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Under 7 week out UPDATE

541319 3359031948406 1426629063 n Under 7 week out UPDATEThis morning I got up knocked out my 30 minutes of cardio on the stair climber.  After that I pretty much felt drained and out of it for most of the day.  I took the day off from weights and in between clients and client calls I managed to get a 30 minute nap in that was a life saver.  I was thinking to myself it's too early to start feeling this shitty lol considering I havn't even started my diet yet.  Cutting starts next Wednesday!  I will be posting my diet up on my members section.  The plan is to cut hard from the start then fill out leading up to the shoot.  EVERYTHING will be posted in the members blog.  I'm definitely not looking forward to feeling like shit all the time but the worse you feel usually the better you look lol.  It'll all be worth it though.  It's been over 2 years since my last shoot and I've NEVER gave a photo shoot 100 percent effort in prep so I can't wait to see the end result.  I've got a videographer that will be filming my workouts and lifestyle type of videos when I'm a couple weeks out from my shoots.

Yesterday was arm day and since I got such a ridiculous pump last week I decided to do the exact workout to see if the same pump would happen.  AND IT DID! That is by far one of my favorite arm workouts so definitely give that one a try and I guarantee your arms will be ballooned up! (workout posted in members blog) Tomorrow is Back day and the plan is to add some hamstrings at the end.  I'm skipping morning cardio and I'm going to run outside tomorrow afternoon.  That will most likely be one of the last time I run outside since I'll be keeping everything LOW INTENSITY starting next week.  I just won't have the energy to do that type of cardio with the calorie reduction.  One good thing about calorie reduction is a cheaper grocery bill lol.  Everyone keep it up!


Consistency of doing the right shit is key!

july26 Consistency of doing the right shit is key!

7/26/2012 - I got to get 20 minutes of Sun today out back on my deck

"You string a bunch of days of quality, efficient action together, and you can be successful." - Kai Greene

That quote was taken from an article that I just read tonight and to me it couldn't have been said any better.  This is the number one reason I'm able to continuously make progress.  As I've said before consistency is key but it's consistency of doing the right shit that is key.  I had a discussion with one of my clients last night during our session and she is the type of person that always tells me that she wants this or wants that.  For example she wants a firmer and more shapely ass, better hamstrings, tighter midsection but her biggest obstacle is not being able to put the amount of work, sacrifice, and dedication to obtain these goals.  Nutrition and social drinking is her set back and I told her last night that she would be surprised at what she would look like if she just dedicated herself to burning the fat off.  Her response was that her nutrition was better and that during the week she eats healthy but on the weekends she eats whatever.  That's takeing one step forward but two steps back.  YOU CANNOT OUTWORK A POOR DIET.  I'm going to stop rambling on about this because I think you get the point that there are no shortcuts, no magic supplements you can take, and no other substitute for being consistent with doing the right shit day in and day out.

Some other news is that I'm in the process of setting up to shoot in South Africa!  Photographer Louis Botha and I have been in contact pretty much ever since I got started and we are finally going to make this happen!  I'm very excited and I'll be skyping with him this weekend to start the planning process but we are most likely going for the first week of November!

TMT-Phase 2 is coming together nicely! What I've designed thus far looks great on paper but I won't actually know if it's worth a damn until I start to apply it to myself next week.  I will give random updates of how that is going.  It will be a 12 week program again but like I said before it's TOTALLY DIFFERENT than phase one.  An update about my members section is that my webmaster is on vacation right now visiting family in Cali and he will be back to work on Monday so I'll know more and hopefully I can have a date by next week of when it will get started.  This weekend for my big cheat feast my girlfriend and I are going to Nashville's number 1 BBQ place.  It's called Jack's BBQ and if you know anything about TN we are known for BBQ.  I havn't had some BBQ in a while so I'm definitely looking forward to that after I trash my final cycle 3 ARM workout on Saturday.  Some new music that I've been listening to at the gym is the new Lloyd Banks mixtape called A6, new Mike Will singles from his latest mixtape, and new Rick Ross album God Forgives I Don't.  For today's workout though it was all of the band called Blindside..I was in a rock mood and it was getting me pretty hyped up.  Everyone have a great weekend!



Past 5 Days

motivation 300x300 Past 5 Days5 days in a row of workouts and my body is officially worn out.  Since Brian was in town I wanted to take him through all muscle groups except the only one we didn't hit together was quads.  Here is a rundown of what we did the past 5 days.. We used a lot of different techniques with partials,negatives,high reps,low reps, pre-exhaust,super sets,fst-7.

  • Friday - Chest/Biceps
  • Saturday - Hamstrings/Calf
  • Sunday - Back
  • Monday - Abs/Shoulders/Calf
  • Tuesday - Arms

I have a slow day with clients so I'm going to use this time to just recover.  I speak with Hany on Friday to find out what the game plan is now that I have to be prepared to shoot within 4-6 weeks so I know everything is about to get kicked into high gear.  I can't wait to see what the final product looks like and I'll post more once I know more of when I'm going to NYC etc.  One thing I know that will change is no more cheat meals until I'm done with my shoots.  On a different note the weather has been awesome here and I'm hoping this spring weather is here to stay!weather 200x300 Past 5 Days


Questions 3/7/2012

shoutbox7 300x1809 Questions 3/7/2012Angel
hey tyler i tried not taking any pre workout drink my last workout, and i found myself very tired and fatigued during the workout? whats ur best advice to keep energy levels up without taking tge pre work out stuff? also what pre workout supp worked best for u?
7 March 2012

Tyler - If you have been taking a stim based pre-workout supplement then it can take a week or so before you will lose the lethargic feeling since your adrenal glands are getting back to normal.  My suggestion is just to cycle off for 4-8 weeks and then once you take them again it'll be like you've never taken it before.  My favorite pre-workout supplements have been Stimulant based - superpump max, non stim - Evogen EVP.

Tyler my man, what exercises do you do typically do for hamstrings, I feel I do alot more quad exercies than hamstring ones when leg day comes around!
7 March 2012

Tyler - Try splitting them up and training quads one day and hams later in the week. Here was my most recent Ham workout

  • Lying leg curls - 4x8-12
  • Seated leg curls - 4x8-12
  • Deadlifts - 135x10,225lbx10,315lbx20,405lbx10,405lbx8,315lbx15
  • Standing One leg curl - 4x12-15 superset standing calf raise
  • one leg leg press calf raise - 4x12

Hey Tyler, can I take protein powder without a liquid or is it less effective?
7 March 2012

Tyler - No as long as your ingesting it it doesn't matter if you use liquid or not....but how are you going to be taking it? just eating the powder?

Tyler, why you were "filling out" with Hany's program, approximiately how many carbs were you taking in on you carb up day and how little did you take on your carb down days? Also, how did you cycle it? i.e. 3 low 1 high? Im working on putting on size but i find i tend to begin looking smooth and bloated if i eat moderate to high carbs everyday.
6 March 2012

Tyler - My carbs are still very high right now.  I'll be posting my daily food logs again once my members section launches so you will be able to follow my exact diet every day.

Hey McPeak!!! You offer so much value... I would love to offer something back. Maybe I can help you out with your marketing? Beyond that... I have a question regarding your lean-gains/warrior diet you did a few months back. i've been on it for about 4 month. i'm starting to look ripped but seem to have dropped in appearance? weight is the same, but I seem to look smaller.. what are your thoughts? thanks bud.
6 March 2012

Tyler - Lean-gains wasn't good for my body.  It sounds like your muscles are just extremely flat.  I had the same problem when I did that I thinned out quick.  Not sure what to tell you other than I didn't like it and I would never go back to it.  I prefer 6 meals a day and keeps my muscles full constantly.

hey ty i am 6'4" and have pretty well defined muscle due to my ectomorph body. i am not strictly ectomorph. i need to gain mass while keeping my definition. Where would be a good spot to start following your workouts? i love your physique and would like to get very close to that. great job btw and keep it up!
6 March 2012

Tyler - Any of my workouts I've posted since September 2011 till now would be good.  They are all designed for strength and mass gain.

Hey T, You plan on bringing back rap beats into your videos again? That was dope!
5 March 2012

Tyler - appreciate it..but I doubt it..I don't have the time anymore to put into that.

Hey Tyler... I started my cut 2 weeks ago today at 190 I am already 185. Do you think I might be losing weight to fast? I am eating 6 whole food meals a day and doing cardio every day. I am afraid that I am going to lose the muscle I worked hard to put on over the last year. Do you think I should cut down on the cardio?
5 March 2012

Tyler - First off 5lb in 2 weeks isn't too bad because usually people will lose quick in the beginning when your losing some of that water weight at first.  As long as your strength is staying the same and not decreasing then that is a clear sign that your holding onto your muscle.  That being said I do suggest cutting down on the cardio and giving your body two days rest during the week.



standard 261x300 Hams/Calf

Paul Reitz - NYC December 5 2010

Yesterday was by far the most intense hamstring session I think I've ever had.  I told myself once I got home that I need to be training my hamstrings that hard every single week.   For the past 6 months I've consistently done stiff leg deadlifts but after reading and watching several different videos I decided to just do traditional deadlifts for high reps because in the higher reps is when your hamstrings and glutes get recruited the most.  So after I did my leg curls I made it over to the deadlift area and my friend Dion from the gym was training back so he linked up with me on deads.  So my whole concept of doing high reps got thrown out the window for 2 sets lol.  This guy is a monster he's around 260 my height and ripped.  It was definitely motivational for me to train with him.  My first set with 315lb for 20 reps shot my heart rate up through the roof and my whole body was feeling crazy at that point.  He knocked his set out no straps for 12 reps.  I rested for 2 minutes then asked him if he wanted to do another plate.  At 405lb I got 10 reps.  Then another set for 8. After that he moved on and I dropped it back down to 315lb for 15 reps.  Needless to say my hams and lower back are trashed today along with my rear traps.  Here is my complete day of workouts

  1. 8am - 45 minutes cardio
  2. 2:30pm - Hams/Calf
  3. 4:30pm - 25 min dog walk..very slow
  • Lying leg curls - 4x8-12
  • Seated leg curls - 4x8-12
  • Deadlifts - 135x10,225lbx10,315lbx20,405lbx10,405lbx8,315lbx15
  • Standing One leg curl - 4x12-15 superset standing calf raise
  • one leg leg press calf raise - 4x12

In my members section there will be posts like this with even more detail every day of my workouts.



Trashed Quads!

membersectionscreen 300x87 Trashed Quads!

Screenshots from yesterdays workout video for Members Section

After taking a 4 week hiatus from supplementation yesterday was the first day I started taking them again and I'm doing things a little differently.  Yesterday had a great workout and the whole thing was filmed for my members section.  Today was leg day but my schedule was pressed for time so I only had time for quads and I completely trashed them.  They were giving out on me when I was leaving the gym.  I think partly it's due to the supplements and partly due to the fact that I ate a 14" inch mushroom and pepperoni pizza last night  icon smile Trashed Quads!   FINALLY found a good pizza spot here in Nashville.  Up until last night anytime I would get pizza it was a failure. So I'll either be training hams here in a couple of hours or do them tomorrow on my scheduled day off.  I'll be uploading my new shoulder workout video tomorrow so make sure to check that out!

425306 178832035560500 163846577059046 270340 1458663731 n 225x300 Trashed Quads!

5 Points Pizza



WORKOUT13 300x1201171 Quad/HamHere is the leg workout from Wednesday.  It was a good one and it hurts to stand and sit now lol.  I didn't get to try the blood starving sets since I had a workout partner but will be getting more into detail later on in a video.

1- leg ext (2x20 warmup) 4x10-12
2- leg press 4x10-12
3- squats - 3x10-12 1x20
4- barbell walking lunges 4x20 steps
5- db stiff leg deadlifts 3x12
6- lying leg curls 3x12
7- seated leg curls 3x12 (pause 2 seconds on each contraction)
all quad sets rest 2 min in b/w and hamstring rest 1 min in b/w



So after the long awaited back order from Best Buy I received another email from them on Monday saying that my order had been canceled because Canon was no longer making that model.  I went out to the store today and picked up the Canon Vixia HFR21 and I can't wait to film my first workout video in HD.  I think you guys will definitely be able to tell a difference in the quality.  I'll be filming another video next week.

backjan29 225x300 HD COMING SOON!

Back - Jan 29 - 218lb in the morning and 223lb at night

Monday I took off from weight and Tuesday Ron and I hit some chest.  We did the same workout that I posted last week and even though I felt like mentally I wasn't 100 percent in my workout yesterday my chest is still sore today.  That's a clear sign to me that it was still a productive workout.  Today I'm training Quads and Hams and it's going to be brutal.  I'll be posting the workout later on.  My schedule got switched around with my clients today so I have to hit the gym later than usual.  Part of the workout today I'll be trying out a new technique called "blood starving sets" which I'll explain and get into more detail later on.

cam 225x300 HD COMING SOON!



  1. WORKOUT13 300x12025 LEGS/ABS/CardioDB Bench Step Ups - 3x12 each leg
  2. Smith Machine Squats - 4x10-12 one drop set to 20 on last set
  3. Leg Ext superset Lying Leg curl - 3x15 one drop set on each on last set
  4. DB Walking Lunges - 20 steps each way total of 40 steps did this 3 sets
  5. Leg Press - Hany Rambod technique - added a plate each set to pyramid up then pyramid down no breaks - 10,20,30,20,25,20 this was by far the most painful leg press technique I have ever done.
  6. Standing Calve Raise superset weighted sit ups - 3x20
  7. Cardio - dog walk 30 minutes

Extremely intense workout.  I'm still not feeling right as I'm typing this.  I'm off to make a Costco trip now and stop by AT&T on the way back to switch from my Iphone to a Blackberry.  Hope everyone had a great weekend!


-Workout- LEGS/Cardio

No other day like leg day.  I biked to the gym to get my knee's nice and warmed up despite the bad weather.  I made it back just it time after my workout because it started to rain on me on the way home.  Here is the workout

  1. Stiff Leg Deadlifts - 4x12 1 warm up set for 20
  2. Squats - 3x12 - one set of 20. these are done constant. lighter weight i only did 135 but no pauses it continuous up and down.
  3. Stationary DB Lunges - 3x12
  4. Leg Press superset lying leg curls - 3x12
  5. Seated Calve Raises - 4x12
  6. Run 2 miles in 14minutes
  7. stairclimber 5 minutes

Here is a couple of digitals that i took just now.  All of the extra food has definitly filled me out and my muscles fill very tight and full even when i'm not pumped.  My pumps have been insane! I'm weighing 205 in the am.