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A look into my current program

fbook 300x276 A look into my current programFor the past 4 weeks I've been hitting it hard and I'm very close to being where I want to be (body fat wise..new pics and youtube vids soon) I've been using a new approach to nutrition,workouts and supplementation. So far the results have been the best yet.  The program is designed to build strength, maximize fullness, and burn fat.  A little about my current nutrition is that I have 3 different meal plans for the week.  Once a week I've been having my cheat meals icon smile A look into my current program For one meal out of the 42 I have in a week I eat whatever I want. If you follow me on Facebook or twitter you have prob seen a couple pics. Cheat meals can be very beneficial to your diet as long as you have discipline and are able to control it. A couple of guidelines I follow is that I make sure to be done with my meal within 45-1hr. I used to not follow that in the past and it would turn into a all night event of munching... Not good. Secondly I always have it as a replacement for meal 6.  If you choose to have it early in the day your most likely going to miss meals and end up cheating again. Lastly I make it carbohydrate rich. Some of my go to cheats are pizza,homemade burgers and fries, baked ziti, Mexican and sushi.  My desert the past couple of weekends has been a red velvet cupcake on top of 2 slices of cheesecake.  Ok enough about food!  As for my workout routines they have switched up too and I'm using a periodization protocol with higher volume.  Very intense!  Cardio has been low intensity empty stomach as soon as I wake up.  Incline treadmill with the incline set on 15 the whole time.  Give it a try you won't be able to go as fast but it's challenging.  I keep my heart rate around 130-145.  I'm gearing up to resume filming for my members section and once it's launched you will have full details everyday of my diet and the new workout program I've been doing.

Up until last week my cough had still been lingering but it is now officially done!  I have not yet rescheduled my shoot for silver models in NYC because right now my priority is getting my members section launched.  Everyone keep training your ass off!


2 weeks and feeling Strong!

protein1 225x300 2 weeks and feeling Strong!

Best tasting protein I've had...zero sugar

It's been almost 2 weeks (Saturday will make 2 weeks)  now into my strict nutrition plan to be on tract at reaching my goals.  Once I'm where I need to be I'll be setting up my photo shoots again in NYC!  My body is fully adjusted to less calories now.  I'm not gonna lie last week was rough.  I was pretty hungry all week long.  I don't think I posted but for a good 2 weeks  I was eating only about 60-70 percent clean food.  Every day I was having some sort of high calorie junk food.  Today cardio officially started back up and I was actually excited about it.  6 weeks of no cardio might have done my body some good so I'm hoping that it will respond quickly now that I'm adding it back in.  30 minutes on a slight incline is all I'll be doing for a little while.  Speed was about 3.7 and incline was 6.0-8.0.  In my opinion doing empty stomach cardio yields the best results for fat burning but make sure to take some BCAA's before you start to insure that you preserve your muscle mass.  It's a great way to get your day started and I feel a lot more awake rather than just rolling out of bed and getting my day started without it.  Stay tuned my site will be up and running full force soon with plenty of new pictures and videos.

tread 225x300 2 weeks and feeling Strong!

I'll be spending a lot of mornings on this


Questions – 4/30/2012

shoutbox7 300x18013 Questions 4/30/2012


Tyler, it's great to hear about your working your way back to your oldself after neumonia. You continue to be an inspiration no matter what comes your way. Daniel
27 April 2012

Tyler - Thanks for the support Daniel!

Tyler:Don't let the few burden you..you are looking great and on the mend... .Do know you will soon be bigger and better..you have fine lines and good sculpture..YITB...
26 April 2012

Tyler - Thanks for the support Will!

I'm 17, been working out for about 2 years, look almost as good as you. But just got Out of depression w/ binges, any advice to avoid them?
24 April 2012

Tyler - First off that is awesome that you've only been working out for 2 years and at 17 have already built a physique.  My advice to avoid binging is don't starve yourself.  Have a good meal plan that allows you enough food to not have the urge to binge.  Stay positive and try to have other hobbies or interests that doesn't involve the thought of food.

Tyler, For some reason i don't get sore the next day like i use too. I still get awesome pumps when im in the gym. Ive tried everything that i can think of. Ive changed my routine, mixed up my sets and reps, thrown in negatives and drop sets. My diet has not changed other than my carb intake from week to week. Any thoughts or ideas? Thanks man. Stay Healthy Man !
18 April 2012

Tyler - I've gone through the same thing.  Don't worry about this.  Just because you aren't getting sore doesn't mean you still aren't progressing with gains.  Some muscle groups I can never get sore.  So don't use DOMS as a sign of progressing or not.  Only other suggestion i would say try is drop the weights one day and just really focus hard and get a strong mind muscle connection and squeeze the muscle as hard as you can on every rep.  I've done this before as a switch up to the heavier weight and I did get sore the next day.

hey, i just wanna thank you, for your posts nd to my questions that uve taken the time to reply. nd thank you mostly cause ive gain my first 2 kilos and something of muscle. i wanna thank you so much for that. I saw on twitter that uve been sick, its awful to hear that. ive got a cold nd i couldnt do workout for like a week. Nd i felt so frustrated cause your website has kept me so motivated your an inspiration to me nd to other ones too. get better soon ☺
18 April 2012

Tyler - Congrats on your weight gain! Thanks for the support Sebastian keep up the hard work!

in your opinion, how often should you include or change excercise in specific muscle group, not necessarily weight/reps or sets, just excerices?
17 April 2012

Tyler - I change the order around almost every workout but I do keep specific exercises in my routines I'll just hit them at different times of the workout.

hey tyler- in general for people in the fitness industry - how long does it take for them to get ripped and in the best condition? Usually i see bodybuilders doing a 8-16 week diet... is it the same for fitness models getting ready for a shoot? and how important is it to have patience when trying to get lean?I I am on my first legitimate plan and the time is killing me!
17 April 2012

Tyler - Bodybuilders do the 8-16 weeks some even longer depending where their body fat is and if they are using drugs or not.  After there shows they go back to their old ways and put all the body fat and bloat back on until their next show.  If your trying to live the fitness lifestyle and stay in good shape year round then once you get yourself to a certain level of conditioning it will not be hard to maintain as long as you don't go and screw it up by eating a ton of junk for several days.  As for your plan goes if your not seeing your body change each week then it's time to change something.  I can't give you a specific time frame because everyone is different.



531442 222040147906355 163846577059046 368761 1856124207 n 225x300 Chest/BicepEach day is getting better and I'm loving it.  Since being sick and having basically a month of my life taken away I have a whole new appreciation and drive towards everything. I'm feeling almost 100 percent but not quite.  I'd say around 85 percent since my endurance still isn't there and I still have this damn cough.  Right now I am not working with anyone and I'm doing everything on my own for the time being.  There was no point to continue on with Hany when I wasn't able to go to the gym.  That being said I've started to incorporate a lot of techniques I used to use that has been a good change of pace.  I've been doing a lot of drop sets, rest- pause, and I'm throwing in some supersets too.  The amount of food I've been eating I would normally be about 230lb right now but my weight is only at 211lb this morning.  Today I cleaned everything back up and will be having 6 meals.

Before heading to the gym I read an old article by Milos Sarcev online about intra workout shakes and years ago when I used to follow him I had given them a try.  It's been several years since I've done a intra shake so today decided to give it a try again.  I did 1 scoop of scivation xtend,2.5g creatine,1/2 scoop karbolyne.  I got a crazy almost painful pump today so definitely give this a try.

  1. Incline DB Press - 2 warm ups, 3x6-8 one drop set for 10 then after a minute break did another light set for 10 and just squeezed
  2. Flat DB Fly - 3x12
  3. Flat Smith Machine Press - 3x8-10, 1 set of rest pause then 2 drop sets
  4. Cable Fly superset Flat machine press - 3x10-12
  5. DB Hammer Curls - 4x8-12

I was going to continue on another 1-2 bicep exercises but I had slight irritation in my right forearm when I went to one arm db preacher curls so I called it a day.



204 225x300 Chest/Tricep

took this on Saturday after my second workout back

I decided to kick my week off with hitting chest again even though I just did it on Friday.  My endurance is still very weak but it is improving each workout.  My weight is still not going anywhere but my muscles are filling back out from the workouts so I'm not feeling so skinny anymore.  I was able to go back to work yesterday and train my in person clients.  It felt great to finally be able to get out of the house and do something.

I did the pre-exhaust technique yesterday since my strength is down anyways my goal with each workout is just to pump as much blood as I can into the muscle.  I'm still finding it difficult to get strong contractions but yesterday was a lot better than this weekend.

  1. Flat DB Flys - 2 warm ups x15, 3x10-12 1 drop set on last set for 12
  2. Incline barbell press - 1x15,3x8-10 1 drop set on last set for 10
  3. Flat DB Press - 3x10
  4. Straight bar skullcrushers - 4x12
  5. Rope pressdowns - 3x12
  6. cambered bar seated overhead ext - 3x12

Despite the very low volume of this workout I woke up today and my chest and triceps are SORE.  My diet right now is all clean food but I'm having carbs with all 6 meals.  I've been adding a 7th meal as a protein shake directly before bed.  A good mass building meal that I suggest for anyone trying to put on size cleanly add into their nutrition plan is what I had for meal 6 last night. 7oz chicken,1 cup black beans,1/2 cup low fat cottage cheese...of coarse you should tone the measurements down accordingly to your body weight but all of that mixed together is pretty tasty.drago2 300x300 Chest/Tricep


Finally on the mend

Each day I'm improving and feeling more and more back to normal.  Still feeling pretty weak and tired but overall I'm in a lot better place then I was just a couple days ago.  I don't know if being sick cranks up your metabolism but I'm eating a massive amount of food and the scale still isn't moving.  When I eat these meals I get hungry shortly after.  I spoke with one of my friends Trent today that had gotten pneumonia a couple years back and he said it took him 3 weeks to gain all of his weight back and he lost the same amount as me 15lb.  This weekend I plan on hitting the weights again if I'm feeling up for it.  Friday I plan on doing some Chest and back, Saturday shoulders and arms and Sunday legs.  All of these workouts will be extremely light and it's going to be more just to get some blood in the muscle and get a pump.  This might be too ambitious but right now it's sounding good to me..I guess I'll just have to see how I'm feeling day by day.  I'll be posting my workouts that I do.  Here has been a typical day of eating for me.

  1. Protein Pancakes
  2. 7oz chicken, 3 cups hash brown, 1 tbsp evoo
  3. 7oz chicken, 1 cup rice, 1 tbsp evoo
  4. 7oz chicken, 8oz sweet potato
  5. some junk food  (yesterday had 2 whoppers and 5 mini sneakers bars)
  6. 3/4 cup oats, 2 scoop protein, 2 tbsp natural peanut butter



Questions – 4/15/2012

Tyler, first of all, hope that you get better. Pneumonia is terrible, but its definitely a good thing you take care of yourself. I have a quick question about sweet potatoes and carbs in general. First, should you eat complex carbs like sweet potato and brown rice, even on days that your not working out? Or should you just eat them before and immediately after your workouts? Secondly, how much sweet potato/brown rice is appropriate per meal? Finally, I shouldn't eat the skins on the sweet potato correct? I know you probably won't be getting around to questions for a while which is completely understandable. Thanks for you dedication Tyler, hopes and prayers are with you man. All the best.
14 April 2012

Tyler - My diet stays the same on days I don't' workout.  Your body still needs the food for recovery purposes IMO.  The amounts you have per meal really depends on a lot of different factors. my suggestion is to play around with that and see how your body responds to the different amounts. you can eat the skins if you'd like it's a great source of fiber..i choose not to eat them just because i don't like the taste.  i eat my sweet potatos cold with ground cinnamon on them..been doing that for years now. thank you for your kind words and support. keep up the hard work!

give yourself time to recover, can have a rebound of the bug
14 April 2012

Tyler - most definitely..that is the last thing that i want to happen right now.

Tyler, it's been a while since we've heard from you. ...hope your doing better. Daniel
14 April 2012

Tyler - thanks Daniel...it's been a rough 2 weeks..i'm just ready to feel better again.

in the supermarket i can often choose between non gluten cookies or cookies with no sugar. they can't be non gluten and no sugar. what is the better choice for getting ripped?
8 April 2012

Tyler - the best choice is to not eat cookies at all.  if you can't give up cookies chances are you won't be able to achieve the leaness your striving for.  if you talking that these cookies are just every once in a while..say once a month then i would just eat normal cookies.

Tyler, i read that your taking glycocarb with evp pre-workout? Do you take them together? The EVP directions say to take it on an empty stomach, does it matter if you take your carbs with it?
5 April 2012

Tyler - no you can take them together.  when i was taking them i would do 1 scoop glycoject and 2 scoops evp mixed together 20 minutes before my workout.

Tyler- what does your pre-bed meal consist of?
4 April 2012

Tyler -  a protein source and greens

Hey Tyler, have you always been vascular? Other then lowering your body fat, are there are ways to get your veins to appear thicker and more apparant? Does cardio help since it promotes the increase of blood flow?
1 April 2012

Tyler - Vascularity does come from having low body fat.  Cardio will help burn the fat off so your veins will be visible. 


26 Days Out

Never again will I add a bunch of unnecessary body fat!  It's so easy to put on and yet extremely difficult to get off.  Once I strip down all the fat 2 cardio sessions a day will no longer be necessary and I'm hoping that I'll be able to just do a few sessions a week.  This is crunch time for me and everyday counts.  What I want each and everyone of you do to is make each day count!  Whatever your goal might be take each and every day and use your time wisely in order to make progress toward that goal.  At the end of the day take a few minutes and review your workouts in your head and figure out ways to improve.  I know some people might get overwhelmed by the amount of hard work and dedicationstandard1 225x300 26 Days Out it takes but if you take it day by day and focus just on that day then it makes things easier to process in your mind.  After all is is a mind game.  Your mind is going to fight you and tell you that you can't do something or that your too tired but in all reality your body will be able to push through and you will be thanking yourself in the long run.  That being said though and I've said this in previous posts that there is a clear line between being lazy and listening to your body when it needs a break.  Be smart and give your body adequate rest days so you won't burn yourself out. With summer just around the corner here in the states I know a lot of people are going to be getting beach ready etc. but they do everything wrong and it back fires on them and they end up right where they were when they started their process.  A big screw up that I've done in the past while trying to get in top shape was not eating enough and starving myself.  That only leads to wanting to eat enough food to feed a family.  Not good! and if you get into the habit of eating less during the week and feasting on the weekend you will never progress that way either.  Stay balanced and train your ass off and enjoy the many benefits of being in shape!

My new website is being built this week!  I'll know more details today!


Day 7

food1 300x225 Day 7

Quick stop by Nutrishop and the grocery today

Seven days into my cutting phase and things are going great!  I'm getting used to being hungry now and since my stomach should continue to shrink down hopefully that will start to ease up.  Workouts have been very intense!  I thought I was training my ass off before but I've stepped it up a notch and I've made some solid progress this week so far.  My weight this morning was 217lb that's down another lb.  I'm looking forward to doing my assessment on Saturday to see if any of the numbers have changed.  Yesterday I did some abs and cardio and today was back.  The lower calories and cardio has not effected my strength at all and the goal is for it to stay that way.  Some of the numbers I remember from today were 200lb cable pulldowns and 120lb standing db rows.  A couple of nutritional changes I made today are cutting back a bit on my sodium (just with my seasonings using sodium free now), switching over to gluten free rolled oats, and changing from natural peanut butter to organic almond butter.  Right now my current split that I'm doing is

  • Monday - Chest/Bicep
  • Tuesday - Legs
  • Wednesday - Abs
  • Thursday - Back/Calf
  • Friday - Shoulders/Tricep
  • Saturday - Abs/Calf
  • Sunday - off
food2 225x300 Day 7

Costco trip this past weekend



Mass Gain Shake

The first few years of working out I didn't have much of an appetite to eat several times a day.  I even asked a few of the bigger guys at the gym if there was any type of supplement that I could take to increase my appetite because I was just not ever hungry.  Since I've been getting asked frequently how to overcome this and still be able to gain size I wanted to share one thing that allowed me to put on quality size quick once I started knocking the shakes down daily.  I would have 2-3 of these a day along with 2-3 whole food meals.

melted peanut butter cup shake 400 3 300x277 Mass Gain Shake

  • 2 scoops protein powder
  • 1 banana
  • 1 tbsp natural peanut butter
  • 8-10oz milk
  • 1 cup oats

I would blend it all together and chug it down.  Hope this helps out!