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Workout of the WEEK! ARMS

There will be some new changes to my website!  In my public blog and in my members section there will be several new additions.  On the public side of things one of the new weekly additions is a workout of the week!

qselQplMGRoDIYEWOfWLXENIGsfZXyCuiOzd Workout of the WEEK! ARMSI get asked all the time what I do for my arms and the best way to train them.  Arms is a muscle group that I used to be embarrassed about because when I was 18 years old I had little twigs.  It's also a muscle group that in the first couple years of training didn't take off like the rest of my body did.  So I went from having embarrassing twigs to 18.5 inch arms after several years of dedication to the gym.  Just like with every other muscle group I train to achieve the maximum pump in the muscle.  The nutrient rich blood that fills up your muscle while you train is what will cause GROWTH.  Give this workout a try on your next arm day and I guarantee you will be pumped to the max!  This was yesterday's arm workout!  Directly after arms I did some HIIT cardio.

photo431 Workout of the WEEK! ARMSRest 45 seconds to 90 seconds in between all sets.  Don't forget to drink plenty of water during your workout and in between sets flex and do static holds to increase the pump!

  1. Standing concentration curls - 6x12-15 (sometimes I lose count of how many sets I'm doing because if something feels good and the pump in increasing after each set I will continue on until i feel the need to move on)
    superset with
    cambered bar close grip cable pushdowns - 6x12-15
  2. Cambered bar close grip preacher curls - 4x12-15 +  2 drop sets on last set
    superset with
    seated cambered bar overhead ext - 4x12-15 + 1 drop set on last set
  3. Seated Machine curl - 3x15
    superset with
    rope cable pressdowns - 3x15
  4. Seated Cable Behind the head curls - 3x20
    superset with
    seated dip machine - 3x20
  5. Jacobs Ladder - 5 min
  6. Stair climber - 15 min HIIT - 1 min level 1, 30 sec level 8 back in forth




Questions – 1/10/2013

shoutbox7 300x180493 Questions 1/10/2013Jake
Tyler, does supersetting the same muscle group create more growth? For example, if i super setted Incline DB Bench Press with Incline DB Flys, is that better that if i did them as straight sets and seperate exercises? Like what is the main advantage of supersetting them (aside from saving time)? I know there is more muscle broken down, but what if my rep range it from 8-10, wont it feel like im doing 16-20 reps in the end?
10 January 2013

Tyler - Super setting, tri setting, and giant setting are all intensity techniques.  Anytime you are breaking the muscle down and giving it the proper nutrients and rest afterward you are creating growth.  Using this technique has it's benefits by flushing a lot of blood into the muscle very quickly.  I do incorporate super sets every week and the only down side I would say is that you won't be able to use the same amount of weight as you would for a straight set.  That being said though this is not weight lifting or power lifting and your muscles do not know X amount of pounds you are using.  As long as your are feeling the muscle being taxed you are getting better.  Keeping the muscle confused is the main staple in my training I live by.

Do your work each muscle, exercise and set to failure every time, every workout?
9 January 2013

Tyler - I don't take every set to failure. Some sets I still leave some gas in the tank.  However, Every workout I am taking my muscle to failure.  Hope that makes since.

Im doing a basic bodybuilding split (Chest day, back, shoulder, arms, leg day) 5 days a week. Im trying to put on some mass, so im doing quite a bit of volume with each of these workouts and taking a post workout carb (karbolyn) and BCAA shake. I was just wondering if i should be adjusting the amount of carbs i take pwo depending on the muscle group i work? I'm obviously more taxed after a leg or back day then i am on a shoulder day or arms day... should i still be taking the same amount of pwo karbolyn per workout? Also, some people take karbolyn (and it says on the package) prior or during a workout as well. Would that not cause an insulin spike resulting in fat storage, especially prior to a workout?
9 January 2013

Tyler - You can try something like that on your more taxing days.  I personally don't do that and keep things static.  I've actually gotten away from the use of karbolyne, or gatorade powder and really havn't noticed a difference at all.   You can take it pre workout and during workout.  I've done that in the past as well and I didn't like the way it made me feel at all.  It messed with my pump and I wasn't able to sustain one.  I've read that Leucine spikes your insulin enough to drive the nutrients into your bloodstream post workout.  All that being said what I'm doing now is my BCAA at the gym and 20-30 min later I'll have some whey, then about an hour after that will be a whole food meal consisting of protein and carbs.


Questions – 1/8/2013

shoutbox7 300x180492 Questions 1/8/2013Jamal
When you would ever incporate Machine or Cable work during a workout? When would be a good time do so? My workouts consist of all free weights and i read that using cable exercises could be a good shock for my muscles, especially my shoulders.
7 January 2013

Tyler - I incorporate cable work at any point of my workout.  Beginning, Midway, Or end.  I believe in the muscle confusion principle so I never do the same workout twice because I feel that it's the best way to shock your muscles by doing something different each time you step in the gym.  My suggestion is definitely throw some cable work into your workouts.  For shoulders some of my favorites are behind the back cable one arm laterals, and seated rope face pulls.  Check out my members section if you want full detailed workouts that I do.

Tyler, do you usually cycle of your supplements (i.e. creatine) when doing on a photo shoot? Are there specific supplements you use prior to a photo shoot (short term)?
7 January 2013

Tyler - I stopped creatine use about 5 days before my shoot.  There are no specific supps I use short term prior to a shoot. I didn't use any diuretics for my Jason Ellis shoot.

Hi Tyler, As you know most of the Multi vitamins out their in market have insane dosages of vitamins in them like 10000 IU of vitamin A where RDA of vitamin a is 3000 IU. I just want to know how do you choose Multi for yourself or can you recommend any good Multi.
7 January 2013

Tyler - Most of the sports specific or bodybuilding catered multi vitamins have more in them since our bodies are put through a lot more than the average person.  The recommended dose from the government is for average people that aren't training their ass off in the gym every week.  I suggest going to bodybuilding.com and using one of the top supplement companies version of multi vitamin

When is it best to do use the drop set technique? The last set of the last exercise of the muscle group? Beginning of the workout as a pre exhaustion technique? Last set of ever exercise you do?
5 January 2013

Tyler - You have answered your own question.  My belief is the muscle confusion principle so I say try them all!  See what works best for you and see how your body feels.  I like to do them a couple time throughout the workout and it really just varies on the exercise I pick do them with.  Sometimes it's on the first exercise other times is several exercises.  Check out my  members section for my detailed workouts and you will be able to see exactly how many I do etc for each workout.

Hey Tyler, just want to seek your professional opinion. I just got out of surgery a couple of weeks ago and I can't workout for a month. I am going to be doing TMT-Phase 2 when I get back for the first 4 weeks while waiting for your new e-book to be released. However, do you think I should try to bulk up to make up for the 1 month break or just resume my cutting phase?
1 January 2013

Tyler - That depends on what your trying to do with your body.  I assume that after surgery and being down for a month you might lose weight.  I would get back on a regular eating plan in order to bring your weight back to where it was and the assess the situation from there.  My new ebook will be out very soon!


Questions – 12/30/2012

shoutbox7 300x180491 Questions 12/30/2012John
Will your ebook be free for the members section?
29 December 2012

Tyler - It will be discounted for members

Anyway you could get your ebook out before the new year, it would be a great way to start off the new year with a new program. Thanks
28 December 2012

Tyler - It will be coming out in January for sure. Within the next couple of weeks!

When you join your members section, do you get to see all your previous posts before joining or do you only get to see the posts from the day you join?
28 December 2012

Tyler - Yep you get to see all previous post.  Anything that I have posted you will have access to.

When is your new ebook coming out and is it focused on cutting or bulking?
26 December 2012

Tyler - It's coming out in January within the next couple of weeks!  IMO cutting or bulking is really determined by your diet not really by how you train.  This one is different then my first two though.  There is a beginner section, intermediate section and advanced section.  The advanced section is exactly what I do when I hit the gym.


New Years Resolutioners

63138 261066910685888 253127183 n New Years ResolutionersIt's about to be that time again...a new year...a new you...you are excited about starting a workout routine to lose weight, build size, or whatever it may be.  Every year people set one of their new years resolutions to make it a point to get to the gym.  What tends to happen is they will go for 4-6 weeks or so and fizzle out.  DON'T LET THIS BE YOU!  It's great that you are wanting to change but going into something blindly without a clear cut plan of attack is setting yourself up for FAILURE.  What I see happen is people are so excited about the gym that they think starting off going 5-6 days a week working their ass off is going to be the key to success.  THAT IS THE WRONG way of going about this.  If you don't go to the gym at all or have been going but things get lackluster through the holiday season then why jump into something not knowing anything and what will happen is that you will burn out.  The only way you are going to get the body you desire is making this a lifestyleThere are no short cuts, no fad diets, and no magic pills that will substitute the amount of LONG term work you have to be willing to put in.  If you are just starting out I suggest going to the gym just 1-2 times a week for the first 3-4 weeks.  Once you hit the 3-4 week mark add another day and so on.  Gradually increasing your workout load is the key to success and making this a habit not just a hopeful quick fix.  You need to take the time and put forth the effort into clean and healthy eating rather than having the mindset that you need to be going to the gym almost every day of week to start off with.  Remember YOU CAN'T OUTWORK A POOR DIET.  You will be surprised at the progress you can make by just changing your eating habits and slowly work yourself into a 5-6 day workout regimen.  So good luck to each and every one of you that plans on starting a workout plan in order to get the body you have always desired to have and to everyone else that this is already your lifestyle keep up the hard work and keep the progression rolling!!

Quick Tips:

  • Make a plan
  • Gradually work yourself up to going several days a week
  • Do your research!
  • Keep a journal
  • Take progress pictures
  • Take measurements
  • Do monthly or weekly weigh ins
  • Enjoy the process and make it a lifestyle habit

Questions – 12/16/2012

shoutbox questions

Tyler, thank you for the Ebooks. Not only other people at work and the gym seeing striking new results in my physique it also makes working out more interesting for me. I am looking forward to your next Ebook.
15 December 2012

Tyler - Thanks! new ebook coming soon!

Hey Tyler, the other day i came down on my hand pretty bad. I believe it's a bone bruise but could be a hairline fracture in my palm (i used my palm to break my fall and the right hand landed on a corner of a rod). The day after it happend, i hit the gym like usual and i was doing Barbell Bench Press... i noticed that due to the pain in my palm i could only lift about 70% of my 6 rep max before my hand and wrist started to feel weak. The same goes for Military Press. I was on a strength gain cycle and only doing compound movements at low reps (6-8)... wha do you suggest i do in the mean time while it heals?
12 December 2012

Tyler - Sorry to hear that! If working out is causing too much pain then you will have to take time off and let it heal. Otherwise it might not heel correctly if you continue to put stress on it.  If you able to do other exercises besides pressing movements that won't put pressure on it then I would do that until you are able to fully do everything again.  good luck and hope you have a speedy recovery

Hey, I'm interested in following your TMT workouts. Just wanted to ask if the two programs would be good for bulking purposes (I'd like to gain more muscle first, then sculpt the abs). Thanks.
9 December 2012

Tyler - TMT-PHASE 2 is more geared towards gaining lean mass.  If you are a member of my website then all of the workouts that are posted in the workout logs are all geared to gaining size.


November Recap!

32 November Recap!

11/7/2012 - shot by Jason Ellis

What's up everyone! It's been a while since I've posted on here and wanted to give some quick updates of what's been going on in my life.  First off my shoot with Jason Ellis on November 7th went PERFECT!  I've gotten back all of the images and they are by far my BEST work I've EVER done!  I had been working with Tad the Diet Coach for about 6 months and he prepared me for that shoot as well.  I've never been in that type of condition and I have Tad to thank for that guiding me and pushing me harder than I ever would have on my own.  That last week or so was pretty rough but it was all well worth it!  I will be randomly posting new images up from that shoot soon.  After my shoot was over I didn't waste any time and was in the gym training the day after.  I took a few days off from my diet then was back on it up until Thanksgiving week.  I traveled up to VA to spend it with my family and friends and had a great time.  My birthday was also that week and I turned 28 years old.  It's hard for believe that I've now been training and trying to improve my physique for 9 years! (should be 10 years since I started at age 18 but minus the year of living in NYC when I was 24).  During the holiday week I got to train with my old training partners natural pro Matt Liller, and Ben Bowles (which will be competing very soon himself).  We had some really good training sessions and the day after thanksgiving we trained back and as the last exercise we did dead lifts.  I hit 500lb for 2 reps then dropped down to 315lb for 25.  After having some intense workouts and quite a few drinks for my birthday celebration then a 9hr road trip back to Nashville (only supposed to take 7.5 hrs but traffic was crazy) it took me a few days to recover from that trip...must be that I'm getting old lol.  This past week getting back into the swing of things I could tell my body was worn down and beat up and by Thursday I had lost my motivation and could tell something was off with my body.  So I decided to take off a full 3 days from the gym and it was the best decision I could've made.  It's now Monday and I'm ready to get back after it and train my ass off again!  Never underestimate the importance of rest and recovery.  If you start to feel burnt out or just lacking the motivation take a few days off.  I think if I would've continued on and not taken some time off I would have pushed my body into an over trained state which you can't continue to make progress when your body is fighting you back and craving rest.  During my days off I didn't do anything fitness related and tried to keep my mind off of training and diet altogether.  I've started working with a sports massage therapist in November as well.  Every 2 weeks I'll be getting deep tissue and fascia stretching therapy done.  Since my chest is an area that has been my main focus to bring up for the past year I've been getting the facia stretching done every session.  It's a painful 90 minutes but I can already tell a difference in how my muscles are firing and training hard week after week takes a toll on you and being able to fix minor aches and pains has been a HUGE plus!  As for my workouts I've kept the volume high and I feel that is the only way to train!  Every workouts is anywhere from 20-30 total working sets.

bicep November Recap!

11/28/2012 screenshot from members section arm video

In a couple days bodybuilding.com will be announcing the top 20 for the upcoming spokemodel search contest.  I want to thank everyone that took the time to vote for me throughout the month of November!  Hopefully you guys got me into the top 20 and shortly after that they will announce the top 5 around December 15.  If I do make the top 20 I'm going to go ahead and start up my cutting phase again just to be on the safe side.

Also you want to follow my daily workouts and nutrition logs check out my members blog which is updated daily.  Also starting last week there will be weekly videos!

turnup November Recap!

11/30/2012 - "love the life you live. live the life you love." - Bob Marley


10 Days Out!

First off I want to apologize to the people that actually used the shout box for the correct reasons.  I have decided to take it down since some people can't respect what the shout box is there for.  So if you have any questions that you would normally ask on the shout box feel free to post it on my facebook page

ironman1 10 Days Out!


With just 10 more days to go this final push will not only be exciting but also very tough.  Keep in mind when the going gets tough you have a choice to either give up and live with the what ifs and regret or push through the pain and be confident that all the sacrifice and hard work will be rewarded.  My energy levels fluctuate day to day and even though I'm still eating quite a bit of food the no days off from cardio really starts to take a toll on your body.  For the past 5 weeks I have been doing 2 cardio sessions seven days a week.  Just this past Wednesday it got bumped up to two 45 minute sessions to make sure I get rid of this last bit of fat.  What I wanted to touch on real quick is that I'm sure some of you have read that the only way to get shredded and dry is to restrict yourself from sodium 24/7 follow low to no carbs and you can't supplement with creatine mono because it will bloat.  I'm here to tell you all of that is BULLSHIT.  I eat a shit ton of sodium, lots of carbs, and take 10g of creatine mono everyday.  I attest being able to do this by following a high volume weight training program and no skipping out on cardio sessions along with following a meal plan and never missing meals since the start of this past May.  My training has been INTENSE through this whole process and I havn't lost any strength at all.  I fly out from Nashville on November 6th and I shoot with Jason Ellis on Wednesday, Bill Comstock on Thursday, and Sonny Tong on Friday.  The shoot with Jason will take place at a gym in Orange County and on Thursday I'll get to shoot on Venice beach if the weather permits and Gold's Gym Venice afterward!  Friday's shoot with Sonny is for commercial/fashion style shots and that will be in OC as well. I'm extremely excited and I can't wait to get out there since I havn't been to Cali in 4 years!

After doing a lot of thinking on where I want to take my career within the fitness industry I have decided that I will be competing again in 2013.  Yesterday I registered for the 2013 BODYSPACE Spokesmodel Search PRESENTED BY IRON MAN MAGAZINE. Voting starts November 1st so I'm going to need EVERYONE'S help voting daily to get me in the top 20..I REALLY WANT TO COMPETE IN THIS!! I'll be posting the links up to vote once it starts up! The online voting will be for the whole month of November.  If I make it into the top 20 then a judging panel will decide who the top 5 are that will get to compete in person January 19th at the LA Fit Expo.  So if that doesn't happen then my next plan of attack will be do decide which NPC Physique show I'll do and try to work my way up to get a pro card this upcoming year.  All of that being said means I'm going to keep my shape I'm in now at least until I see if I make the top 20 and then by December 15 they will announce the top 5.  If I don't get the opportunity to compete in the Spokesmodel search then I will have a short "offseason" like I was having before my prep for these shoots to gain some size and continue to make improvements to my weak areas and target my first physique competition.



PHASE2 TMT PHASE TWO NOW AVAILABLE!!Towards the end of TMT-PHASE ONE I started to crave the feeling of lifting heavier weights.  Now before I go into any further detail I want to address that the words heavier weight is a relative term.  Meaning your muscles don’t know X amount of poundage that your lifting so that being said I NEVER WANT YOU TO SACRIFICE YOUR FORM FOR TRYING TO MOVE TOO MUCH WEIGHT.  As you will see this program is designed to increase strength and really target those fast twitch muscle fibers for the first 4 weeks.  It has been years since I’ve done this low of repetitions and I was curious to see what would happen and the result was getting stronger and my muscles got thicker so be ready to beat the shit out of your body but please be careful.  The low rep schemes on certain lifts does not mean that you want to throw form out the window and lose focus of the target muscle.  Keep in mind this is still a bodybuilding program and not a powerlifting contest.  One of the goals here is to increase your strength during the first 4 weeks by getting a feel for the heavier weight so once weeks 5-8 roll around you should be able to use heavier weights for the higher rep sets that you were not able to use before.  The reason for only doing low reps heavier weight for 4 week is to let your joints rest and heal up because you can’t continuously try to push your body with maximum poundage and stay healthy.  You don’t want to be sidelined with an injury that will keep you out of the gym.  Even though Cycle 1 is geared towards moving the poundage up and gaining strength each week there are still intensity techniques involved to flush as much blood into the muscle so you are guaranteed to get great pumps!  For cycle 2, the purpose is to volumize the muscle with higher reps and target the slow twitch muscle fibers.  You will not only get great pumps but also your muscle endurance will really be tested during this phase.  More supersets and giant sets are involved during this cycle so be prepared to mentally have to push past the pain of the lactic acid build up.  The more lactic acid build up equals a larger amount of growth hormone released! So without further ado welcome to TMT-PHASE TWO!



Finally feeling normal again…

stress Finally feeling normal again...My life has been crazy hectic the past two weeks.  I managed to travel to Philly and had a blast with my friend Anthony.  My relationship ended as soon as I got back.  I moved into my new place, launched my members section and still had to put the finishing touches on TMT-PHASE 2 ebook all while still having to get all of my workouts in.  Cook all my food, train my clients, and work on online clients programs...it's been just a little stressful for me but eh I'd rather have a shit load of stuff to do then have nothing to do at all.  There was a time in my life when I was living in NYC and going through my depression phase that I had absolutely nothing going on.  I was living in a little shoe box in east village with a crazy roomate that was on drugs and partied almost every night of week.  Here I am all depressed dealing with food issues feeling sorry for myself  WAITING for something to happen for me instead of grabbing life by the balls and going after it myself.  NYC is the perfect place to make shit happen too but I was just in the wrong mindset at the time.  My priorities were fucked up and I was just lost in life.  Fast forward back to now...since all of this stuff has been going on it's been hard for my mind to shut off at night and I havn't been sleeping so the past two nights I've started taking ZMA again and it has helped me sleep like a rock.  I was feeling pretty shitty all of this week up until today and mentally I havn't had that same focus that I usually have during my workouts where I just feel like an animal in the gym.  Monday's workout was really good but Tuesday I lost focus and even today's back workout wasn't that great.  I think another good night of rest and I'll be right back where I need to be mentally tomorrow.

So all of that being said there has been a short delay on the release of TMT-PHASE TWO.  It will not be released on Monday the 17th.  I have 10 new workout videos that will be coming out weekly that go along with the book.  Starting next week in my members section will be my daily workout logs so you can follow along exactly what I'm doing for that day cardio included to get me prepared for my upcoming shoots.