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Questions – 4/30/2012

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Tyler, it's great to hear about your working your way back to your oldself after neumonia. You continue to be an inspiration no matter what comes your way. Daniel
27 April 2012

Tyler - Thanks for the support Daniel!

Tyler:Don't let the few burden you..you are looking great and on the mend... .Do know you will soon be bigger and better..you have fine lines and good sculpture..YITB...
26 April 2012

Tyler - Thanks for the support Will!

I'm 17, been working out for about 2 years, look almost as good as you. But just got Out of depression w/ binges, any advice to avoid them?
24 April 2012

Tyler - First off that is awesome that you've only been working out for 2 years and at 17 have already built a physique.  My advice to avoid binging is don't starve yourself.  Have a good meal plan that allows you enough food to not have the urge to binge.  Stay positive and try to have other hobbies or interests that doesn't involve the thought of food.

Tyler, For some reason i don't get sore the next day like i use too. I still get awesome pumps when im in the gym. Ive tried everything that i can think of. Ive changed my routine, mixed up my sets and reps, thrown in negatives and drop sets. My diet has not changed other than my carb intake from week to week. Any thoughts or ideas? Thanks man. Stay Healthy Man !
18 April 2012

Tyler - I've gone through the same thing.  Don't worry about this.  Just because you aren't getting sore doesn't mean you still aren't progressing with gains.  Some muscle groups I can never get sore.  So don't use DOMS as a sign of progressing or not.  Only other suggestion i would say try is drop the weights one day and just really focus hard and get a strong mind muscle connection and squeeze the muscle as hard as you can on every rep.  I've done this before as a switch up to the heavier weight and I did get sore the next day.

hey, i just wanna thank you, for your posts nd to my questions that uve taken the time to reply. nd thank you mostly cause ive gain my first 2 kilos and something of muscle. i wanna thank you so much for that. I saw on twitter that uve been sick, its awful to hear that. ive got a cold nd i couldnt do workout for like a week. Nd i felt so frustrated cause your website has kept me so motivated your an inspiration to me nd to other ones too. get better soon ☺
18 April 2012

Tyler - Congrats on your weight gain! Thanks for the support Sebastian keep up the hard work!

in your opinion, how often should you include or change excercise in specific muscle group, not necessarily weight/reps or sets, just excerices?
17 April 2012

Tyler - I change the order around almost every workout but I do keep specific exercises in my routines I'll just hit them at different times of the workout.

hey tyler- in general for people in the fitness industry - how long does it take for them to get ripped and in the best condition? Usually i see bodybuilders doing a 8-16 week diet... is it the same for fitness models getting ready for a shoot? and how important is it to have patience when trying to get lean?I I am on my first legitimate plan and the time is killing me!
17 April 2012

Tyler - Bodybuilders do the 8-16 weeks some even longer depending where their body fat is and if they are using drugs or not.  After there shows they go back to their old ways and put all the body fat and bloat back on until their next show.  If your trying to live the fitness lifestyle and stay in good shape year round then once you get yourself to a certain level of conditioning it will not be hard to maintain as long as you don't go and screw it up by eating a ton of junk for several days.  As for your plan goes if your not seeing your body change each week then it's time to change something.  I can't give you a specific time frame because everyone is different.


Questions – 4/1/2012

march31 300x300 Questions 4/1/2012

March 31 2012 - Nashville

"Success is a state of mind, if you want success, start thinking of yourself as a success." - Unknown

Tyler, from my experience with web designers, I learned to expect delays and broken promises unless you go with a very high end company. Still, I'm looking forward to becoming a member. Your present site gives daily inspiration.

Tyler - Thanks for you patience...I can't wait till it gets up and running!

Tyler, When you say that you wil never put on extra body fat, does that mean you will not be doing anymore "bulking phases" in the near future with Hanny?
29 March 2012

Tyler - Well what I'm hoping for since I'm pushing to get all the fat off around my midsection which I've never been able to accomplish (especially my lower abs..I've always gotten to a certain point then screwed it all up) before it will be easy to maintain.  What I meant by that comment is that I never want to add as much fat in that area again.  Once I reach the point where I want to be I do want to continue to keep improving but once I get done shooting I'm not going to do what I've done in the past and eat everything in sight and gain 20+ pounds in a couple of days.  I will let Hany guide me on what to do if I will be able to slowly add calories or what not.

Do you have any recommendations for someone who may be looking into getting into fitness modeling? Where do you start? Is there any way you can submit pictures of yourself to certain companies as a way to get noticed ?
27 March 2012

Tyler - You can submit photos to an agency such as Silver Models or Wilhelmina has a fitness divisionIf they like your look then you will be contacted.  I wouldn't just stop there or rely on that though.  You should consider competing to get your face out there and start getting recognition.  I competed in 2007 at Universe Weekend and that is where I met Adam Silver of Silver Models.  If that had not happened then I would've most likely kept competing.


6 weeks till I shoot

On Friday I spoke with my trainer Hany to get the game plan for my upcoming shoot and he decided that I'll be ready in 6 weeks.  He said I'll most likely be ready in 4 but didn't want to have to rush things and I lose everything I've gained over the past 6 months.  So Friday was my last day of weights until I start up my new program on Monday and all I've done since is my cardio.  I'm confident with the new changes that I will be in the best shape of my life and I like the fact that I will be in shape for the summer too and will only have to suffer and be a hermit for 6 weeks (keep in mind that the journey of getting ripped is the hardest but once you are there is a lot easier to maintain).  I've already started to lose some of the water and can already see a physical difference  since Friday with my physique getting harder.  I woke up this morning at 219lb that's a 3lb drop of water.  At the end of each week I'll post my body fat measurements along with progress pictures.  I'll be posting a new youtube workout video by the end of next week as well.

paulreitznash 300x262 6 weeks till I shoot

June 2011 - Paul Reitz

Hopefully the third time is the charm!  What I mean by this is if you've followed my storyline then you know that I gave fitness modeling a try at the very end of 2007 and all of 2008.  Then in 2009-2010 my second try was to be a fashion model and that just ended badly.  Adam Silver booked me on  A LOT more work having a fitness physique than I ever did trying to do fashion when I left his company.  So it's 2012 now and hopefully this third try will be the charm.


Silver Models!

Yesterday I got some exciting news that I am now signed with Silver Model Management again!  If any of you have read my about section then you know that Adam Silver was the one who "discovered" me and gave the me the opportunity to get my foot in the door to the modeling industry in 2007/2008.  He booked me on Under Armour, Ab Infomercial,Fitness magazines, and other stuff that I can't remember as I'm writing this.  Mentally I'm such in a better place wanting to do this again as before I lacked direction and was very immature.  In the next 4-6 weeks I'll be going back up to NYC to do all new shoots to update my portfolio  and then hopefully I can start booking some things again icon smile Silver Models! 271 18844102450 515892450 580099 1959 n1 Silver Models!

Also some more news since my webmaster Brian G. has been down here going through the McPeak bootcamp lol we have been working on my website and it should be ready soon!  His graphics team sent over the start of my page last night and it looks SICK!

I'll be filming another video this weekend for my youtube channel so that should be up by Saturday or Sunday.


Questions – 3/4/2012

march3screenshot2 300x169 Questions 3/4/2012

Screenshot from members section video filmed 3/3/2012

Tyler, I read that article on Description of Heart Rate Zones. What zone do you train in? Healthy Heart zone, Fitness zone, or Aerobic Zone? Thanks, John
5 March 2012

Tyler - The only time I monitor my heart rate is on cardio and I do the Aerobic Zone.

Hey Tyler, two questions related to Cell K.E.M. 1. Why do you take it post cardio, why not just take a protein shake, or have your breakfast right after? Do you wait to to have breakfast after cardio? 2. How is Cell K.E.M. superior to just protein? I feel like i should be taking a 40g of protein right after my work rather then 1.5 scoops of cell K.E.M. which is essentially just BCAA i believe (but protein has BCAA). Thanks!
4 March 2012

Tyler - I have it directly after cardio to get the bcaa,gluamine,creatine in my system immediately about 20 or so minutes after that once I'm showered etc I'll have my first meal.  IMO Cell Kem is superior to just plain whey protein because it has pharmaceutical grade glutamine,creatine,bcaa and there is zero cals also it's designed for mass and recovery plain whey protein is just protein.  If you feel you should take 40g of protein instead of the cell kem then you should be doing that.  I did just straight protein for years but since I'm working with Hany now he's a firm believer in getting the majority of your nutrients from whole food.  Directly after my weight training I'll have 1 scoop of cell kem then 30-45 min after that I'll have a whole food meal.  Branch chain amino acids are the building blocks of protein.

120 grs RAW brown rice, (60g pre and 60g post work), 60g oat RAW, and the others carbs, are saldas, vegetables, etc
4 March 2012

Tyler - Sorry man but I have no idea if that would be a good amount for your body..I'd say give it a try and see if it works that's the only way to find out.

Is it possible to grow without getting stronger every workout (i.e. heavier weight or more reps)? I change up my exercises pretty often but i dont record what i lift really, i just make sure im working to failure... i want to grow though.
4 March 2012

Tyler - Of coarse remember your not growing when your in the gym.  Your growing when your resting and recovering. BUT a stronger muscle is a bigger muscle. That being said though you shouldn't switch your exercises around too much just because you won't know what's working or not.  I suggest keeping some of the same exercise in your routines weekly so you will be able to gage if your getting stronger.

Whats your opinion on tanning? Do u go tanning in beds or natual sunlight? Do u think its worth it? Or do you get a spray tan before a shoot? Great website and youtube videos, keep it 100 bro!
4 March 2012

Tyler - I stay away from tanning beds and when I get sun in the summer I always wear sunblock.  Tanning causes wrinkles and can cause skin cancer so those two reasons are enough for me to keep precaution to my skin.  I use spray tans or the cheap tanning lotions you can get from target or walmart.

Tyler, Could you explain why you are suppose to cycle on and off preworkout supplements? Is it because of the stimulants? How long would you suggest taking a preworkout before cycling off? Thanks
4 March 2012

Tyler - There is a couple of reasons if your taking a stimulant based pre workout then I would go 8-12 weeks on and 4 weeks off just to give your adrenal glands a break and keep them fresh.  The other reason is just like anything else our bodies get accustomed to supplements and build up a tolerance and won't responds the same anymore so giving your body a break from them will actually make them work freshly again once you reintroduce them to your system.

hey tyler...not gna lie, but i seldom ever work on legs. and if i ever do, its usually towards the end of my work out. some leg extensions and calf raises. i never attempted a single squat with BB, all i ever done was squats with DB. can u recommend a beginner leg workout for me please? thanks.
2 March 2012

Tyler - Gotta work those legs man! You will thank yourself later on if you start trashing them every week.  Here is a basic routine that will be good for you

  • Barbell Squats
  • Leg Press
  • Leg Ext
  • Lunges
  • Leg Curls

Hey, I wanna get rid of my lower ab body fat , is biking a good option?. Your website is cool as hell, it keeps me really motivated. Thanks dude
2 March 2012

Tyler - Biking is going to be fine but getting rid of that last little bit of fat is going to come from your nutrition.


A couple of my GOALS

screenshot2 300x169 A couple of my GOALS

Screenshot from Chest/Bicep video

Since I've been getting a lot of questions recently about what I'm currently doing and what my physique goals are now I figured I would just make a quick post about it.  My goals are to get back into the fitness magazines.  I have not shot for a fitness magazine or fitness shoot since 2008.  If you have been following my site you know the whole story of when  I went to NYC and tried out fashion modeling lost my fitness physique and it ended up being a bad situation.  So for all of 2010 I didn't take nutrition very serious and was still partying a lot on weekends and just wasn't doing things correctly in order to achieve the type of physique I want.  It wasn't until I linked up with Hany that everything changed.  Fast forward till now and when I last spoke with Hany the game plan is to maintain the body fat level that I'm at now but still try to fill my frame out.  I will know very soon about possible magazine stuff and then my program will change gears into getting as peeled as possible.  Until then I'm going to continue to add lean mass enjoy the extra food and continue to build up my chest,back and legs more.  I've gotten my weight back to where it was in 2008 but feel that I have a more matured look.  Currently I'm 218lb in the morning on an empty stomach and 222 when I go to bed.  When my member section launches I'll be doing my food log in it once again so you can follow my daily current diet from this phase I'm in now to when I'm shoot ready.

431410 175392845904419 163846577059046 263427 717155543 n 225x300 A couple of my GOALS



Questions – 2/9/2012

shoutbox7 300x1803 Questions 2/9/2012Sam
Ty, just reffering back to my previous post but just curious as to why you said that running "burns off more muscle" than doing a stair climber? if you are working in a similar heart rate zone for the same amount of time what is the difference?
9 February 2012

Tyler - If you keep your heart rate in the same zone then there isn't a difference.   I just personally prefer to do low impact because when I used to run and sprint a lot last year my hips,knees,calfs would give me problems all the time and it made my leg strength WEAK for my workouts.

Tyler - I am getting ready to start my cut in a few days and was wondering if I should be taking creatine while I cut and if so what kind? I have gotten mixed opinions when talking to people in the gym about this. I am just about ready to order some supplements and would like to know if I should add this to the list.
9 February 2012

Tyler - I would for sure keep the creatine in.  It will help keep your strength while cutting down.  The only thing creatine might cause is a little water retention and you don't have to worry about that until a week before you were to say go  on vacation,photo shoot,competition, etc. and then at that point a week before you would stop taking it and the little bit of water will come off.

Hey Tyler, hope your doing well. I have a quick question regarding diet. I'm 18, 5'10, and 160 lbs. and have a pretty fast metabolism, and I'm trying to gain lean mass. With that said, do I need to focus on clean diet (chicken, fish, sweet potato, oats, egg white, brown rice, etc.) 100% of the time or should I allow cheat meals? If I should, how often? Thanks for the inspiration Tyler, it truly makes a difference to many!
8 February 2012

Tyler - You should still get in the habit of eating several clean meals a day but don't be afraid to have 2-3 cheat meals a week.  If you see that your gaining fat quickly then back it down to just 2 and if your body can't handle that back it down to 1.  But seeing that your 160lb and have a cranking metabolism I think you'll be good with 3.  Just spread them out over the week. 1 at the start one at the middle and another towards the end.  Also another thing to keep in mind when you have your cheats is make sure your still getting a lot of protein with it.  Don't just cheat on deserts and chips and junk like that.  ENJOY THE GOOD EATING! 

do u recommend to take a multivitamin or single vitamin? because i had read some articles that multivitamin sometimes cannot completely absorb into the body and a waste of money .. so what's your comment on it? thx~
7 February 2012

Tyler - I don't use a multi vitamin anymore or take single vitamins.  Everything you need for recovery is in Cell K.E.M.  That being said before I started working with Hany I was taking Optimum nutrition multi once a day with my first meal.

Hey i added you to PSN, do you still go on?
6 February 2012

Tyler - Yeah I get on everyday.  I added all my new friend req on there hit me up

Hey Tyler- thanks for the response. so after research I've determined that my body needs anywhere from 200-350 grams of carbs a day. Rice is my favorite carb and a cup of rice seems to be 45-50 grams of carbs. Does this mean I can be eating 5-6 cups of rice a day and still be getting results. I feel as if I am eating that much rice gains in bodyfat will be sure to come. When I see many nutrition logs like yours and other fitness models they are not taking nowhere near 5-6 cups of rice. Thoughts?
5 February 2012

Tyler - It depends on what your goals are right now.  If your trying to build then 5-6 cups of rice will be fine however if your trying to cut down then that would be a bit much in my opinion.  I suggest giving it a try for a couple of weeks and see how you respond.

Excluding your daily 40 minutes of cardio, how many minutes or hours long is your daily workout? One trainer told me that more than an hour, counting rest periods, is too long.
5 February 2012

Tyler - 45 minutes to 1 hr.  the longest would be 1 hour and 15-20 minutes of so on a long leg day.


Online Training

Programs & Rates have changed

Email me if your interested in any of my programs - [email protected]

4 Weeks - Training Program + Nutrition Program - $75.00 month to month after first 4 weeks -  $50.00

  • Custom-made  for each individual client
  • Regimen based specifically on client’s goals, stats and preferences
  • Unlimited email access to me for questions, concerns and minor changes to optimize results
  • Personalized Nutritional regimen
  • Fitness Coaching
  • Supplementation guidance
  • Phone Consultation every 10-14 days

Questions – 2/3/2012

shoutbox7 300x1802 Questions 2/3/2012Cal
hey Tyler was wondering about taking shakes before gym, I sometimes take a protein shake with dextrose roughly an hour before training, but I know some people who take it when they arrive at the gym or 15 miinutes before, does taking a shake immediately before training alter the digestion and blood flow to muscles?
3 February 2012

Tyler - If I were you I would have a whole food meal consisting of protein and slow carbs an hour before training and then 15-20 min have some BCAA w/ dextrose or your protein shake w/ dextrose.

Tyler, what are your goals right now? I dont think you posted your new stats at the end of the year after cutting down with Hany for your shoot? Are you still cutting down? Or putting on size'? Also, do you record what you lift at all your workouts? Do you still try to get stronger?
3 February 2012

Tyler - I still havn't done a shoot yet.  I speak with Hany tomorrow to find out what direction we are going in.  I still am going to continue to slowly lose body fat but maintain every ounce of muscle I have.  I don't write anything down as far as weights go I keep in all in my head and yeah I'm still getting stronger right now since I'm having more cals and backed down from cardio.  All that being said some personal physique goals is to fill up my weak points to have a rounder fuller look.

Tyler, just to follow up on my question ...basically my goal is to get shredded and look like that guy zyzz (except I don't want to do from roids and coke like him!!) and I want to do it as naturally as possible without taking stuff to suprress my appetite like animal cuts etc maybe you can help me with a plan don't know. thank you for your site.
3 February 2012

Tyler - Email me for rates for a plan if your interested [email protected]

Thanks a ton for the back/tri video Tyler! Got some awesome advice that I'll be sure to take to the gym tomorrow, so thanks a ton!
2 February 2012

Tyler -  Your welcome! more to come very soon! and in Hd

Yeah, when are you going to get more of those t-shirts brah?
31 January 2012

Tyler - I'll have something available soon again.  I think I'm going to do tank tops this time though

When will your "TM Keep it 100" be avail. again?
31 January 2012

Tyler - I'll have something available soon again.  I think I'm going to do tank tops this time though

Tyler- why do you only do incline walking or stair climber for cardio as opposed to just jogging or intervals on a treadmill?
31 January 2012

Tyler - I want to insure that I'm not going to burn off any muscle that I've gained.  Last year I ran a lot but had a slimmer look.

When I had a personal trainer we worked out in the morning and then I had my "big" meal after weights. He told me if I wanted to get ripped I should not eat much after 3PM and "fight my hunger." Do you think there is logic in this? I am not working out with him anymore, saw results with him, but now need to workout at night. I still have same goal of getting shredded. he said not to have stuff like chicken fish late at night and that my meals should be getting smaller as the day goes on. what do you think about this? thank you!!
30 January 2012

Tyler - No I don't think there is any logic to this.  I suggest taking a balanced approach.  Each meal have balance to it rather than some meals being very large and getting smaller through the day then starving yourself in the afternoon/night.  From my experience if you read my story of when I used to starve myself it caused me to have an eating addiction which screwed my whole body up.  So definitely keep in mind that this is health and fitness not starvation and being unhealthy. 


-Workout- Chest/Calve/Ab/Cardio

Great workout today with my training partner Ron.  My appetite was back in full force today icon smile Workout Chest/Calve/Ab/Cardio We worked out at 4:40pm today. Here 's the workout

  • Incline BB Press - 1 warm up set for 12 - 3x10,8,5, one drop set for 15
  • Flat DB Fly - 3x12
  • Flat BB Press superset with Pullovers - 3x12
  • Pec Dec FST-5 - 5x15
  • seated calve raise superset rope crunches 3x12 one dropset on the calves for on the last set
  • oblique crunches on hyperext bench 2x15
  • standing one arm cable oblique crunches 2x12
  • RUN 2 miles 13:15 (my best time)
  • 10 minute jumprope
  • 5 minute stair climb on 7.0
  • 5 minute jumprope

Looking forward to spending some time with friends tomorrow night.  Having people over at the house then were heading out after to see some live music...gotta love Nashville for the live music.  The talent here is ridiculous.  Had to change my filming schedule around so I'll be filming Legs on saturday and boxing on sunday!