Tyler McPeak

23 Days Out

videos9 300x120137 23 Days Out
23 days until I go to NYC to shoot for Silver Models. In this video I explain different techniques for chest and shoulder exercises. At the end of the video I show a couple reps of my HIIT cardio done outside...Hill Sprints.

Incline DB Press - 3x8-12
Flat DB press - 3x8-12
Incline DB Fly - 3x8-12
Incline Barbell Press - 2x8-12
Pec Dec - 3x8-12
Giant Set Standing Laterals - 2 sets
Rope standing Cable Front Raise - 3x8-12



WORKOUT13 300x12014 ARMS/ABS/HIITI love the way cheat meals balloon my muscles up.  Tonight I got the best and fullest pump in my arms since my previous arm workout video due to extra carbs and calories from last nights meal.  This morning for cardio I woke up and on an empty stomach did a 3 mile loop within my neighborhood that is constant changing elevation.  Directly after my arm workout tonight I incorporated HIIT cardio and overall was a great day of workouts.

  1. close grip barbell curl superset rope pressdowns - 3x12-15 one dropset on last set
  2. standing db curl superset overhead seated cambered bar ext - 3x10-12
  3. incline db curl superset closegrip straight bar pressdowns - 3x10-12 one drop set on last set
  4. standing concentration curls superset db skull crushers - 3x12
  5. reverse grip barbell curls superset rope crunches - 4x12-15 one dropset on last set for curls
  6. HIIT Stairclimber 10 minutes total. 4 minutes high intensity 1 minute recovery then 3 minutes high intensity 2 minutes cool down.