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Boxing Part 2

videos9 300x1204 Boxing Part 2
Heavy bag - Part 2 of my workout today 2/5/2011. 4 weeks out from my shoots with Brittany Walker (brittanywalkers.com) at Arnold Classic Weekend!


Legs/ABS/Heavy Bag

WORKOUT13 300x1202 Legs/ABS/Heavy Bag

  • Leg Ext - 2 warm up sets followed by 3 working sets 12 reps each set
  • Smith machine Squats - 4x8-10 (took a close foot stance)
  • leg press - 3x10 one lighter set at the end to really focus on the negative for 10 reps
  • seated leg curl - 3x12
  • stiff leg deadlifts - 3x10
  • standing calve raise - 4x10-12
  • bench leg raises - 3x20
  • one arm oblique cable crunches 3x12
  • heavy bag 10 minutes


    WORKOUT10 300x120 Legs/Boxing/CardioToday I tried a new way to warm up my knee's and legs to get them ready for torture.  To kick things off I did leg extensions pyramiding up each set for 15 reps each set.  After I completed one set I went to the stair climber and on level 9.0 did this for 1 minute then went directly back to the leg ext.  3 sets of that and then did the same thing with squats. Squats I took a closer food stance today and only used 135lb for 3 sets of 15 reps and did the stair climber in between sets.

    1. Leg ext superset stairclimber 1 min 3x15
    2. squats superset stairclimber 1 min 3x15
    3. leg press - 3 sets pyramiding up each set ended with 7 plates each side then dropped 2 plates each side for a total of 3 drop sets (6 sets total)
    4. seated leg curl superset db stiff leg deadlifts - 3x12
    5. walking lunges - total of 40 steps per set - 3 sets
    6. standing calve raise superset bench leg raises - 3x12
    7. boxing - heavy bag practice 15 minutes. today was the best i've ever felt hitting the bag. everything was flowing.
    8. Sprint - 5 minutes - level 10.5 treadmill

    RUN/heavy bag practice/RUN

    WORKOUT9 300x120 RUN/heavy bag practice/RUN

    After having a INTENSE back workout yesterday and picking up 315 for 18 times I had no interest in weight training today.  I just did some cardio again.

    • Run - 1 mile 5:50 (new personal record)
    • heavy bag practice - working on jab,cross,body shots
    • Run - 1.3 miles 10 minutes
    • walk on 15.0 incline speed 3.8 for 5 minutes

    Now I'm off to the barber to get my hair cut and then do a  little retail therapy icon smile RUN/heavy bag practice/RUN

    Let's go BLACK & YELLOW!!


    -Workout- Back/Boxing/Cardio

    Getting to sleep in till 9:30am and having some tasty cheat meals last night I woke up fully energized ready to hit some weights hard!

    1. Body weight pull ups - 3x12
    2. Reverse Grip Cambered Bar Rows - 3x10-12 2 drop sets on the last set
    3. Narrow Grip Pulldowns - 3x12 2 drop sets on the last set
    4. T-Bar Rows - 3x8-12 2 drop sets on the last set
    5. Reverse Grip Pulldowns - 3x12 2 drop sets on last set
    6. Standing DB Row tri-set w/ standing rope cable pulldowns & weighted hyper ext 3x12 NO DROP SETS
    7. Heavy Bag practice 10 minutes
    8. 15 minutes elliptical steady pace on level 10 until last 5 minutes did high intensity intervals
    9. Rode my bike to and from the gym total of 3 miles

    Now it's time to relax and watch football for the remainder of the day.  Later tonight is the season premier of Californication which I'm pretty stoked about. Tomorrow is ARM day icon smile Workout Back/Boxing/Cardio Here is another picture from my latest Rick Day shoot in NYC from the first weekend of December 2010.

    RickdayNYC 226x300 Workout Back/Boxing/Cardio

    Rick Day NYC December 3 2010


    -Workout- Shoulders/Abs/Boxing/Run

    Ron and I back at it in Nashville! Tonight we hit it pretty quick. Minimal rest in between sets 20-30 seconds. Ron is now down to 209!
    When he started working out with me he was about 222lb.  It's dropping off quickly and he's keeping his size.

    1. Upright rows - 4x10-12 2 drop sets on last set
    2. Rope front raises cable - 3x10-12
    3. Standing DB laterals - 2x10-12 2x30
    4. Reverse pec dec superset one arm standing db lateral raise - 3x12
    5. BB Shrugs superset rope crunches - 3x12-15
    6. Hanging Leg raises 3x15
    7. heavy bag 10 minutes
    8. one mile run 6:05 (record time)

    My friends Josh,Justin,Daniel, and Brandi came into town to celebrate New Years! Tomorrow is Arm Day icon smile Workout Shoulders/Abs/Boxing/Run

    Hope everyone has a safe and fun New Year.


    -Workout- Run/Dog Walk/Box

    So far this has been yet another great trip to Roanoke.  After visiting my Dads side of the family last night I met up with my good friends Josh and Justin for drinks.  First thing I did to start my day today was went on a 4 mile run on the greenway that is in Vinton.  I couldn't go my normal speed because it was fully covered with snow.  Later on after exchanging gifts (my parents got me a new video camera so the quality of my you tube videos will be a lot better) I took my dogs Deniro and Diesel for a walk.  Now I'm going to practice a little boxing in the basement and watch the Heat vs Lakers. GO HEAT!

    Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!

    Here is a couple of pictures I took this morning on my run.


    -Workout- Legs/Abs/Boxing/Run

    paulreitz2 225x300 Workout Legs/Abs/Boxing/Run

    Tyler by Paul Reitz December 4 2010 NYC

    After enjoying myself last night with quite a few drinks with great friends there is no better way for me to detox and feel like myself again to get a good workout in.  Today I did legs and I crushed them!  It was great running into my friend Dale that I hadn't spoken with in a while we got to catch up.  Here is the workout

    1. Hack Squats - 4x8-12
    2. Squats - 3x10-12
    3. Leg Press - 3x10-12
    4. Lying Leg curl superset One leg squats on smith machine  - 3x12
    5. cable butt kickbacks superset stationary lunges - 2x15
    6. standing calve raise 3x12
    7. rope crunches 3x12
    8. heavy bag practice 10 minutes
    9. run on the track 15 minutes. sprint work

    Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas! Be Safe and have fun and stay Active!

    This is another picture from Paul Reitz! More to come soon!


    -Workout- Back/Shoulder/Bi/Boxing/Stepmill

    bentyler 300x218 Workout Back/Shoulder/Bi/Boxing/Stepmill

    Ben, Tyler & Big Man Dec 23 2010 BAC

    "For a fact, this business is more crooked
    The boys'll sell they souls to the devil, the Lord lookin" - Style P

    Today was a awesome workout! I worked out for 2 hours and 15 minutes. I had some built up aggression that I got  out.  my old training partner Ben worked out with me today and we killed it! It was like we picked up where we left off last time we worked out together.

    1. weighted chins - 3x6-12
    2. one arm hammer row - 3x12 with 2 dropsets on the last set for 15-20
    3. overhand bb row superset reverse grip pulldowns - 3x12
    4. deadlifts 3x12
    5. standing lateral db raise superset standing rope pulldowns - 3x12
    6. upright row superset machine lateral raise - 3x12
    7. one arm behind back cable lateral raise superset bent over db laterals 3x8-12
    8. one arm smith machine shrug triset with machine shrugs and preacher curls machine - 3x12
    9. concentration db curl superset with forearm rope 3x12
    10. heavy bag boxing 15 minutes
    11. step mill 15 min high intensity on level 14

    -Workout- Arms/Boxing December 19

    Yesterdays workout was pretty good but looking at the whole weekend it was very productive with work.  I did some arms along with some light boxing at the end.  I was pretty relaxed with my food this weekend. both Saturday and Sunday morning I woke up so ravenous I ate quite a bit of food. Saturday I made healthy french toast which I'll be posting the recipe soon along with protein pancakes.  Yesterday I woke up at 4:30am and couldn't go back to sleep so I ended up making 2 Chicken Burritosalong with 2 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. So this weekend I really didn't follow my typical food log as I enjoyed some cookies and last night after finishing up some last minute Xmas shopping I started to fade out so I got 3 six inch subs from subway.  I was totally exhausted by the time I got back to the house so I decided not to film my boxing workout because I want to have full energy when I film.

    My workout was at 11:30am. Here it is.

    • Incline DB Curls superset Rope standing cable Ext 3x12-15
    • standing cable high curl super set close grip bench press - 3x12
    • preacher curls superset one arm cable pressdown - 3x10-12
    • seated concentration curls superset seated overhead one db ext - 3x12
    • Cardio - i jumproped for 1 minute then i ran to the heavy bag. i didn't wear gloves so it was more just working on form barely tapping the bag for a minute. then run back to the jump rope for a minute then used 2lb db's and shadow boxed in the mirror to work on form. i did this continous for 15 minutes