Tyler McPeak

24 Days Out

march29 225x300 24 Days Out

March 29 2012

One of the most important parts of your journey to reach your physique goals is to keep a positive mindset.  When things aren't going as you planned or not happening fast enough self doubt and discouragement start to creep into your mind.  If you let those thoughts take over then it's going to start effecting your workouts and you will be more likely to say screw your nutrition plan and fall off the wagon.  You have to keep in mind that this is not an easy road by any means and if it were then EVERYONE would be doing it.  Instead of dwelling on the negatives focus on the positive and focus hard on what the big picture is to you.

With just 24 days left I'm giving it everything I have.  I had to send updated pictures to Hany today so I'll be speaking with him in the next few days to see if I need any program changes but so far I feel that I'm tightening up at a good rate.  I have not lost any strength in fact I've gotten a little stronger on a few lifts.  My weight this morning was 217lb on an empty stomach.  I'll be doing another assessment on Saturday to see if any of the numbers have changes...lets hope so.  Also I'll be getting around to doing another youtube video since my schedule didn't permit it last week.


The POWER of POSITIVE Thinking

videos9 300x1203 The POWER of POSITIVE Thinking