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*pre shoot* Back/Rear Delt/ABS

another day down, another day closer to when i leave thursday am. my intensity is great. my strength is still where it always is and i'm running off of roughly 60g of carbs.  they are all taken in my first 2 meals. my second meal is at 8:15am. so i'm running off of protein and greens the rest of the day. today i trained at 4:45pm here is the workout

  1. Pullups bodyweight - 3x12
  2. standing db rows - 3x12 one drop set on the last set
  3. reverse grip pulldowns superset reverse grip bb rows 3x12 one dropset on the last set of pulldowns
  4. standing rope pulldowns superset weighted hyper ext 3x12
  5. narrow grip pulldowns superset reverse pec dec 3x12
  6. 10 min jump rope
  7. after 10 min did 1 min intervals superseted with rope crunches and bench crunches. 3x12 (rope crunch) , bench sit ups to failure around 30ish reps

here is some more artwork from a friends house that i was at over the thanksgiving break. they had a lot of art work up so i just took pictures of the ones i liked.photo8 225x300 *pre shoot* Back/Rear Delt/ABS


-Workout- Back Attack!

along with back i did biceps and calves.  i rode my bike on this gorgeous day of 71 in the end of november isn't too bad eh? so here's my routine.  it was around 1pm today.

  • weighted pull ups - 4 sets one set bodyweight warm up then worked up to 75lb for 5 reps then a drop with my bodyweight on that last set
  • knee on bench db rows - 3x12 80,90,100lb
  • overhand straight bar overhand rows super set narrow grip pulldowns 3x10-12
  • t-bar row superset deadlifts 3x12
  • straight bar cable standing pulldowns superset benhind the neck pulldowns
  • standing db curls 2x20
  • standing cable curls superset standing calves 2 sets of curls and 4 total sets for calves

here is a couple more pictures from last nights get together! I'm looking forward to seeing my family and catch up with old friends.  It's going to be a great trip to VA!birthday4 Workout Back Attack!


back/bi/hiit – Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

weighted wide-grip pullups 3 sets pyramiding up and 2 drop sets
  • standing db row 3x12
  • narrow grip pulldowns 3x12
  • reverse grip bb rows 3x10-12
  • deadlifts superset rope standing pulldowns 3x10-12
  • reverse grip pulldowns superset seated concentration curls 3x12-15
  • stairclimber hiit 20 min 1 min recovery 1 min hiit on level 10 recover was level 4

and that was it. another good one. i'm going to take tom off from the weights and go for a run outside. friday i'll be filming shoulders so i should have that up saturday morning on my youtube channel!

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-Workout- BACK/BI – Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday, November 5, 2010

 Workout BACK/BI – Friday, November 5, 2010

another awesome workout! i think now i’m extra hyped up so my intensity just cranked up a knotch that i didn’t even think i was capable of. running off of 27 carbs for my first meal and roughly 25 afterwards and i feel pretty good here’s the routine

  • weighted pullups 4×5 one dropset with bodyweight to failure
  • narrow grip pulldowns 4×10-12
  • overhand barbell rows 3×12
  • reverse grip seated row 3×12
  • machine seated rows superset one arm knee on bench db row 3×12
  • rope pulldowns superset weighted hyperext 3×12
  • incline db curls 3×10-12

no cardio today here is a pic i took today. little over 200lb now.

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ty+davin+www.the men experience.blogspot.com+12 back/bi/hiit

despite being lower on calories i’m getting some of my most amazing workouts. getting tighter and feeling great. for todays routine i always start my back workouts with chins because it’s something that i really feel like i need to get better at. i usually do 3 sets to failure which would be first set 15 reps, second 10 third 8. i feel like i always just fatigue easy so i started today a new technique that i suggest anyone that wants to improve in overall back strength while boosting your chin reps to give it a try. here’s the routine

  • wide grip chins - first set bodyweight 5 reps,2nd set add 10lb 5 reps,3rd 25lb 5 reps,4th set 45lb 5 reps,5th set 45lb 5 reps take the weight off then do body weight to failure i got 8. and on the last 2 reps i did negatives
  • seated cable narrow grip row - 3×12 one dropset
  • reverse grip pulldowns - x12 one dropset
  • standing db row - 3×12 one dropset
  • row machine,tbar rows,deadlifts 3×12 did it as a tri-set
  • cambered bar 21’s 3 sets
  • 20 minutes stairclimber hiit 1 min 5.0 2 min 8.0 back in forth to 20

i’m going back up to the gym later on today to do 20 minutes of hiit again and some light ab work. posting a music update later on!! happy halloween!!

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-Workout- back attack

Sunday, October 24, 2010

here is today's routine

  • chins 2 sets wide grip and one set reverse narrow grip did all three sets to failure
  • tbar rows 3 total sets first set 30 reps, second set 20 reps and last set 10 reps
  • narrow grip pulldowns 3x12
  • reverse grip bb rows 3x12
  • seated row superset standing rope rows 3x12-15
  • one arm db row on bench 3x12 superset hyperext 3x15

finished up with 2 exercises for bi's just to get some blood in them.

  • spyder curls 3x15
  • seated concentration curls 3x15

i'm going to take the pups for a hike and relax the rest of the day watch some football and dexter later on. hope everyone had a fun and safe weekend!

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-Workout- back/bi

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

 Workout back/bi

this morning back routine

  • chins 3x15
  • standing db row 3x12
  • wide grip pulldown 2x12
  • reverse grip pulldown 3x12 one dropset
  • reverse grip bb row 4x10-12 one dropset
  • seated cable row narrow grip 3x12
  • deadlifts superset rope standing pulldowns
  • standing db curls 3x12 and one set of 50reps

taking the day off of cardio.

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-Workout- Back

 Workout Back

this morning i had a really good back routine. did a lot of drops and a couple supersets. heres my routine

  • chins - 3xfailure
  • pulldowns wide grip 1 warm up set then 2 working sets of 12
  • reverse pulldowns 2×12
  • narrow grip pulldowns 2×12
  • reverse grip cambered bar rows 3×10-12 and a drop on the last set for 10
  • seated row superset incline bench db rows 3×12
  • rack deadlifts superset rope standing pulldowns 3×12

later on tonite i’m going to do 40 minutes of cardio and some abs. i’ve backed off of my cardio a little bit the past few days and cut out my session directly after my weight training sense i made a few adjustments to my nutrition plan. i’m going to see how i look at the end of this week to determine if i need to add it again or make more adjustments to my nutrition.

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-Workout- back/bi november 16 200lb

  • weighted pull-ups 4×6 one drop with bodyweight for 10reps
  • reverse grip bb rows 3×12 one dropset for 10
  • reverse grip pulldowns 3×12
  • deadlifts superset standing rope pulldowns 3×12
  • triset - narrow grip pulldown,seated cable row,machine row 2×10
  • standing bb curl 1×30
  • hiit - 15 minutes stairclimber 10 minutes jump rope

make sure to check the video out!
Back/Bi November 16

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