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Questions -9/24/2012

shoutbox7 300x18044 Questions 9/24/2012Jake
Tyler, what do you suggest to take to keep "regular"? I get roughly 30grams of fiber a day, but for some reason my stool (for lack of a better word) hasn't been getting along with me. Perhaps digestive enzymes or just a laxative? Thanks man
24 September 2012

Tyler - I've had the same trouble in the past when I go very low carb.  Try out dieters tea that helped me out a lot.  If that does't work for you try using some metamusil every day.

How long are your cardio sessions and how many times do you do it a week?
24 September 2012

Tyler - 5 days a week for 30 minutes.  I either do the incline treadmill walk, stair climber, or stairs out side. Yesterday I ran outside so I might start doing that a couple times a week

Hi Tyler, when i work out my chest i find that i feel my front deltoids working more than my chest. I have tried pre-exhausting my chest with dumbbell flys and then move onto heavier pressing exercises but i still feel the same. Is this due to poor technique or is it normal as the deltoids are a smaller muscle?
23 September 2012

Tyler - It's most likely due to trying to use too much weight.  Drop the weights down and really focus on just the the chest.  Once you get a strong mind muscle connection you will start to be able to use heavier weight without feeling it in the majority of your delts.

know you hve moved on, great progress on yoru side, been inspiration for me in getting at the work, more than exercise but really work... like life is all in the same mind set thank you man really
19 September 2012

Tyler - Your welcome! glad I can help!


How to perform Standing DB Lateral Raise!

videos9 300x1201323 How to perform Standing DB Lateral Raise!I give a couple tips on how to perform the Standing DB Lateral Raise! This is a great exercise to widen your shoulders and give them the capped off look!


Seated DB Lateral Raise/Fly

DBLATERALRAISEFLY 300x120 Seated DB Lateral Raise/Fly

DB Lateral Raise/Fly

Here is another unique exercise you will find in TMT-PHASE ONE!  It targets all three heads of the deltoids.  This exercise does not take much weight at all in fact when I use this on some of my clients they have to just use no weight.  Sequence this exercise towards the end of your workout it's a great finisher to really get that burn and maximize blood in the delts!

1. Start with the DB's in normal starting position of a lateral raise
2.Raise them like a normal lateral raise leading with your elbows not wrists
3.Bring the DB's in front of your face
4.Front Raise the DB's over your head
5.Bring the DB's back down to position 3
6.Then back to position 2
7.Finally back to starting position that is 1 complete rep


Lots of filming…

shoulderscreen Lots of filming...

screenshot from shoulder video

This weekend has been a busy one with a lot of filming.  Friday I filmed my shoulder workout that will be for my youtube channel and my shoulders are still sore today!  It was a great workout that targets all heads of the deltoids so you will have to check it out in a couple of days when I upload it.  The workout pays a little more attention to the side delt which will give your overall shoulder a rounder look along with width.  Saturday I filmed some stuff here at the house for my members section and this afternoon will be the gym stuff for my members.  It's looking like it will be launching in about 3 weeks if all things go as planned.  I'm revamping my whole site and I'm very excited to see how it looks.  Brian my webmaster and his team have been working on it.


I've already knocked out my 45 minutes of cardio this morning and I'm going to relax and watch the Knicks game here shortly and then the Heat play a little later before I go to film.  Later on tonight is my favorite night for TV.  Californication has been one of my favorite shows since season 1 but this season hasn't been that great so far.  I also just started watching the new HBO series Luck about the horse racing business.  Very complex story and intriguing

drago1 300x300 Lots of filming...



-Workout- chest/side delt/tri/ab

photo5 300x225 Workout chest/side delt/tri/ab

Awful Arthers Roanoke,VA

This workout was at 1pm today.

1. - Flat hammer press 4x12 one dropset

2. - Incline db fly 3x12

3. - Flat db press superset pec dec 3x12 one dropset

4. - Pullovers superset seated later raise 2x12

5. - Rope Pressdowns superset ab bb rollouts 2x12

Another picture from my VA trip.  Went to Awful Arthers to have a couple of beers and shoot a game of pool.  My mom ended up beating me in that game of pool.


-Workout- Back/Shoulder/Bi

Today was a very very good Back/shoulder/Bi workout at Gold's Gym with my boy Eli Widner. Here it is...

  1. wide grip pulldown superset standing lateral db raises - 4x10-12
  2. bent over overhand bb rows superset reverse pec dec - 4x8-15
  3. db standing both arms db row superset hammer strength one arm row  - 3x10-12
  4. standing straight bar pulldown superset seated row - 3x12
  5. hammer strength pulldowns superset preacher curl machine 3x12

we both got ridiculous pumps...gotta love it! here is a picture from yesterday of my family. my mom,dad,megan (sister),dylan (nephew)

thefam2 300x198 Workout Back/Shoulder/Bi