch up training.  Basically you can use it to bring up weak points to your physique or do what I did and have a little touch up work for almost everything.  It was the first time I'd ever tried this out and I loved the results it gave me.  I think it's smart to cycle on and off with it but I feel that 8 weeks it a good enough trial period to give it a shot.  That is just one of many different techniques you will find within TMT-PHASE 2.  Overall Phase 2 allowed me to gain strength and the amount of volume has allowed me to maintain 5 percent body fat!

7.5 weeks out from my upcoming shoots and I'm extremely ANXIOUS!  I'm just so glad that I decided to shoot in November rather than wait till the new year.  This time of high calories has allowed me to train my ass off and really fill my physique out more.  I'm very pleased with what my condition is doing with the only change being that I havn't had any cheats now in 3 weeks.  This weekend was great!  It all started with a ridiculous 30 set BACK workout on Friday.  The 30th set for the workout was dead lifts.  I knocked out 315lb for 22 reps.  That is a PR for me..most reps I've gotten in the past was 20.  I'm tempted to shoot for 30 reps next time  icon smile Touch Up Training I went for a hike on Saturday...ballooned up my Delts and went to the Titan's game today.  It was my first time going to a pro football game and it was awesome despite getting burnt all to hell.  Once it heels a bit I'm going to get spray tanned in a few days to balance my color back out because right now I have farmers tan icon sad Touch Up Training

Two more training videos coming this week from TMT-PHASE 2!

dtown Touch Up Training

I went for a run today after the game and I forgot how much I love it! I'll most likely start doing a couple times a week before it gets too cold


8 Weeks Out!

sept19 8 Weeks Out!


Damn that seems like such a long time away but the weeks are actually going by pretty fast for me now.  It's either the older I'm getting time is going faster or the fact that I've been very busy lately which I LOVE.  This week my workouts have been INSANE! Compared to last week it's a totally different story.  If your interested in following my exact workouts leading up to my shoots I've been posting them daily in the members section blog.  I'm never doing the same workout twice.  It will be 8 weeks worth of different workouts.  I changed up my split a bit to from what it was in Phase 1 and Phase 2.  I also start my "cutting" process in about 1-2 weeks and you can follow my diet on my members section as well.  It's strange but I'm actually excited about getting started even though I know my cals will drop and I'll most likely be feeling like a walking zombie at times.  I've been able to maintain 5% body fat this whole time so I can't wait to take myself to a whole new level of condition and look freaky!  Going on my third week of no cheat meals and it feels good.  No cravings whatsoever and I've never been this focused.  5 or so weeks down the road my attitude my be totally different lol...cranky, dick head, etc etc hah...I doubt it though..mentally I'm in such a different place now and I havn't felt this good about EVERYTHING in  a LONG time!  Everyone keep at it! HARD WORK PAYS OFF IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE!


Questions – 9/18/2012

shoutbox7 300x18043 Questions 9/18/2012matt
ty - i know you dont like anything but fitnes questions, however, i dont know how to contact you directly. i also care about you to encourage you vs. only taking from you (e.g. asking questions). anyway, as you make the final push to the next shoot this is when it is important to buckle down. you dont have much longer...so very very few cheat meals and make them twice a week and very small (e.g. kids meal frm outback cheesburger, fries and salad). that will be better than eating for 45mins. you can do it and you will do it.
18 September 2012

Tyler - I've already cut cheat meals out completely

Tyler, anyway you can tell us your increases on your core lifts from TMT Phase 2 , I am curious because this program is also to make you stronger. Thanks
18 September 2012

Tyler - for Deadlifts throughout Phase One I was only using 405lb. Just last weekend I did 500lb for 4 reps along with other heavier sets.  check out the youtube video.  Squats increased by being able to do 315lb for more sets and reps, As for all of my other lifts everything has increased along with adding new muscle.  When I started phase 1 I was weighing 209lb and measuring 8% body fat. Now i'm weighing 213lb measuring 4.91% body fat

Hi Tyler, do we, members of your site, have to buy the TMT Phase 2, or is it free in the member section ? thanks a lot
17 September 2012

Tyler - Yes you still have to buy Phase 2.  Phase 3 has already started and I'm posting my daily workouts leading up to my shoots for members.  At the end of phase 3 I will still be putting it together as an ebook and will be available for free download to memembers.

Tyler, do you use CLA while cutting or is it just a big hype?
17 September 2012

Tyler - I do use CLA.  It's nothing magical that if you start taking it you will start burning fat but it does help if everything else is 100 percent (diet,training)

I am currently cutting and at week 10 of the TMT Phase 1 and I am looking into TMT phase 2, however I am not sure if it will help with my cutting phase?
17 September 2012

Tyler - "cutting" really depends on 2 factors..how you are eating and the amount of cardio you are doing.  weight training programs really don't determine this.  Phase 2 the first 4 weeks is strength building but as a whole the program is very high volume still as phase 1 was.  Volume training is in my opinion the best way to build a physque

Hey Tyler, I'm looking try bulking a cutting phases this coming year when I get Phase 2. Right now I have been using Isopure and I like the results, but since I am going to be bulking I wanted to know would something like Monster Milk be good?
16 September 2012

Tyler - the type of protein you get really is going to be a personal preference.  There is a lot more factors that go into nutrition to try to add lean mass rather than just protein choice.


Sore ass lower back!

vieww Sore ass lower back!

my view I get to wake up to every morning from my new place

It has now been almost 3 full days since Saturday's dead lift session and my lower back is still sore!  Needless to say that was a HUGE shock to my body and trust me I've felt pretty drained since.  On top of the crazy workout I managed to move into my new place and still get all of my normal cardio sessions, meals, and weight training workouts in.  I'm EXHAUSTED. Tomorrow I have a busy morning with in person clients but pretty much my whole afternoon is off until 6pm so I'll be RESTING.  No cardio and no weights.  Today was leg day and I had to do quite a bit of adjusting to my normal routine that I've been doing since squats were out of the question.  This Friday my new ebook TMT-PHASE 2 comes out!!  After this one if your a member to my site you will no longer have to purchase my books as I'll start posting my daily workout logs next week on the member side.  Phase 3 will be my preparation for my upcoming shoots and you will be able to follow my diet as it changes along with exactly what I'm doing in the gym daily to be photo shoot ready in my members section for only 9.95$ a month!

brian 225x300 Sore ass lower back!

Food prep with my friend and neighbor Brian. This is our grilling area we have. I'll be spending a lot of time down here

A LOT has changed in my life in such a short period of time but I'm feeling great about everything and now that all the moving and running around is done I can now settle in and start to relax and enjoy my new place.  It is about 5 minutes from my old house I was living in with my ex girlfriend so the move was easy but anytime you move it's stressful and a pain in the ass.  I'm so happy I decided to stay in Nashville and I'm very excited about the future!

I've decided that I'm cutting out cheat meals all together from here on out.  I originally was thinking about putting my Saturday one back in this week but I've decided to just keep doing what I'm doing without them.  I'm surprised at how my condition has changed just since last Wednesday.  I havn't stepped on a scale yet since it's been pretty hectic but tomorrow I'm doing my assessment and I'll be weighing myself first thing.

lighting Sore ass lower back!

Trained one of my in person clients at their home gym this past weekend and couldn't pass up the good lighting lol


Questions – 9/11/2012

shoutbox7 300x18042 Questions 9/11/2012Brayden
Tyler, I am starting to get my diet on track and i feel like i am doing a pretty good job. The biggest problem i have been having is my portion size. How much would you say is good to eat each meal?
11 September 2012

Tyler - this depends on a lot of factors.  In my members section I have my fully detailed diets etc. there is also a place for you to ask questions about your own meal plan.

Hey Tyler- I was wondering what pt certification do you have? Also, what which one would you reccomend attaining if you were just trying start working as a personal trainer?
10 September 2012

Tyler - I'm certified through ISSA. I would just go with one of the top ones.  I know some gyms only allow certain ones.  I'm an independent contractor and I feel that's the best way to go for personal training since most gyms will take  HUGE percentage per client.  Something to keep in mind.  ACSM is another very good one...good luck to you!

hey man. you mentioned on numerous occassions that you cook your meat in bulk and then freeze it. i was wondering if there is any harmful risk with that? and also how long does cooked chicken (for example) last frozen? and also lastly, ihow do you go about defrosting it?
10 September 2012

Tyler - there is nothing harmful about doing it this way to my knowledge.  If there was I would not be doing it.  I cook about 15-20lb at a time or so.  Freeze them in bags that will last a couple days each.  To defrost them I just put them in a sink with some water and let it set for about 30 minutes.  As for how long the frozen cooked chicken will last...I'm not sure but I go through it pretty quickly and it's always still good.

daniel g
hey tyler i could do leg raises on the floor and on a captains chair but i cant do them while hanging can u tell me how i could start doing them while hanging thanks
7 September 2012

Tyler - I have the same problem.  when i do normal hanging leg raises from pull up bar it pulls on my shoulder joints so badly it causes pain.  I use the arm hangers that you can put your arms through and hang.

Hey Tyler, I purchased your Phase 1 , Looks great and cant wait to start it. Is there anyway you can have any workout sheets made for this program that I can take to the gym with me? I will also be buying Phase 2 so it would be great if you can make something up like that..Thanks
5 September 2012

Tyler - not sure what you mean by workout sheets? I don't track my weights weekly I keep it all in my head.

Quick question on cheat meals. How do you determine your cheat meals? Also do you still maintain a calorie deficit if you're cutting?
4 September 2012

Tyler - Not sure what you mean by how I determine a cheat meal??  I've been having a cheat meal every Saturday for a while.  I eat whatever I want for a 45 minute period.  If you want to see my fully detailed diets my member section just launched and it will all be on there!


Old School Back Attack!

With my members section launching very soon I wanted to give a preview of what you will have access to.  My daily workout's will be posted along with my daily diet.  Here is today's workout.  I decided to do a throwback workout.  This was how I used to train in my early 20's when I would max out week after week on deadlifts.  Just like I said in my previous post about getting ballsy and trying to go heavy I went ahead and went for it today.  500lb actually didn't feel too heavy and next time I do this style of workout which won't be for a little while I'm going to attempt 600lb which is my all time best.

  1. Deadlifts - Several warm up sets, 135,225,315,405, first working set 455x3, 500x4, then I did drop sets.. 405lbx8, 315lbx10, 225lbx15 see video below
  2. Overhand barbell row - 3x12,12,10 (started with 135 and added 20lb each set)
  3. Reverse grip pulldown - 3x12 (135,150,150)
  4. Standing one arm db row - 3x12 (60,65,70)
  5. Seated Row superset standing rope pulldowns - 3x10 (seated row 150lb) , 3x12 (standing rope 80lb)

Needless to say it was one of my best sessions in a while and there is something about picking up heavy ass weight that gets me all fired up!  I love the nervous butterfly feeling I get right before I'm about to pick up some heavy ass weight!  Here shortly I'll be getting my keys to my new place and was originally intending on moving some of my stuff today but after that crazy back workout I won't be doing much of shit for the rest of the day lol.  No cheat meal for me tonight just my normal diet which you will be able to see in my members section.


10 Weeks Out!

sept5 10 Weeks Out!

9/5/2012 10 weeks out from my upcoming shoots

I'm now 10 weeks out from my upcoming shoots and I'm in my second week of Cycle 2 of TMT-PHASE TWO.  I woke up this morning weighing 217.4!  That being said I noticed a slight bit of softness starting to occur around my midsection.  Looking a little watery in this weeks pictures and my waist measurements were a tad higher so NO CHEAT MEALS THIS WEEK icon sad 10 Weeks Out!   Even though I havn't started my cutting process yet like I said in a previous post I want to make this process as easy as possible so skipping my cheat meals this week is what I'm doing to harden that area back up.  Overall I really like the way I look right now.  My strength,endurance and pumps have been insane!  Yesterday was leg day and it is by far one of the hardest leg workouts I've ever done.  I got it on film and it was my last day of filming for Phase 2 videos.  There will be 10 new videos coming out weekly once the book is released next week!  Also wanted to say that Cycle 2's chest workout is one of my all time favorite chest workouts I've ever designed.  You guys have some good shit to look forward to lol.  Today was supposed to be my off day but I ended up taking a Barry's Bootcamp Class.  If you don't know anything about it it's pretty much high intensity interval training.  First time I ran in a long ass time and the class kicked my ass! It was a great class and the option might be there for me to teach a couple classes a week.  I see now why there is a lot of hype around that gym.

So after A LOT of thinking I've decided to stay in Nashville.  For several reasons but the one major reason is that I don't want to give up my business that I've built up for the past two years and have to restart in VA.  As a personal trainer it takes time to build up a good clientele and it would be a pretty ignorant move on my part to just throw everything away here.  I went and checked out my new place tonight that I'll be moving into very soon and I'm extremely excited about this new chapter of my life.  It will be very interesting!

SEPT1arms 10 Weeks Out!

9/1/2012 - screen shot from upcoming arm video

A great video that I ran across tonight!  Give it a watch...very motivational!


Starting a New Chapter

11weeksout Starting a New Chapter

11 Weeks Out from my upcoming shoots 8/29/2012.. 214.5lb

I look at life as one big book with several different chapters that continuously are being written as your life story. As of Monday the decision was made to start a new chapter.  I will be moving back to my hometown of Roanoke,VA mid November once I get finished up with my shoots.  I need to stay here in Nashville to finish out with all of my in person clients and prepare for the biggest shoots of my life.  The reason for my move is that I am now single and the only reason I was in Nashville in the first place was for my girlfriend.  Nashville is a great city but it lacks what I'm really passionate about and that is the fitness industry.  If my dream was to be in the music industry I would be golden by being here but it's not.  Moving back to Roanoke will only be temporary but I look at it as a fresh start.  One of my ultimate goals is to  eventually end up in Cali.  The fitness industry is booming there and I absolutely love it but financially it wouldn't be a smart move right now.  I am looking forward to being around my family and friends again since I havn't lived there in about 4 years.  I'm very interested in seeing what this new chapter will consist of and I'll be sharing my experiences along the way!

shavedhead 300x286 Starting a New Chapter

I got my head shaved yesterday..it was time for a new look and I got tired of the mop hair lol

This week was the start of TMT-PHASE TWO CYCLE 2 and the workouts have been PHENOMENAL!!  The book comes out September 14th!  The concept of this book is heavy duty low rep volume training for the first 4 weeks then higher rep volume training for the last 4 weeks.  The goal was to go through a mini strength builder so that you will be able to use heavier weight for the hypertrophy rep ranges (muscle growth).  My chest is still sore from Monday and my legs almost gave out of my several times yesterday.  At one point of the workout I had to lay on the floor because it is INTENSE!  I LOVE VOLUME TRAINING!

photo175 1024x768 Starting a New Chapter

Homemade burgers on whole wheat toasted buns

Today I woke up at the weight of 214.5lb.  After increasing my food last week since I'm still trying to fill out and get bigger I ended up losing weight damnit lol.  That's down about 2lb but honestly the number doesn't bother me I go by what I see in the mirror and my progress pictures that I analyze.  I'm very happy with the way things are going right now and my workouts are better than ever.  I feel my biggest I've ever been and I know I've said this before but I never would have thought I'd be able to eat the amount of food that I am and be in this type of condition.  I've never been this size with this body fat level!  Only a few more weeks of filling out then I'll go into my cutting phase.  Today was my clean cheat day so I had 4 homemade burgers and they were delicious icon smile Starting a New Chapter


Philly Trip Recap

What an awesome experience!  A short vacation to visit my good friend Anthony was just what I needed.  On Friday my day got started at 3:50am Nashville time since I had to be at the airport by 5am.  It wasn't a direct flight so my layover was in Chicago.  The first flight was hideous since it was one of those tiny regional planes and the guy sitting beside me was my height as well.  Needless to say it was a cramped 1hr flight.  I was able to get a 20 minute or so nap on the next flight to Philly and I arrived at 12pm.  Once I got in we relaxed for a couple hours then went to the Sports Club and trained some DELTS!  Ridiculous workout! I brought up some NOXplode 2.0 since I had some free samples and it was a lot easier then bringing up all my supplements.  This was the first time I had taken this stuff in years and it had me tweaking in the gym lol.  I'm not a fan of that feeling and what I mean by tweaking is that it had me so hyped up I didn't want to stop moving and mentally just not a good feeling to have in the gym IMO.  After that went back to the apt and knocked down a couple more meals before we headed out for drinks.  We went to a few different places that night.   The Continental, Morgans Pier, and Ladder 15.  It was a great night and even though I only was running on a couple of hours I was a trooper and made it all night.  One of his friends that he works with Ryan also joined up with us and I havn't had this much fun IN A WHILE!  The city life is something that I do miss because Philly reminded me a lot of NYC.  Just a scaled down smaller version.  The next day we got up and I still had a buzz from the night before for the majority of the day lol.  We did a few things around the city and then it was that time again to get a workout in.  We got after some ARMS and it was a crazy workout.  Sick pump and it was the first time I'd ever gotten nauseous from an arm workout.  Now I don't know if it was because of the partying or the intensity of the workout...most likely a combination of both.  By the time we finished up our workout and got cleaned up we headed to dinner and ate at a place called Devon.  Amazing seafood restaurant that's right beside of one of the main parks in the city so we sat outside to do some people watching.  I got a 10pc ahi tuna sushi roll and tomato basil salad for appetizer.  Crab cakes, mashed potatoes, and asparagus for my main coarse.  Desert was a mojito icon smile Philly Trip Recap   As you can see this was a very scaled down version of my normal cheats but I wanted to be able to go out and have more drinks and not be totally stuffed.  Later on we ended up back at Ladder 15 and had a blast!  Yesterday for lunch we got some Philly Cheese steaks!  I couldn't go to Philly without trying one!  It was delicious icon smile Philly Trip Recap Overall it was a great trip.  A much needed trip since now it's time to crack down for the next 11.5 weeks to get in the best shape of my life for my upcoming shoots.  So that means I pretty much will not be doing anything social until I'm done shooting.  It was great hanging out and catching up with Anthony and making a new friend Ryan.  We talked about all taking a trip to Vegas together at some point and they are going to come down and visit me here in Nashville as well.  I know that's gonna be one hell of a time!