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The POWER of POSITIVE Thinking

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I answer a Bodyspace members Question

About once being on steroids and the mental battle with losing some size after coming off. Along with some of my personal steroid experience



“the mind is the limit as long as the mind can envision the fact that you can do something you can do it. as long as you believe 100 percent” - Arnold Schwarzenegger
This quote has been one of my favorites and it’s something that I truly believe in. As I stated before in one of my previous post Beating the mind I believe that a good percent of your results in the gym and outside of the gym come from mind control.
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The power of positive thinking has been key to my recent ventures. Recently I have moved to a new city and once I got settled in it was time to get a job before I start school in Jan (which Ill be majoring in Exercise and Physiology). When I first got here I really wasn’t liking it considering I just moved from NYC so right off the bat I was a negative person and was putting off negative vibes. For a good two months I was still jobless. I applied for jobs everywhere from restaurant server, warehouse positions, and to every gym I could to do personal training or any position that was hiring. After hearing nothing from any place but the same story that they wanted someone with experience except the gyms they just were not hiring I thought how the hell are you supposed to get experience if you can’t even get hired. Needless to say I became more pissed and more angry and was pretty much just a grump. Until a couple of weeks ago I had to take a step out of myself and see that I wasn’t going to get anywhere being negative all the time so I told myself I’m going to be positive and patient and something will happen. That whole week I changed my attitude completely and was just a happier person in general. By the the beginning of that following week I got a phone call from the gym owner that I’ve been working out at and he offered me a position. So now I’ll be doing sales along with personal training. My moral of this story is to put positive energy out and positive things will come your way. Now I feel like everything is back on track and things are falling into place like I’ve wanted them to. Life is too short to be negative and grumpy.