Tyler McPeak

-Workout- Chest/side delt/tri/ab/jump rope

Monday, November 15, 2010

another good one tonight!

Hammer press flat machine 4×10 one drop set
Flat db press 3×10 one drop set
Incline db fly 3×12
Pullovers superset pec dec 3×12
Standing lateral raise superset close grip cable pushdowns
Set one 30 reps set 2 20 reps set 3 & 4 15 reps
One arm oblique cable crunch superset captain chair weighted leg raises 3×12
Hyperext bench side crunches superset weight bench crunches 3×12
Jump rope 15min


-Workout- chest/side delt/tri/ab/calve/hiit – Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday, November 9, 2010
today i got one of the best pumps i’ve gotten in a while! here is the routine

  • incline bb press 4×10
  • incline db press 3×12 one drop set
  • flat db flys 3×12
  • flat hammer strength press 4×12
  • db pullovers 3×12
  • TRI-SET - standing lateral cable one arm raise,over head seated one arm db ext,seated calve raise. 3×12
  • SUPER-SET - rope crunches, seated leg press machine calve raise 3×12
  • oblique side one arm cable crunches 3×12
  • 10 minutes HIIT stepper machine 1 min recovers 3 minute high intensity

just finished filming my first cooking segment for my youtube channel once i get it edited down it will be online shortly!


chest/side delt/tri…more CARBS!! – Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

another good one today. here’s the routine
  • incline db press 4×10-12
  • flat hammer strength press (butt at the edge of seat to really target lower cleavage)3×12
  • seated cable fly (first time i tried it like this and this will be a addition weekly)3×15 one drop
  • close grip machine press 3×12
  • pullovers superset standing db laterals 3×12
  • rope kick outs 3×12

no cardio today as i was feeling completely depleted so i decided to have a mini carb up. I had some fruit and extra oats. It never ceases to amaze me how great carbs can make you feel and improve your mood almost instantly when your depleted. i’ll post my food log up later but it ended up being about 130-150g of carbs.


-Workout- chest/side delt/tri/ab/hiit

tyler davin00 Workout chest/side delt/tri/ab/hiit
just got home from yet another sick workout. here’s the routine

  • flat hammer strength press 4×10-12 one drop
  • slight incline db fly 3×12
  • incline press machine 4×10-12 one drop
  • db pullovers 3×12
  • fst-7 cable flys 7×15
  • vbar pushdowns superset standing lateral raise 3×15
  • side oblique cable crunches
  • captain’s chair weighted knee raise 3×12 (first time i tried these with weights and dammmn all i can say is painnnnnnn!)
  • 20 minutes HIIT stairclimber

-Workout- chest day

Saturday, October 23, 2010

 Workout chest day

another good one down and ready to enjoy the rest of my saturday!

  • incline db press 4×8-12
  • flat hammer machine press 3×20 superset boise ball pushups 3xfailure
  • flat db fly 3×12
  • db pullovers 3×12 superset machine press 3×15
  • one arm cable kickouts 3×20-30

cardio for the day was a short 15 min jog after the gym i was originally going for 6 miles today but my legs are fatigued from yesterdays routine. here’s a digital i took yesterday. weighing about 204lb. i’m pretty stoked because i’ve never been in this shape before.


-Workout- Chest/tri/calves

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this morning was a great chest routine even though i slept horrible last night. my friend sunil also a trainer at my gym trained with me. it’s been a nice extra push for me to have a training partner my last couple workouts because sense getting back into weight training again i’ve been hitting it solo for the past 7 months. i do want to add that i don’t think it’s important to have unless your training to failure and need a spot which i never do. here is my routine

  • Hammer strength flat press 4×12 with 2 drops on the final set
  • cable flys 3×15
  • incline db press 4×10-12 2 drops on the last set
  • db pullovers 3×12
  • incline db fly 3×12
  • one arm reverse cable pressdown 3×10-12
  • standing calve raises 4×12

later on tonite i’ve got to work a couple of hours then i’m going to do some abs and light cardio. i will pick 3 random exercises and train each 3 sets to failure in a triset non stop circuit. this picture was taken summer 09 nyc.


-Workout- chest/tri

 Workout chest/tri

after letting my upper body rest for 3 days i had a great chest workout today. i got pumped quick after the first couple sets..that’s when you know it’s gonna be a good one. here’s my routine i did

  • flat db press 5×8-12 first 2 sets were just warm up
  • pec dec 4×12 i really went slow on the the negatives of these today
  • incline bb press 3×10-12
  • tri-set - decline hammer press,db pullovers,incline db fly 3×12
  • straight bar cable pressdowns 4×8-12

the tri-set at the end of my workout was a great way to fill up my chest and target it from 3 different angles to maximize the pump.

this is a picture taken this past sat. i'm getting closer to where i want to be i have a little more fat to drop which a few minor adjustments with my nutrition plan should do the trick.