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A look into my current program

fbook 300x276 A look into my current programFor the past 4 weeks I've been hitting it hard and I'm very close to being where I want to be (body fat wise..new pics and youtube vids soon) I've been using a new approach to nutrition,workouts and supplementation. So far the results have been the best yet.  The program is designed to build strength, maximize fullness, and burn fat.  A little about my current nutrition is that I have 3 different meal plans for the week.  Once a week I've been having my cheat meals icon smile A look into my current program For one meal out of the 42 I have in a week I eat whatever I want. If you follow me on Facebook or twitter you have prob seen a couple pics. Cheat meals can be very beneficial to your diet as long as you have discipline and are able to control it. A couple of guidelines I follow is that I make sure to be done with my meal within 45-1hr. I used to not follow that in the past and it would turn into a all night event of munching... Not good. Secondly I always have it as a replacement for meal 6.  If you choose to have it early in the day your most likely going to miss meals and end up cheating again. Lastly I make it carbohydrate rich. Some of my go to cheats are pizza,homemade burgers and fries, baked ziti, Mexican and sushi.  My desert the past couple of weekends has been a red velvet cupcake on top of 2 slices of cheesecake.  Ok enough about food!  As for my workout routines they have switched up too and I'm using a periodization protocol with higher volume.  Very intense!  Cardio has been low intensity empty stomach as soon as I wake up.  Incline treadmill with the incline set on 15 the whole time.  Give it a try you won't be able to go as fast but it's challenging.  I keep my heart rate around 130-145.  I'm gearing up to resume filming for my members section and once it's launched you will have full details everyday of my diet and the new workout program I've been doing.

Up until last week my cough had still been lingering but it is now officially done!  I have not yet rescheduled my shoot for silver models in NYC because right now my priority is getting my members section launched.  Everyone keep training your ass off!


Questions – 5/25

shoutbox7 300x18016 Questions 5/25Shaun
Hey Tyler, I am currently on a cut and seem to have good progress, however it is kinda slow. I don't do cardio and all because I don't want it to go to muscle waste but I do control my caloric intake. I need to try to cut about 6-12lbs of body fat or well just look more defined. Is there anything you could recommend?
25 May 2012

Tyler - If your diet is 100 percent then start doing some cardio. I had the same mentality when I was younger not to do any cardio because I thought my muscle would just melt away but as long as your have proper nutrition and do minimal amounts of cardio you will be fine.  Since you don't do any cardio your body should respond pretty quickly to just a little bit.

ty, been a fan for a while, having grown up near you in blacksburg. most people recommend doing cardio after lifting but i'm wondering if this makes the workout too long? people say don't work out for more than an hour but if you lift for an hour then how can you do cardio after, especially if you need protein ASAP after lifting? thanks.
20 May 2012

Tyler - I prefer to do them separately. I have done them together though.  If that is your only option then definitely do your cardio after weights but directly after your weights take some BCAA's to feed your muscles that you've just worked and directly after cardio have your protein shake.

Is it necessary for anyone looking to achieve a certain goal for their physique to know their macronutrient goals/calorie requirements and adjust them ?
16 May 2012

Tyler - Yes because then you will know how your body is looking and responding to whatever amounts you have instead of being blind and not knowing.  Then you will have a better understanding as to what needs to be adjusted for your particular goals.


Questions – 5/10/2012

shoutbox7 300x18015 Questions 5/10/2012Jack
Hey Tyler, i've recently bulked up to my goal and im looking to cut roughly 5-10lbs of pure body fat in the next 6 weeks. I was wondering if it's possible to do "too much" cardio and lose muscle, assuming i am taking adequate protein? Im afraid of doing more then 40 minutes of cardio on non-training days and more then 20 minutes of cardio on training days. Im also confused on the intensity i should be doing during these cardio sessions, is it possible to go too intense for too long to hinder my recent gains?
8 May 2012

Tyler - For sure you can start to eat away at your hard earned muscle.  So be careful! Start off with 25-30 minute sessions 5 times a week for the first couple of weeks to see how your body responds.  I suggest doing it on an empty stomach first thing in the morning and start off with low intensity.  Keep heart rate around 130-140.  After two week your not dropping fat quick enough add on 5-10 minutes.  If this method still doesn't work after 3.5-4 weeks then your diet could be off or you might need to add another session in after your weight training.  But for now I would keep it at low intensity to make sure you don't burn up your muscle mass.

Need a recommendation of snacks to eat at work. I always hit my egg whites and oats in the morning before work and have brown rice with chicken for lunch but was curious as to what you would recommend for snacks throughout the day (around 9:30am and 3:30pm).
6 May 2012

Tyler -  I would do a protein shake or bar with some nuts or a piece of fruit

A few months ago you mentioned a program by Hany called"Get Jacked for 2012". Anyway, you can post it or do you know where you could find that issue of Muscular Development. Thanks
5 May 2012

photo392 225x300 Questions 5/10/2012

Get Jacked Meal Plan


photo413 225x300 Questions 5/10/2012

Week 1-4 Get Jacked Program

photo402 225x300 Questions 5/10/2012

Week 5-8 Get Jacked Program


Questions – 4/30/2012

shoutbox7 300x18013 Questions 4/30/2012


Tyler, it's great to hear about your working your way back to your oldself after neumonia. You continue to be an inspiration no matter what comes your way. Daniel
27 April 2012

Tyler - Thanks for the support Daniel!

Tyler:Don't let the few burden you..you are looking great and on the mend... .Do know you will soon be bigger and better..you have fine lines and good sculpture..YITB...
26 April 2012

Tyler - Thanks for the support Will!

I'm 17, been working out for about 2 years, look almost as good as you. But just got Out of depression w/ binges, any advice to avoid them?
24 April 2012

Tyler - First off that is awesome that you've only been working out for 2 years and at 17 have already built a physique.  My advice to avoid binging is don't starve yourself.  Have a good meal plan that allows you enough food to not have the urge to binge.  Stay positive and try to have other hobbies or interests that doesn't involve the thought of food.

Tyler, For some reason i don't get sore the next day like i use too. I still get awesome pumps when im in the gym. Ive tried everything that i can think of. Ive changed my routine, mixed up my sets and reps, thrown in negatives and drop sets. My diet has not changed other than my carb intake from week to week. Any thoughts or ideas? Thanks man. Stay Healthy Man !
18 April 2012

Tyler - I've gone through the same thing.  Don't worry about this.  Just because you aren't getting sore doesn't mean you still aren't progressing with gains.  Some muscle groups I can never get sore.  So don't use DOMS as a sign of progressing or not.  Only other suggestion i would say try is drop the weights one day and just really focus hard and get a strong mind muscle connection and squeeze the muscle as hard as you can on every rep.  I've done this before as a switch up to the heavier weight and I did get sore the next day.

hey, i just wanna thank you, for your posts nd to my questions that uve taken the time to reply. nd thank you mostly cause ive gain my first 2 kilos and something of muscle. i wanna thank you so much for that. I saw on twitter that uve been sick, its awful to hear that. ive got a cold nd i couldnt do workout for like a week. Nd i felt so frustrated cause your website has kept me so motivated your an inspiration to me nd to other ones too. get better soon ☺
18 April 2012

Tyler - Congrats on your weight gain! Thanks for the support Sebastian keep up the hard work!

in your opinion, how often should you include or change excercise in specific muscle group, not necessarily weight/reps or sets, just excerices?
17 April 2012

Tyler - I change the order around almost every workout but I do keep specific exercises in my routines I'll just hit them at different times of the workout.

hey tyler- in general for people in the fitness industry - how long does it take for them to get ripped and in the best condition? Usually i see bodybuilders doing a 8-16 week diet... is it the same for fitness models getting ready for a shoot? and how important is it to have patience when trying to get lean?I I am on my first legitimate plan and the time is killing me!
17 April 2012

Tyler - Bodybuilders do the 8-16 weeks some even longer depending where their body fat is and if they are using drugs or not.  After there shows they go back to their old ways and put all the body fat and bloat back on until their next show.  If your trying to live the fitness lifestyle and stay in good shape year round then once you get yourself to a certain level of conditioning it will not be hard to maintain as long as you don't go and screw it up by eating a ton of junk for several days.  As for your plan goes if your not seeing your body change each week then it's time to change something.  I can't give you a specific time frame because everyone is different.



204 225x300 Chest/Tricep

took this on Saturday after my second workout back

I decided to kick my week off with hitting chest again even though I just did it on Friday.  My endurance is still very weak but it is improving each workout.  My weight is still not going anywhere but my muscles are filling back out from the workouts so I'm not feeling so skinny anymore.  I was able to go back to work yesterday and train my in person clients.  It felt great to finally be able to get out of the house and do something.

I did the pre-exhaust technique yesterday since my strength is down anyways my goal with each workout is just to pump as much blood as I can into the muscle.  I'm still finding it difficult to get strong contractions but yesterday was a lot better than this weekend.

  1. Flat DB Flys - 2 warm ups x15, 3x10-12 1 drop set on last set for 12
  2. Incline barbell press - 1x15,3x8-10 1 drop set on last set for 10
  3. Flat DB Press - 3x10
  4. Straight bar skullcrushers - 4x12
  5. Rope pressdowns - 3x12
  6. cambered bar seated overhead ext - 3x12

Despite the very low volume of this workout I woke up today and my chest and triceps are SORE.  My diet right now is all clean food but I'm having carbs with all 6 meals.  I've been adding a 7th meal as a protein shake directly before bed.  A good mass building meal that I suggest for anyone trying to put on size cleanly add into their nutrition plan is what I had for meal 6 last night. 7oz chicken,1 cup black beans,1/2 cup low fat cottage cheese...of coarse you should tone the measurements down accordingly to your body weight but all of that mixed together is pretty tasty.drago2 300x300 Chest/Tricep


Questions – 4/15/2012

Tyler, first of all, hope that you get better. Pneumonia is terrible, but its definitely a good thing you take care of yourself. I have a quick question about sweet potatoes and carbs in general. First, should you eat complex carbs like sweet potato and brown rice, even on days that your not working out? Or should you just eat them before and immediately after your workouts? Secondly, how much sweet potato/brown rice is appropriate per meal? Finally, I shouldn't eat the skins on the sweet potato correct? I know you probably won't be getting around to questions for a while which is completely understandable. Thanks for you dedication Tyler, hopes and prayers are with you man. All the best.
14 April 2012

Tyler - My diet stays the same on days I don't' workout.  Your body still needs the food for recovery purposes IMO.  The amounts you have per meal really depends on a lot of different factors. my suggestion is to play around with that and see how your body responds to the different amounts. you can eat the skins if you'd like it's a great source of fiber..i choose not to eat them just because i don't like the taste.  i eat my sweet potatos cold with ground cinnamon on them..been doing that for years now. thank you for your kind words and support. keep up the hard work!

give yourself time to recover, can have a rebound of the bug
14 April 2012

Tyler - most definitely..that is the last thing that i want to happen right now.

Tyler, it's been a while since we've heard from you. ...hope your doing better. Daniel
14 April 2012

Tyler - thanks Daniel...it's been a rough 2 weeks..i'm just ready to feel better again.

in the supermarket i can often choose between non gluten cookies or cookies with no sugar. they can't be non gluten and no sugar. what is the better choice for getting ripped?
8 April 2012

Tyler - the best choice is to not eat cookies at all.  if you can't give up cookies chances are you won't be able to achieve the leaness your striving for.  if you talking that these cookies are just every once in a while..say once a month then i would just eat normal cookies.

Tyler, i read that your taking glycocarb with evp pre-workout? Do you take them together? The EVP directions say to take it on an empty stomach, does it matter if you take your carbs with it?
5 April 2012

Tyler - no you can take them together.  when i was taking them i would do 1 scoop glycoject and 2 scoops evp mixed together 20 minutes before my workout.

Tyler- what does your pre-bed meal consist of?
4 April 2012

Tyler -  a protein source and greens

Hey Tyler, have you always been vascular? Other then lowering your body fat, are there are ways to get your veins to appear thicker and more apparant? Does cardio help since it promotes the increase of blood flow?
1 April 2012

Tyler - Vascularity does come from having low body fat.  Cardio will help burn the fat off so your veins will be visible. 


A New Perspective

This past Sunday was a full day off for me and after a full day off of doing nothing I'm usually feeling ready to get back after my cardio on Monday morning but I noticed I was feeling pretty weak during.  I figured maybe it was just the diet and the twice a day cardio sessions that my body was just not rested well enough.  I trained Chest later on and had an awesome weight training session.  I noticed later that afternoon/night that something was just off wasn't feeling like myself.  Again I just attested it to the workouts and diet.  Tuesday rolled around and cardio was a struggle again in the morning but I had a great back session. I started feeling pretty weird later that night and once I went to sleep I woke up a couple hours later freezing.  I was able to get back to sleep then woke up again burning up sweating at that point I knew I was getting sick.  I don't need to keep going on about this but this is the worst I've ever had the flu and I've barely been able to eat or drink anything.  Today is the first day I'm starting to feel better but I'm still battling with a fever.  At this point I'm not even sure when I'll be getting back into the gym so needless to say I'm rescheduling my shoot in NYC that was just a couple weeks away.  Being this ill has definitely put a  whole new perspective on life for me.  When your not able to do anything it made me realize how I take the simplest things for granted.  I'm ready to bounce back from this and get after it when I can!


A Heads Up

photo372 300x225 A Heads Up

Read Ingredient difference

This might not matter to some of you but if your trying to get in your best possible shape every little thing counts.  I never really payed attention to this until today and I've made the correction immediately.  I've been eating almond butter every day now that has unrefined cane sugar,dry roasted almonds, and palm oil in it.  So I just wanted to give a quick heads up to anyone that uses nut butters as a fat source to make sure to purchase an all natural raw nut butter.  Make sure the ingredient list on the back only has Raw Almonds or whatever nut butter your having as the ingredient.

"NUT BUTTERS (Almond, Peanut, Cashew natural versions only of course)- I feel these particular fats pack a lot of "punch" in terms of energy, muscle gaining and muscle retaining abilities. In my experience with myself and clients those that are particularly fat sensitive should probably opt more for different fat sources. If you ask any of my hard gainer clients who aren't fat sensitive they will certainly tell you that I make them eat large amount of nut butters throughout the day as they seem to thrive on these. I like almond butter best as myself and my clients seem to look best on this opposed to the peanut and cashew but the difference is negligible. When getting close to a show and still have some bodyfat to strip off it might also be advisable to use another fat source"

This was taken from a great article I read the other day..click here for the full article.


Growseason is officially OVER!

After doing A LOT of thinking over the past couple of weeks and more so in the past day I've made the decision that my grow season is OVER.  Or in other terms I'm not going to try to put on size anymore.  It's time to get lean and ripped up again but maintain the new size I have put on.  As for my workouts I'm switching a few things around and going back to some of my old techniques I've used in the past.  It's a lot of stuff that I miss doing to be more athletic.  With summer right around the corner I want you all to follow along and get ripped up too!   Brian my webmaster is coming down to Nashville this weekend to visit some of his family but we will also be doing some work as well (and I'm going to kick his ass in the gym).  I'm going to see if it's possible that we can get the members side launched this week  because I will be posting my detailed workouts daily, supplementation in detail, and my daily diet.  You will be able to follow my progress and ask questions on how to adjust your diet in order to get the same results I will.  And of coarse if your goal is to add mass I'll have my mass building diet posted as well that I've been following for the past 6 months that took me from 210-222lb.  Here are my measurements I took (no pump or flexing)  just now along with my body fat measurement that we redid (Suzanne wasn't pinching hard enough the other day)

Current Weight - 222lb on an empty stomach in AM

  • Neck (directly above adams apple) - 15
  • Chest - 45 1/4
  • Shoulders - 53 1/4
  • Waist (belly button - 35
  • Ass - 42
  • Upper leg (mid point between knee and hip) - 25 1/4
  • Calf - 16 1/4
  • Arm - 14 3/4

Body Fat 7 point Test with Digital Calipers - 8.6%

  • Tricep - 5
  • Chest - 5
  • Axilla - 9
  • Suprailiac - 9
  • Abdomen - 13
  • Thigh - 10
  • Subscapula - 11

photo272 300x300 Growseason is officially OVER!


Questions 3/7/2012

shoutbox7 300x1809 Questions 3/7/2012Angel
hey tyler i tried not taking any pre workout drink my last workout, and i found myself very tired and fatigued during the workout? whats ur best advice to keep energy levels up without taking tge pre work out stuff? also what pre workout supp worked best for u?
7 March 2012

Tyler - If you have been taking a stim based pre-workout supplement then it can take a week or so before you will lose the lethargic feeling since your adrenal glands are getting back to normal.  My suggestion is just to cycle off for 4-8 weeks and then once you take them again it'll be like you've never taken it before.  My favorite pre-workout supplements have been Stimulant based - superpump max, non stim - Evogen EVP.

Tyler my man, what exercises do you do typically do for hamstrings, I feel I do alot more quad exercies than hamstring ones when leg day comes around!
7 March 2012

Tyler - Try splitting them up and training quads one day and hams later in the week. Here was my most recent Ham workout

  • Lying leg curls - 4x8-12
  • Seated leg curls - 4x8-12
  • Deadlifts - 135x10,225lbx10,315lbx20,405lbx10,405lbx8,315lbx15
  • Standing One leg curl - 4x12-15 superset standing calf raise
  • one leg leg press calf raise - 4x12

Hey Tyler, can I take protein powder without a liquid or is it less effective?
7 March 2012

Tyler - No as long as your ingesting it it doesn't matter if you use liquid or not....but how are you going to be taking it? just eating the powder?

Tyler, why you were "filling out" with Hany's program, approximiately how many carbs were you taking in on you carb up day and how little did you take on your carb down days? Also, how did you cycle it? i.e. 3 low 1 high? Im working on putting on size but i find i tend to begin looking smooth and bloated if i eat moderate to high carbs everyday.
6 March 2012

Tyler - My carbs are still very high right now.  I'll be posting my daily food logs again once my members section launches so you will be able to follow my exact diet every day.

Hey McPeak!!! You offer so much value... I would love to offer something back. Maybe I can help you out with your marketing? Beyond that... I have a question regarding your lean-gains/warrior diet you did a few months back. i've been on it for about 4 month. i'm starting to look ripped but seem to have dropped in appearance? weight is the same, but I seem to look smaller.. what are your thoughts? thanks bud.
6 March 2012

Tyler - Lean-gains wasn't good for my body.  It sounds like your muscles are just extremely flat.  I had the same problem when I did that I thinned out quick.  Not sure what to tell you other than I didn't like it and I would never go back to it.  I prefer 6 meals a day and keeps my muscles full constantly.

hey ty i am 6'4" and have pretty well defined muscle due to my ectomorph body. i am not strictly ectomorph. i need to gain mass while keeping my definition. Where would be a good spot to start following your workouts? i love your physique and would like to get very close to that. great job btw and keep it up!
6 March 2012

Tyler - Any of my workouts I've posted since September 2011 till now would be good.  They are all designed for strength and mass gain.

Hey T, You plan on bringing back rap beats into your videos again? That was dope!
5 March 2012

Tyler - appreciate it..but I doubt it..I don't have the time anymore to put into that.

Hey Tyler... I started my cut 2 weeks ago today at 190 I am already 185. Do you think I might be losing weight to fast? I am eating 6 whole food meals a day and doing cardio every day. I am afraid that I am going to lose the muscle I worked hard to put on over the last year. Do you think I should cut down on the cardio?
5 March 2012

Tyler - First off 5lb in 2 weeks isn't too bad because usually people will lose quick in the beginning when your losing some of that water weight at first.  As long as your strength is staying the same and not decreasing then that is a clear sign that your holding onto your muscle.  That being said I do suggest cutting down on the cardio and giving your body two days rest during the week.