Tyler McPeak

lifting smart vs. ego lifting

TM 40038 226x300 lifting smart vs. ego lifting

by Rick Day

i can’t stress enough how i feel the importance of lifting smart is. i remember my first couple years of lifting i would try to lift as heavy as possible and sacrifice my form and for what? i thought i was being cool and impressing people. i’ve watched a lot of people in the gym do this for the past years and there is some at my gym now (and these aren’t young guys these are middle aged men). it wasn’t until i really dropped the weight and focused on my form and getting the best contraction on each rep that i noticed my body responded and took off. the only thing that ego lifting got me was a cortizone shot in my rear delt 4 years ago, and other minor injuries as well. the moral of my story is my philosy towards weight training is don’t get consumed by the numbers. i never write down the amount of weight i use because i could really give a shit less. the way i track my results is what i see in the mirror. so don’t lift with your ego. lift smart because if you injure yourself your going to have to take time off or adjust somthing thats going to slow your initial progress down.