Tyler McPeak

Chemically Enhanced vs. Natural

1/22/11 Nashville,TN

As you might have read in my previous article, Say No to JUICE, I explained my issue with not ever thinking I was big enough.  So I wanted to put these digitals out there to show everyone the difference in my physique when I was chemically enhanced and now that I’m natural (with no photoshop).

winter 2008 Roanoke,VA

The digitals of when I was on steroids were taken near the end of my 8 week cycle. Ever since I had gotten into modeling in the summer of 2007 my initial goal and dream was to work with Muscle & Fitness magazine.  In my head I figured I could obtain this goal once I was chemically enhanced.  Little did I know that playing the size game is not the road to take.  As you can see by the pictures I was still carrying quite a bit of body fat.  I was relying on the drugs to do the fat burning instead of focusing on giving nutrition 100 percent and cardio 100 percent.

1/22/11 Nashville,TN

My manager at the time, Adam Silver of Silver Models, sent these to Muscle & Fitness and their response was that I needed to be tighter and leaner.  This made me so frustrated because I couldn’t see myself and to me I thought I was good to go. But now looking back at these and seeing my condition I understand why I never worked with them.  Through my short journey in the modeling industry it has been such a roller coaster of emotions and battles.

Winter 2008 Roanoke,VA

Now that I’ve obtained a physique naturally and healthy and I feel like myself again, I’m setting out to do everything that I had ORIGINALLY intended to do when I first got into this industry.  That is living a HEALTH & FITNESS lifestyle and to being an INSPIRATION to others and helping those wanting to achieve a healthy and fit physique reach their goals.