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80 Days Out & Feeling Good!

aug18obey 80 Days Out & Feeling Good!

A couple shots of vodka in me before heading out to an Italian feast!

Let the count down begin!  I'm now at 80 days till my shoots and I'm starting to slowly change a few things.  One change is that I'm downsizing my cheats.  Reason for this is that I want to make this process on myself of getting super shredded as easy as possible.  I'm back to my 45 minute rule where I have to be done with everything within 45 minutes and be done for the night.. The past couple weekends I kinda threw that rule out the window lol.  My Wednesday clean cheat will now take place during the day and it will be the same every week.  2 homemade hamburgers on whole wheat bread.  I picked up a pack of frozen sirloin patties and a big bag of whole wheat buns from Costco yesterday.  So the change there is that Wednesday won't be a huge feast anymore either.  The more I think about these upcoming shoots the more excited I get!  I can't believe it's been 2 years since I've been in front of the camera.  I think another thing that is really exciting me is that I'm taking matters into my own hands and controlling my own destiny by doing the type of pictures I WANT and feel that I NEED to help reach my goals within the fitness industry.  These pictures are going to be just FITNESS pictures.  The possibility of me going to South Africa to shoot is still on the table but that will take place in 2013.  So for right now my sole focus is on my upcoming November shoots.

salverinos 300x300 80 Days Out & Feeling Good!

Cheat meal last night was at Savarino's which was featured on Food Network's show Triple D..(one of my favorite food porn shows lol)

TMT-PHASE Two has been great thus far!  I have one more week of cycle 1 then I switch over to the final 4 weeks for Cycle 2!  I have consistently gotten DOMS after every workout so that is a clear sign that these workouts are just as good as Phase 1 despite being set up totally different.  My strength is definitely increasing and for one example my first week I did 105lb for my last set of standing straight bar curls, the second week I did 115lb and yesterday I cranked out 125lb! As the book release gets closer I will start to reveal more information and go into further detail of what TMT-PHASE TWO has to offer.  But like I said in a previous post be ready to beat the shit out of your body with heavier weights and get ready to increase your STRENGTH!

This upcoming weekend is my PHILLY TRIP!  I'm very excited to get up there and hang out with my boy Anthony!  I texted him earlier this week and asked if it was cool that we stay on my training schedule and he was up for it so we will be training Shoulders Friday and Arms Saturday. This will be my last weekend of partying/drinking until I'm done with my shoots. I'm finally able to update my facebook page through my iPhone again.  The new facebook app doesn't allow it so I researched some about it yesterday and realized you have to dload a page manager app to be able to update it.  So there will be plenty of pictures of my traveling this upcoming weekend!

aug19cardio 300x300 80 Days Out & Feeling Good!

Great cardio session.. 30 min incline treadmill on 15% and speed at 3.4 keeping heart rate at 135-140 today's cardio music was
Afrojack - funk with me
Kaskade - only you
Afrojack - replica
Bingo players - mode
Swedish house mafia - you (vocal mix)


A typical Sunday for me

lazysunday A typical Sunday for me

Enjoyed my lazy Sunday but I'm ready to get back to work tomorrow!

Every Sunday is pretty much the same for me.  It's the only day of the week that my body allows me to sleep in and the reason being is because of the huge cheat meals I have every Saturday.  Today my day got started at 9:45am and as soon as I got up I did the treadmill for 30 minutes of low intensity cardio.  I kept the speed on 3.8 and incline on 10.0-12.0 the whole time keeping my heart rate at 130.  I used to take Sunday completely off from everything but for the past 2 weeks I've switched my morning cardio schedule around to always do a session after my cheat from the previous night.  By the time I finished cardio, took a shower, and ate my first meal it was around 10:45am.  After that I got online and checked emails and all of the sites I go to every day for updates and downed a couple cups of black coffee.  Occasionally on Sunday's I'll have 1 or 2 clients that want to train with me but today I didn't have any.  I laid out on the back deck for about 20 minutes then around 12:15pm took the dogs for a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood.  We have a route that we do that is basically a big square and since my schedule during the week hardly ever allows them to get walked they get there walks during the weekends.  Once we got back it was time for meal number 2 then had to make a grocery trip.  After that I went to the farmers market to pick up a couple things then it was back to the house for food prep time.  Besides all of that I do some reading/studying and I ended up getting a 30 min nap in as well.  So that is a typical rundown of a lazy Sunday for me.

576205 356502674427794 1437542969 n 300x300 A typical Sunday for me




photo1511 TMT PHASE 2 WEEK 2 DONE!

PROGRESS - 8/8/2012 “Talent is cheap; dedication is expensive. It will cost you your life.”- Irving Stone

Another productive kick ass week of workouts.  This week was even better than week 1 since all the kinks were worked out and the tweaks I had to make worked out perfectly.  Phase 2 is set up differently then phase 1.  There are still 3 cycles and it's still periodization but it's just different. This week I ended up only doing 1 HIIT session that was 5 minutes of 1 min jump rope followed by 20 lying leg raises back in forth 5 times. Then finished off with 5 minutes of stair climber at levels 7.0 and worked up to 9.0.  This morning for my usual treadmill empty stomach work I switched it up a bit and incorporated some light jogging.  5 minutes I walked on an incline of 12.0 then 5 minutes jogged on an incline of 5.0. Speeds were for 3.8 for walking and 5.5 for jogging.  It made my 30 minutes fly by so I might start doing that a couple times a week to see how my body responds..always keeping my heart rate at 130-140. Today to finish the week off strong was ARM DAY and my friends Brian M. and Andy W. joined. Andy told me that he came close to throwing up at one point and Brian texted me after we were done and home and said "Mother Fucker...I'm beat" lol.  Needless to say it was a SICK workout and all of our arms were pumped to the max!

Today I was just thinking some random thoughts and I am very happy with my decision to wait and shoot at the start of the new year.  I really want to make a statement with my next pictures that I do since I havn't been in front of the camera since 2010.  These are going to be solely fitness shots and I plan on looking freaky!  Giving my body this much time to make improvements I feel is going to pay off HUGE and the bottom line is I'm in no rush right now to get new pictures taken.. I want the timing to be right and I want to look better than ever!  Like I've said in previous post I'm finally starting to look the way that I've always envisioned myself when I first got started in everything.

photo152 1024x1024 TMT PHASE 2 WEEK 2 DONE!

CHEAT MEAL! 8/11/2012

Tonight was my cheat meal night and like usual I toar up some food!  I had some Popeyes chicken..a  3 piece and a biscuit with a small serving of mashed potatos. Then about an hour after that I had  2 home made cheese steak sandwiches. For desert I had some pancakes with nutella and banana on top icon smile TMT PHASE 2 WEEK 2 DONE!   To get a little buzz going I had a couple Irish Car Bombs..one of my favorites!

Very proud and happy with one of my new online weight loss clients Norman! Here is his stats he's only been working with me for 4 weeks and I DON'T STARVE MY CLIENTS He's had trouble with eating all the food that's on the plan.  Just like all of my clients he gets a BIG cheat every week too. That being said It pisses me off when trainers starve their clients..hell anyone can lose weight if you starve them. THAT IS NOT HEALTHY! Back to Norman though..he's kicking ass! great job thus far but we have more work to do!

Weight Tracker
Starting weight: 269
Weight after week 1: 262.6
Weight after week 2: 260
Weight after week 3: 255.9
Weight after week 4: 252.2
Total weight lost: 16.8Measurement Tracker
Starting: waist 44, hips 44
After week 1: waist 43, hips 43
After week 2: waist 43, hips 43
After week 3: waist 42, hips 42.5
After week 4: waist 41, hips 42
Total inches lost: waist 3 inches, hips 2 inches


Screenshot for future TMT-PHASE 2 workout video!






After taking all day off yesterday except for my morning 30 minute walk I got some quality rest and was ready to crush it today!  Today was BACK training of TMT-PHASE 2 and it was SICK but I will have to make a couple tweaks on this one to make it just right.  Since the additions of food my body is responding great and I'm slowly filling out while maintaining my level of body fat.  Today at the gym I weighed myself (which I never do I usually weigh first thing in the morning empty stomach) and it said 224lb!  Granted that is after 3 meals and with my gym clothes on but I wasn't expecting that number lol.  Last night was the start of Clean Cheat Wednesday's!  Every Wednesday I'll be having a clean cheat meal and I'll post what that will consist of every week.  Last night I had Whole wheat waffles, Whole wheat pancakes, and 2 natural peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on whole wheat.  Another addition to my new training program is twice a week I'll be adding some HIIT cardio.  Nothing crazy just 10 minutes directly after my workout on days that I don't do AM cardio.  So that'll give me a total of about 2.5hrs of cardio a week.  The reason I'm adding this in is just to experiment and see how my body responds.  Plus it'll be a fun interesting addition.  I'll post all of my HIIT sessions on here as well twice a week.  Today I did:

  1. Jump Rope 1 Minute
  2. 30 seconds Russian Twist (lying on the floor balancing yourself on your ass twisting fast back in forth)
  3. Repeat back in for for 5 rounds
  4. Stair Climber 3 minutes level 8.0 (my legs to a crazy ass pump just from being on there 3 minutes)

"Change is essential for growth, and change is inevitable for all of us in many forms.  Institute change in your life or workouts to get rid of stagnation and move to more rarefied air.  Seek out change.  Become comfortable with change and welcome it, for whenever something dies there is also a birth.  Life demands that we constantly let go and adapt.  Hanging on can slow your journey and personal progress.  I want you to take the approach that change is a springboard to higher ground.  When you program your mind this way, you will immediately find the gifts that change brings.  Sometimes it just takes a minute to get your mind focused on the new abundance, and off of what you've been trained to knee-jerk and perceive as a loss.  It is a choice you make in your heart, for that is where you find your beliefs and your future.  Change your programming and change your destiny.  Meanwhile, enjoy the journey." - Kevin Levrone


Keep it 100!

KEEP 227x300 Keep it 100!

7/5/2012 - KEEP IT 100

Another cycle 3 AKA TERROR WEEK! is almost complete!  This has been one painful week!  Keep in mind that the pain that you have to go through is well worth the results that follow!  It really will push your mind,heart, lungs and muscular endurance to a whole new level!  Cycle 3 definitely takes a lot out of you and it did just that this week.  I got footage of all of my workouts so there will be all new videos coming out next week!  I can’t wait to blow up my arms today and feast tonight!   A few days ago I posted that I had made a change in doing my cardio completely covered up in a full sweat shirt and sweat pants along with a ab sweat belt.  Well after I reached out to someone that I highly respect I quickly changed my mind and went back to just wearing a tshirt and shorts this IFITHURTS 150x150 Keep it 100!morning.  He is a top level NPC National bodybuilder that is known for his insane conditioning.  He told me that he hadn’t done much research on it himself but the fact that your depleting your body of valuable minerals excessively will cause your muscles to not perform at their maximum level.  Also our bodies naturally have mechanisms to cause ourselves to heat up so speeding that process up by being covered up isn’t for optimal health. H also said you actually want to start off cold because your body has to work harder to heat it up which that equals burning more.  The reason for me reaching out to him was that this week I began to feel very depleted and lethargic and I noticed that my cardio was starting to feel extremely hard which it never does considering it’s low intensity incline treadmill walk.

faucet 300x225 Keep it 100!

After only 1 rotation of Cycle 3 Quad day sweat was pouring off like a faucet!

I figured my body was just a little worn out or it was a part of the low carb blues lol…but after this morning’s session and all day today I felt like a new person.  Not depleted and drained etc…so I apologize for misguiding anyone or making you feel like shit if you did this week’s cardio covered up.  Next week I’ll be doing my cardio outside while I’m in VA.  My parents house is at the bottom of a mountain and there is a road that goes straight to the top. I’m looking forward to a switch up!

If you’ve been following my site for a while you know I’m a HUGE UFC fan and tonight it’s the rematch between Silva vs. Sonnen.  I’m pulling for Silva because I cannot stand how disrespectful Sonnen is and the amount of shit he talks.  It’s ridiculous and hopefully Silva will take care of him tonight!  Tonight’s big cheat meal is going to be an Italian feast.  Homemade baked ziti and meatball subs along with some cheese cake, pop tarts, and cookies!  Food porn pics soon icon smile Keep it 100!


Ebook Reviews – 6/24/2012

ebookreview1 Ebook Reviews 6/24/2012

A couple more Reviews I received via Email. [email protected] THANKS FOR THE FEEDBACK GUYS!

Michael B
I've got to admit, I've always loved your physique and have been following your site and progress for the last year.
I've read through TMT Phase 1 and am totally PUMPED to get this going. Just wanted to say thanks for all the time you've spent on the shoutbox and site helping us grow and challenge ourselves.
Thanks for dedicating your time into make TMT Phase 1 and am really excited to get my hands on the nutrition program once it's out.
Desire is the key to motivation, but it's the determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal- a commitment to excellence- that will enable you to attain the success you seek.

Tyler - Thank you! I can't wait for you to get started... I put my heart into this program and it really does work... I'm happy that you are geared up and ready! And awesome quote I'm gonna use that!

Hey Tyler,

 Wassup man? I just read your ebook before going to bed last night. I am pumped and actually intimidated by the workouts. I'll be starting Sunday morning. But I gotta stay tough and positive. Its gonna be bananas! 2 questions...Can I ask...where do you get your supplements from? Do you go to one particular place? Any recommendations? If I'm all in with TMT phase one....i definitely gotta take what your taking. Also, second question...i work out by myself 99% of the time....for heavy weights, should I just use the Smith machine for BB bench presses? or just go a tad light with traditional BB bench presses.
Tyler -

What's up man! Thanks for the feedback and DON'T be intimidated this program is going to take your body and mind to a whole new level and it's going to teach you what it takes to have the physique you want! As for supps I get all of mine from bodybuilding.com and I train alone myself yesterday was the first day I trained with someone in months.. So to answer your question train with free weights...and grab someone to spot you on in the gym if needed
Good luck and keep me updated on your progress

Taking Matters into My Own Hands

backintheday1 300x148 Taking Matters into My Own Hands


It's been about 4 years or so that I've been this excited and amped up about each and every workout.  I will be a little lethargic feeling (low carb blues lol) until about 30 minutes before it's time to hit the gym and I automatically wake up and the excitement and adrenaline gets pumping to go get after another workout.  What I mean by that it's been 4 years since I've felt this way is that before I had gotten sick I have to admit I was getting burnt out in the current situation I was in as far as the approach to my workout and diet.  That being said I'm not throwing anyone under the bus because every experience you go through in life you can usually learn something from and up until that point I had zero structure since 2008.  If you've read my past stories 2009 was when shit went down hill and I lost everything I gained to try to be someone that wasn't in my heart and struggled with an eating disorder.  After I had gotten my head back in order and moved to Nashville I was able to get back into good condition for my NYC December 2010 shoots but shortly after I started falling back into old eating habits of eating way too much junk food that was a result of not eating right in the first place to be in shape.  Meaning I never ate the correct macros to feel healthy instead I took the starvation approach which led me to eat everything in sight.  So really it wasn't up until September 2011 when I hired a trainer that I was fully able to overcome old eating habits and really get on a structured plan.  Rewind back to 2006-2008 I remember just how obsessed I used to be about training, learning and experimenting on different methods and techniques on my body to see what would work.  Each day I couldn't wait to workout and my body was constantly improving from having a positive mindset rather than dreading workouts and being burnt out.  I FINALLY HAVE THAT FEELING BACK AND IT'S NEVER FELT BETTER!! It sucks that it had to take me to get extremely sick with pneumonia for a month to open my eyes and realize what needed to change.  Now that I took matters into my own hands and I designed my own program that I've spent hours upon hours on each and every workout has been extremely productive and my target muscle group is getting sore after every workout where as before I would only get sore every so often.


A look into my current program

fbook 300x276 A look into my current programFor the past 4 weeks I've been hitting it hard and I'm very close to being where I want to be (body fat wise..new pics and youtube vids soon) I've been using a new approach to nutrition,workouts and supplementation. So far the results have been the best yet.  The program is designed to build strength, maximize fullness, and burn fat.  A little about my current nutrition is that I have 3 different meal plans for the week.  Once a week I've been having my cheat meals icon smile A look into my current program For one meal out of the 42 I have in a week I eat whatever I want. If you follow me on Facebook or twitter you have prob seen a couple pics. Cheat meals can be very beneficial to your diet as long as you have discipline and are able to control it. A couple of guidelines I follow is that I make sure to be done with my meal within 45-1hr. I used to not follow that in the past and it would turn into a all night event of munching... Not good. Secondly I always have it as a replacement for meal 6.  If you choose to have it early in the day your most likely going to miss meals and end up cheating again. Lastly I make it carbohydrate rich. Some of my go to cheats are pizza,homemade burgers and fries, baked ziti, Mexican and sushi.  My desert the past couple of weekends has been a red velvet cupcake on top of 2 slices of cheesecake.  Ok enough about food!  As for my workout routines they have switched up too and I'm using a periodization protocol with higher volume.  Very intense!  Cardio has been low intensity empty stomach as soon as I wake up.  Incline treadmill with the incline set on 15 the whole time.  Give it a try you won't be able to go as fast but it's challenging.  I keep my heart rate around 130-145.  I'm gearing up to resume filming for my members section and once it's launched you will have full details everyday of my diet and the new workout program I've been doing.

Up until last week my cough had still been lingering but it is now officially done!  I have not yet rescheduled my shoot for silver models in NYC because right now my priority is getting my members section launched.  Everyone keep training your ass off!


Questions – 5/10/2012

shoutbox7 300x18015 Questions 5/10/2012Jack
Hey Tyler, i've recently bulked up to my goal and im looking to cut roughly 5-10lbs of pure body fat in the next 6 weeks. I was wondering if it's possible to do "too much" cardio and lose muscle, assuming i am taking adequate protein? Im afraid of doing more then 40 minutes of cardio on non-training days and more then 20 minutes of cardio on training days. Im also confused on the intensity i should be doing during these cardio sessions, is it possible to go too intense for too long to hinder my recent gains?
8 May 2012

Tyler - For sure you can start to eat away at your hard earned muscle.  So be careful! Start off with 25-30 minute sessions 5 times a week for the first couple of weeks to see how your body responds.  I suggest doing it on an empty stomach first thing in the morning and start off with low intensity.  Keep heart rate around 130-140.  After two week your not dropping fat quick enough add on 5-10 minutes.  If this method still doesn't work after 3.5-4 weeks then your diet could be off or you might need to add another session in after your weight training.  But for now I would keep it at low intensity to make sure you don't burn up your muscle mass.

Need a recommendation of snacks to eat at work. I always hit my egg whites and oats in the morning before work and have brown rice with chicken for lunch but was curious as to what you would recommend for snacks throughout the day (around 9:30am and 3:30pm).
6 May 2012

Tyler -  I would do a protein shake or bar with some nuts or a piece of fruit

A few months ago you mentioned a program by Hany called"Get Jacked for 2012". Anyway, you can post it or do you know where you could find that issue of Muscular Development. Thanks
5 May 2012

photo392 225x300 Questions 5/10/2012

Get Jacked Meal Plan


photo413 225x300 Questions 5/10/2012

Week 1-4 Get Jacked Program

photo402 225x300 Questions 5/10/2012

Week 5-8 Get Jacked Program


DMAA (Geranium) being Banned

DMAA is an ingredient in several pre-workout supplements and fat burners.  It's a stimulant and soon will be pulled of the shelves by the FDA.  For more info about the ban click here

Article from Muscular Development June 2012 Issue

"DMAA Does Not Increase Resting Heart Rate

Dimethylamylamine (DMAA) is a stimulant found in many athletic supplements such as Jack3d, OxyElite Pro, and M5 Extreme.  It was developed by Eli Lilly as a nasal decongestant, but is widely used in athletic supplements as a stimulant and weight-loss agent.  Reports of severe side effects in soldiers and athletes have led health experts to question its safety.  A study from the University of Memphis, led by Paul Whitehead, showed that supplementing DMAA had no effect on resting heart rate, blood pressure or liver and kidney function.  Human trials showed very few adverse side effects of consumption of these supplements. (Nutrition Metabolic Insights, published online 1212:6)"