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Questions – 3/15/2012

shoutbox7 300x18010 Questions 3/15/2012matt
just went to silver models. erik christensen is a bad ass...you are guys are built similar.
14 March 2012

Tyler - I wasn't sure who he was I looked him up he's a BEAST

Hey McPeak! Congratulations on the modeling gig. I've been meaning to ask you what it is you did different in the pics you had on your website where you were ripped. The abs didn't even look real! Is understanding micro and macro nutrients a necessary if your trying to get lean, also the importance when trying to get big? Thanks!
14 March 2012

Tyler - Thank you! I'm very excited! Yes learning correct macros for your body is very important in either occasion.  Also all of my pictures from 2010 I trained completely different than I do now. I did a lot of supersets and A LOT of high intensity cardio.  You can look back as all my old workout logs from that time frame and see what I did.

scrambled eggs with melted provolone cheese and filet mignon is a good breakfast to get ripped? No carbs
12 March 2012

Tyler - I would think that would work if you were on a Keto diet. 

Michael Hjortlund
Hey Tyler First of all, you are awesome bro! Second, I have a question about your training, more specific your weekly workout program. When you only train once a week, do you feel that it is enough for each muscle group, rather than to train the major muscle groups twice? Sincerely Michael H
11 March 2012

Tyler - If your trying to bring up a muscle group I suggest training it twice a week but give it at least 4-5 days of recovery between each workout.  I've been training certain muscle groups twice a week for the past couple of years.

I am all for cardio and am sure it has worked for 99% of the people that do it, but do you really think listening to t-paine on ur ipod while doing 30 minutes on the stepmaster is as effective as just increasing the intensity of your workouts, lifting more weights, or doing explosive pushups, etc? I have stopped doing cardio and am seeing better results. Now if were talking about HIIT cardio than thats a different story...I am interested to here your take. thanks
9 March 2012

Tyler - I say if it's not broke don't fix it.  If your getting better results with no cardio then stick with no cardio.  The first 4 years of working out I did zero cardio.

Tyler do you have any tips for when you have upcoming photo shoots, like any tricks of the trade type secrets? do you have any liquids on the day or?
8 March 2012

Tyler - Once my members section gets launched which should be before my upcoming shoots you will get to see everything that I do to prepare for a shoot.

Hey Tyler recently ive been doing a lot of cardio due to being a busy student and my appetite has gone through the roof. I'll eat 2 chicken breasts, huge handfuls of nuts, plenty of fruit and eggs and be hungry an hour later.. is this increased appetite okay? also ive been recently trying HIIT cardio and I feel like i've gotten a lot hungrier from it. Thoughts? and should i stop eating LOL
8 March 2012

Tyler - Well it all depends on what your goals are.  I suggest starting to measure out everything so you will know exactly the amounts that your taking in.  Cardio in general increases your appetite and speeds up your metabolism so that is most likely why you are getting hungrier.  You definitely don't want to stop eating and starve yourself but you should have a plan of attack with each day having an x amount of meals and x amount of carbs x amount of fats x amount of protein and then you will be able to make adjustments accordingly.


Past 5 Days

motivation 300x300 Past 5 Days5 days in a row of workouts and my body is officially worn out.  Since Brian was in town I wanted to take him through all muscle groups except the only one we didn't hit together was quads.  Here is a rundown of what we did the past 5 days.. We used a lot of different techniques with partials,negatives,high reps,low reps, pre-exhaust,super sets,fst-7.

  • Friday - Chest/Biceps
  • Saturday - Hamstrings/Calf
  • Sunday - Back
  • Monday - Abs/Shoulders/Calf
  • Tuesday - Arms

I have a slow day with clients so I'm going to use this time to just recover.  I speak with Hany on Friday to find out what the game plan is now that I have to be prepared to shoot within 4-6 weeks so I know everything is about to get kicked into high gear.  I can't wait to see what the final product looks like and I'll post more once I know more of when I'm going to NYC etc.  One thing I know that will change is no more cheat meals until I'm done with my shoots.  On a different note the weather has been awesome here and I'm hoping this spring weather is here to stay!weather 200x300 Past 5 Days


Triceps Giant Set!

videos9 300x120135 Triceps Giant Set!A triceps giant set. Give this a try in your next arm or triceps workout! A giant set is 4 or more exercises done back to back with no rest in between. It's a great way to shock a muscle group!


Questions – 3/2/2012

shoutbox7 300x1808 Questions 3/2/2012TJ
Do you drink? Ever since I started my mission of packing on lean muscle and getting ripped I haven't been able to bring myself to do it.
2 March 2012

Tyler - In the past I would drink almost every weekend..hell I even drank before some of my shoots in NYC...I would party at the clubs all night then shoot the next day..very ignorant.  It wasn't until I linked up with Hany that I changed my whole perspective of training and nutrition.  I've only drank maybe 4-5 times in the past 6  months.  That being said I think you can still let loose at least once a month and still make all the gains you want.  You have to remember you only live once and take it from me you will go crazy if you just live like a hermit and don't go out and enjoy yourself every once in a while.

Tyler, im a bit concerned, i feel like sometimes my lower chest gets bloated or soft, but then other times my chest looks flat and toned... does this have to do with sodium manipulation or bloating of some sort? It's as if my i've gained fat in my lower chest nipple area temporarily. Im not sure if it's a sign of gaining fat. Im currently 15%bf, 175, 5,9, eating failry clean, but trying to put on mass. My diet has consited of alot of whole wheat pasta lately.
2 March 2012

Tyler - It sounds like water retention.  At this point you shouldn't worry about sodium but maybe try switching out your carb source from the pasta to something else...rice or potato.  Maybe add in some cardio to a few times a week. Even though your putting on size right now it's still important to do some cardio because ideally you should stay around 10-12% when trying to add mass.

Are you doing morning cardio now cuz your trying to lean out even more, i.e. cut? You'll burn fat faster by doing morning cardio, right?
2 March 2012

Tyler - Yep your correct

Me and some friends are arguing about the benefit of doing 'half reps' or partials like you do in some of your workouts. They're all hardcore oldschool lifters and think that if someone doesn't getting a full ROM then they're not trying hard enough. I think they're good to do at the end of sets or even a full set because it keeps constant tension on the muscle and saves joints as aposed to locking out on every rep. thoughts?
1 March 2012

Tyler - I believe they serve a purpose as an advanced technique to further muscle failure.  I don't ever do a full set of partials but towards the end of something like a hammer strength press once I can't get full reps anymore I'll add in 3-4 partials.  That being said I never lockout..always keep a slight bend in all of my joints.  check out my chest/bicep video I did in FEB I did partials in that along with my Back video from FEB

I see in your nutrition log you always take took scoops of protein, why is that?
29 February 2012

Tyler - Take took? not sure what your trying to say but whey protein is one of the fastest digesting proteins and I've consistently taken it every since I started working out when I was 18

hey tyler, Im 6'2" and 205 and trying to lose the spair tire, around 8 pounds. I was wondering how much cardio do you do, when do you perform it, and what type of cardio?
29 February 2012

Tyler - Right now I'm doing 4 days on one day off of empty stomach cardio for 45 minutes on an incline treadmill walk. steady state low intensity is the type.

Hi Tyler, i am starting to see results just like you said, But i am still Skinny ( 6"2 and i weigh 76Kg (Age 27)) i do drink whey Protein and eat very healthy, My goal is to get a 6pack and i can see it in correct lighting, but i need it to grow bigger so it stands out much more, i do crunches on a ball, heel taps, plank, side crunches, and the Ab wheel every other day. i see my muscles taking shape, but i stay skinny.
29 February 2012

Tyler - I sent over your questions to fill out yesterday. looking forward to working with you!

I trained solidly for a year then had to take a year and a half off from training. Do you have any advice for starting back training after so long out
28 February 2012

Tyler - Start off slow and progressively up the intensity.  Don't get discouraged and take each day as a day to improve.  Stay dedicated and you will get where you want to be.

I have a couple questions. In your post about pre and post workout nutrition you say that you cycle your carbs post workout. What influences whether its going to be a carb day or no carb day, what muscle group you work that day? Also whats ur current body fat percent?
28 February 2012

Tyler - On muscle groups I'm trying to bring up is when I'll have more carbs.  Not sure what my current body fat is I never get it checked.



Pre-Exhaust Sets

Invented in 1968 by MuscleMag's own Robert Kennedy, pre-exhaust sets help eliminate the problem of the "the weakest link in the chain."  Most exercises involve more than one muscle group, even if the exercise is considered to be targeting a single muscle.  For example, most chest exercises involve the triceps and shoulders.  These muscles often tire before the pectorals.  The theory behind pre-exhaust sets is to fatigue the primary muscle as much as possible by using an isolation exercise (or as close to an isolation exercise as you can get), and then perform a compound movement that utilizes fresh muscles to take the fatigued muscle to greater depths of stimulation.

dbfly Pre Exhaust SetsOne of the best examples of pre-exhaust principle is flat-bench flyes followed by barbell bench presses.  the bench press is called a chest exercise, but the triceps and shoulders receive tremendous stress as well.  Often it's the smaller triceps that give out first.  To get around this difficulty,  first perform an isolation exercise like dumbbell flyes,  which places little stress on the triceps.  This will 'pre-exhaust" the chest muscles, leaving the triceps in a stronger state.  now when you perform bench presses, the triceps are no longer the weak link in the chain.  The relatively stronger triceps can be used to push the chest muscles to failure.

Source - MuscleMag - Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding



screenshotmember 300x171 Suggestions?

screen shot from members section video

The first week almost done of starting my new program and it has kicked my ass all week.  My whole body has been sore since Monday and it's been nice to get a change up since things were starting to feel a little stale.  If you ever start to feel this way with your workouts don't be afraid to switch things up a bit.  This weekend I'll be filming another full workout video for the members section.  The one that I did last weekend came out to be 27 minutes long.  I give tips throughout the whole workout.  I can't wait to get the ball rolling on this as I have a lot of different ideas I'll be providing.  If you have any suggestions that you would like to see in the members section videos feel free to email me [email protected] or post them in my shout box.  Also which muscle group do you want my next youtube video to be that I'll be filming next week? Thanks for the continued feedback and support!  Have a good weekend everyone and stay motivated.  Keep training hard!!