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Questions – 9/18/2012

shoutbox7 300x18043 Questions 9/18/2012matt
ty - i know you dont like anything but fitnes questions, however, i dont know how to contact you directly. i also care about you to encourage you vs. only taking from you (e.g. asking questions). anyway, as you make the final push to the next shoot this is when it is important to buckle down. you dont have much longer...so very very few cheat meals and make them twice a week and very small (e.g. kids meal frm outback cheesburger, fries and salad). that will be better than eating for 45mins. you can do it and you will do it.
18 September 2012

Tyler - I've already cut cheat meals out completely

Tyler, anyway you can tell us your increases on your core lifts from TMT Phase 2 , I am curious because this program is also to make you stronger. Thanks
18 September 2012

Tyler - for Deadlifts throughout Phase One I was only using 405lb. Just last weekend I did 500lb for 4 reps along with other heavier sets.  check out the youtube video.  Squats increased by being able to do 315lb for more sets and reps, As for all of my other lifts everything has increased along with adding new muscle.  When I started phase 1 I was weighing 209lb and measuring 8% body fat. Now i'm weighing 213lb measuring 4.91% body fat

Hi Tyler, do we, members of your site, have to buy the TMT Phase 2, or is it free in the member section ? thanks a lot
17 September 2012

Tyler - Yes you still have to buy Phase 2.  Phase 3 has already started and I'm posting my daily workouts leading up to my shoots for members.  At the end of phase 3 I will still be putting it together as an ebook and will be available for free download to memembers.

Tyler, do you use CLA while cutting or is it just a big hype?
17 September 2012

Tyler - I do use CLA.  It's nothing magical that if you start taking it you will start burning fat but it does help if everything else is 100 percent (diet,training)

I am currently cutting and at week 10 of the TMT Phase 1 and I am looking into TMT phase 2, however I am not sure if it will help with my cutting phase?
17 September 2012

Tyler - "cutting" really depends on 2 factors..how you are eating and the amount of cardio you are doing.  weight training programs really don't determine this.  Phase 2 the first 4 weeks is strength building but as a whole the program is very high volume still as phase 1 was.  Volume training is in my opinion the best way to build a physque

Hey Tyler, I'm looking try bulking a cutting phases this coming year when I get Phase 2. Right now I have been using Isopure and I like the results, but since I am going to be bulking I wanted to know would something like Monster Milk be good?
16 September 2012

Tyler - the type of protein you get really is going to be a personal preference.  There is a lot more factors that go into nutrition to try to add lean mass rather than just protein choice.


Questions – 8/27/2012

shoutbox7 300x18039 Questions 8/27/2012Kyle
Hey Tyler, a question about Cardio. If you are sore from a leg workout (doms) the next day or the day after that, is it okay to fight it and do your cardio, considering you can barely walk straight? Also, how long should you wait if you do morning cardio and have a weight training session later that afternoon? Thanks!
27 August 2012

Tyler - I would say it depends on what type of cardio your doing.  I always do cardio the days after legs I feel that it actually helps speed up the recovery process.  If your just doing low intensity you shouldn't have a problem and once you get moving and blood flows to them you shouldn't feel the soreness too bad. To answer your second questions I would say 4-6hrs is a good rest time in between cardio and weights.  It's really going to be up to you and your schedule and personal preference as to how long to wait but I like to keep mine at about 6hrs apart.

daniel g
hey tyler what is a good creatine product that will get me bigger and stronger alot thanks
27 August 2012

Tyler - Micronized Creapure Creatine Monohydrate

hey Tyler, I'm a big fan of your work! I'm a shift worker and lately I have been working from 4am-1:30pm with 2 days a week where I finish at 4:30pm and a day off every now and again! I find it hard to go to the gym at 1:30 some days! Is it better to push through and go to the gym or have a nap then head to the gym! Am going to buy all the supplements for your ore workout shake in tmt phase 1 today! Thanks a lot, also am loving phase 1!!
26 August 2012

Tyler - Thanks for checking my book out!  I would most definitely take a nap before the gym.  Don't force yourself to go if your not feeling like up for it.  You want your workouts to be as productive as possible and forcing yourself to go when your worn down is not a good idea.  Good luck and keep up the hard work!

Hey Tyler, I have a very serious question. I've been working out non-stop for the past few months. I'm really starting to see the definition. The guys in my gym class keep saying that the bigger my muscles get, the smaller my penis will be. I don't really see how that's possible, but I wanted to ask a trained expert. Are there things I can do to prevent such a thing if it exists?
25 August 2012

Tyler - I'm not sure if your joking or not but lifting weights does not affect that one bit.

Tyler, i was wondering if 6oz chicken with 5oz sweet potatoes and half an avocado is OK pwo. This is also the last meal of the day and taken an hour after my pwo shake (25g karbolyn and bcaa). Thanks!
24 August 2012

Tyler - That sounds good.  I would actually eat that 30 minutes after your pwo shake if possible.

Edwin Adams
Tyler, what'st the best online or book information source to get a good overalll understanding of fitness nutrition? From vitamins to proteins to carbs....where is it all explained in simple terms?
21 August 2012

Tyler - Well there is several different ways to skin a cat.  That being said it all depends on what type of diet/nutrition approach you are interested in.  I've tried several different dieting approaches and what I'm currently doing right now is by far the easiest diet I've ever done and I feel that I look my all time best.  Check into bodybuilding.com and just search through some nutritional articles.


Questions – 8/21/2012

shoutbox7 300x18038 Questions 8/21/2012Tom
Hey Tyler, my typical mornings would be up at 6.30 with a strong black tea and then i'd prob have my first meal at 8am (way it is with work etc). I'm currently on a cut, but wondering if I should get some sort of protein in before 8 or if it makes little difference? How long do you normally have between waking and your first meal?
21 August 2012

Tyler - I suggest eating your first meal as soon as you wake up with your black tea.  Your body has been fasting all night and in order to keep it anabolic you should give it nutrients as soon as you get up.  On days that I don't do my morning cardio I eat as soon as I get up.  On days that I do my cardio I'll take 10g of BCAA before doing cardio and directly after I'll have my first meal.

Hey Tyler, I am currently going through a workout crisis. I am currently on holiday and on my week 6 of TMT-Phase 1. Wasn't able to go to the gym on Monday and Tuesday it was closed. I might be able to hit the gym on Wednesday but then I have to skip 1 workout day for a rest day in between week 6 and 7. Should I just take a whole week off or just sacrifice 1 workout day for a rest day.
21 August 2012

Tyler - I would only take a full week off if you feel like your body needs a break.  If my gym was closed Monday and Tuesday from a holiday but open for the rest of the week I would just train 5 days in a row to make sure I got all my days in still.

Vodka is a better option than beer if I want to protect my abs right? it has less carbs correct?
18 August 2012

Tyler - IMO Vodka is a better option than beer. 

Hi Tyler, Your blog had been a true inspiration to me! I'm 34 now and untill à year ago I had real idea about training, nutrition, rest, mindsett, to be honest. Altough training for more than 10 years, being nicknamed the ' muscular nail' though, I have always been an ectomoph 'no gainer', weigthing 155 but never more... ( at 6'3 lenght and 10% bf. 6 months ago, I started to include the nutrition element and did take my fitness to another level.. Your blog and TMT Fase 1 did the rest.. Now I weigh 182 with bf 8%. Still lean but Much more mass. I have experienced it as à tough but very rewarding process! Keep up THE good work with your blog, Kind Regards, Henk, The Netherlands
18 August 2012

Tyler - Thanks for the update Henk!  And congrats to all of your fitness success thus far..keep up the hard work and much more progress to come!

How do you do one arm t-bar rows? Between the legs or beside? Also, what are your thoughts on pwo cardio? Would you advise it after your TMT workouts? Thanks!
16 August 2012

Tyler - It's going to be beside your legs.  I'll make a demo video of the exercise.  Make sure to position yourself where you can get a full stretch of the lats.  My thoughts on post workout cardio is depending on how long the session will be.  If your only going to be doing 10-15 minutes then I would say that is fine.  But if your going longer then that I would keep them done apart.  Your main focus once getting done with weight training should be to start the rebuild process with flushing your body with the proper nutrients right away.


Questions – 8/9/2012

shoutbox7 300x18035 Questions 8/9/2012daniel g
hey tyler u said u tryed a cycle of steroids and i was just wondering were can i find a lagit supplyer for steroids either online or in person ,
9 August 2012

Tyler - cmon man you can't be serious lol. 

nice shoes Tyler...but ur Jordan XI's r nicer lol
8 August 2012

Tyler - LOL thanks man...yeah I like my Jordan's as well but my Asics will be my training shoes

Tyler, Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E is excellent for stretch marks. If you rub it, twice a week, into the area where the marks appear, they tend to fade in a few months. Pallmer's is sold K-mart, Wallmart, and most drug stores for about $5.00. It reallly works.
6 August 2012

Tyler - I've tried that before..I have sensitive skin and the Vitamin E ended up causing a crazy rash.  That was a few years ago when I tried that so I don't know if it would still affect me that way but I don't want to chance it because it was nasty.  Over time they fade.. Mine are fading as time goes on and they look a lot better now then when I first started to get them.  Thanks for the info though!

Hey man, absolutely loving TMT Phase 1. I love the concept of training differently every week so as to keep the body always guessing. Thanks for the awesome program and thanks also for updating your blog keeping us all posted. You're a huge inspiration to me and many others. Right now my main concern is body fat loss and i was wondering whether or not I should stop mixing dextrose in with my post workout shake. Im having good results and a drop in bf% every week but was wondering if excluding the dextrose would help progress fat loss. I know how important post workout nutrition is and I would hate to compromise my results. Right now im taking about 30g of dextrose post workout with 40g whey protein. Thanks again and keep up the good work.
6 August 2012

Tyler - THANKS FOR THE FEEDBACK! and your welcome too! this is my passion and I love the fact that I can inspire people from all over the world.  As for your questions if your dropping body fat every week then I would stick with what your doing.  You can experiment for 2 weeks without it and see how your body responds.  It will not compromise your gains.  But like I said if your consistently dropping fat every week then I would keep it in.

TMTPHASE2CHEST 300x284 Questions 8/9/2012

Screenshot from TMT-Phase 2 CHEST video coming soon!


Questions – 7/11/2012

shoutbox7 300x18028 Questions 7/11/2012fernando
tyler at what age did you start working out???
11 July 2012

Tyler - I was 18 years old when I started

TylerBest weight gain protein?
11 July 2012

Tyler - I'm not a believer in using weight gainer shakes.  A good whey  protein is what I suggest.. I use Dymatize Elite Whey right now.

Tyler in your program does 6x20 lunges mean 20 lunges per leg or 20 lunges total. Also for the one arm t-bar superset with one arm row, would you do both arms on the t-bar first then go on to the one arm rows, or would you do left arm tbar row then left arm dumbbell row and same for the right arm?
9 July 2012

Tyler - it's 10 steps on each leg for a total of 20 steps for one set. the one arm tbar rows are done standing in front of the tbar row and gripping the bar where the weights go performing a bent over row with one arm.

How do your cheat meals differ when you are on a cutting phase? Are you more careful about how you cheat while trying to lose bodyfat?
9 July 2012

Tyler - I'm cutting right now.  I eat whatever I want for 45 minutes as my last meal every Saturday.


Questions – 6/21/2012

shoutbox7 300x18022 Questions 6/21/2012Jeremy
If have a protein shake and a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast... is it the same of i just mash all of it in a blender and drink it on the go?
21 June 2012

Tyler - Yep it is..I've had to do that before when I need something quickOn the day you have more time try mixing the protein powder in the bowl of oats and microwave it..that's pretty tasty too.

nice new look to your website tyler. when and where can i get your ebook? been following this site since january 2011. thanks for everything and good luck!!!
21 June 2012

Tyler - Thanks Angel! The ebook will be available tomorrow.  I will be making a post about it and it will be in the store section.  Thanks for the continued support!

Hello Ty ! marvellous your new site ! i can't wait to subscribe your member section and have every informations about your workout, diet and thought !!! many thanks for everything
21 June 2012

Tyler - Thanks Ned!  I actually decided to not do the members section and instead offer ebooks.  My first one is coming out tomorrow which is my 12 week training program that I have designed and been doing myself.  I'm finishing up week 6 now and the results have been awesome!  As for the videos I'll be posting weekly on my youtube.com/tylermcpeak channel

Whoa, new site, NICE! Wanted to ask for your advice... my body has been pretty stagnant at 13-15% body fat and my goal is to get it to single digit percentile for bf. What do you suggest? I've tried circuit training, and supersetting in the gym. Im afraid to do too much cardio and obviously afraid to lose muscle. Thanks!
21 June 2012

Tyler - Thanks James! To lose body fat you have to be burning off more cals than you are taking in.  You definitely don't want to do too much cardio because your hard earned muscle will dwindle away so you will have to figure out a good balance for your body.  As for weight training I suggest you get my TMT-PHASE 1 ebook that comes out tomorrow (June 22nd)  I designed the program to build strength and mass while being able to burn body fat and keep your muscles extremely full!


Questions – 6/12/2012

shoutbox7 300x18018 Questions 6/12/2012Sidhu Rengaraj
i'm 90 KG with 175 cm tall..i would like to reduce 10 kg.please do suggest me to do in effective way tyler
5 June 2012

Tyler - Not sure what your really asking here but if your trying to lose 10kg I suggest focus on your diet and cardio regimen.

wonder if a three day rotation works in exercising giving muscles more time to recover
2 June 2012

Tyler - 3 days a week? If your schedule only permits that amount of gym time then you should do that but me personally wouldn't be able to only workout three days a week.

What is your cutting ratio like? Protein:Carb:Fat?
1 June 2012

Tyler - right now it fluctuates. but my carbs are pretty low.  i will post my diet up soon

Any suggestions on how I can get my chest to really pop? Thanks Tyler! Huge inspiration!!!
31 May 2012

Tyler - Chest training is an area I think most people get caught up in how much weight they can push instead of using their chest for every rep.  Try to really focus on squeezing and contracting the chest every single rep of every single set and if that means lowering the weight then do so. 


Questions – 5/30/2012

shoutbox7 300x18017 Questions 5/30/2012Ash
hey bro, quick question, if i decide to do an empty stomach cardio in the morning for bout 35-40min, would i need a post workout meal after that or would breakfast count as the "post workout meal"? i know you also recommended taking BCAA's before morning cardio, which i will be doing, your advice would be great
29 May 2012

Tyler - Your first meal of the day (breakfast) would be considered your post workout meal.  I would try to get that meal in as soon as you get cleaned up from cardio.

What kind of cardio do you recommend? HIIT or low intensity?
28 May 2012

Tyler - I think they both have there place.  I love the way high intensity give me the endorphin rush afterward but it is very taxing on your central nervous system.  I'm choosing to do all low intensity right now.  If your going to do HIIT make sure to give your body plenty of rest.  I suggest doing HIIT only on the days off that your not weight training.

Hey Tyler, quick question about my split... would two chest days in the same week be bad? Say if I did chest on monday and then on Friday also? Thanks a ton for everything Tyler!
27 May 2012

Tyler - I wouldn't say it's a bad thing.  I gave that a try for about 6 months.  What you want to keep in mind though is that if you train it every week on monday and friday your going giving your chest 2 days break every week from friday to monday's session.  What I suggest doing is training chest every 4th day.  That will require you to move some of your days around.  Or if you insist on training every week monday and friday use one session for more of a pump workout and the other for your heavy stuff.

doug stikeleather
Hey Tyler man your an inspiration but i was looking for tips for a beginning bulk. Should i stick with a certain macro ratio or just go 1.5g of protein per pound I weigh?
26 May 2012

Tyler - Adding quality mass is more than just a protein concern.  Your going to need a good amount of carbs and fats as well.  If I were to bulk up right now I would follow a protocol like this. Protein 1.5g-2g per body lb, Carbs 2g per body lb, and Fats a little over half a gram per lb.  Also once or twice a week I would throw in some cheat meals too.


Questions – 5/25

shoutbox7 300x18016 Questions 5/25Shaun
Hey Tyler, I am currently on a cut and seem to have good progress, however it is kinda slow. I don't do cardio and all because I don't want it to go to muscle waste but I do control my caloric intake. I need to try to cut about 6-12lbs of body fat or well just look more defined. Is there anything you could recommend?
25 May 2012

Tyler - If your diet is 100 percent then start doing some cardio. I had the same mentality when I was younger not to do any cardio because I thought my muscle would just melt away but as long as your have proper nutrition and do minimal amounts of cardio you will be fine.  Since you don't do any cardio your body should respond pretty quickly to just a little bit.

ty, been a fan for a while, having grown up near you in blacksburg. most people recommend doing cardio after lifting but i'm wondering if this makes the workout too long? people say don't work out for more than an hour but if you lift for an hour then how can you do cardio after, especially if you need protein ASAP after lifting? thanks.
20 May 2012

Tyler - I prefer to do them separately. I have done them together though.  If that is your only option then definitely do your cardio after weights but directly after your weights take some BCAA's to feed your muscles that you've just worked and directly after cardio have your protein shake.

Is it necessary for anyone looking to achieve a certain goal for their physique to know their macronutrient goals/calorie requirements and adjust them ?
16 May 2012

Tyler - Yes because then you will know how your body is looking and responding to whatever amounts you have instead of being blind and not knowing.  Then you will have a better understanding as to what needs to be adjusted for your particular goals.


2 weeks and feeling Strong!

protein1 225x300 2 weeks and feeling Strong!

Best tasting protein I've had...zero sugar

It's been almost 2 weeks (Saturday will make 2 weeks)  now into my strict nutrition plan to be on tract at reaching my goals.  Once I'm where I need to be I'll be setting up my photo shoots again in NYC!  My body is fully adjusted to less calories now.  I'm not gonna lie last week was rough.  I was pretty hungry all week long.  I don't think I posted but for a good 2 weeks  I was eating only about 60-70 percent clean food.  Every day I was having some sort of high calorie junk food.  Today cardio officially started back up and I was actually excited about it.  6 weeks of no cardio might have done my body some good so I'm hoping that it will respond quickly now that I'm adding it back in.  30 minutes on a slight incline is all I'll be doing for a little while.  Speed was about 3.7 and incline was 6.0-8.0.  In my opinion doing empty stomach cardio yields the best results for fat burning but make sure to take some BCAA's before you start to insure that you preserve your muscle mass.  It's a great way to get your day started and I feel a lot more awake rather than just rolling out of bed and getting my day started without it.  Stay tuned my site will be up and running full force soon with plenty of new pictures and videos.

tread 225x300 2 weeks and feeling Strong!

I'll be spending a lot of mornings on this