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Cycle 3 QUADS! from TMT-Phase One

videos9 300x1201317 Cycle 3 QUADS! from TMT Phase OneCheck out this short glimpse of my Cycle 3 Quad workout that you can find in my 12 week eBook TMT-PHASE ONE! available here http://tylermcpeak.com/store

Cycle 3 Description
Weeks 3,6,9,12
TERROR WEEKS! A.K.A. Giant Sets. Be ready for extreme pain but in turn extreme PUMPS! This is by far the most challenging section of the program and you cannot...I repeat CANNOT be weak minded. When your mind is telling you that you can't do more or it might be getting to painful you have to fight it off and realize your muscles can handle it and the results are well worth the work. Intensity techniques and power moves will still be used in this cycle. Every workout is designed to target each muscle group at every angle possible by performing giant sets. A giant set is 4 or more exercises done back to back with no rest in between. Only 10-15 seconds in between exercises anything more and your muscles will start to recover. During these workouts it will feel like a cardio workout as well so get ready to drop some body fat while causing hypertrophy by maximal stimulation! If you are feeling all of your secondary muscles take a large workload you need to lighten the weight. Learn how to shut off using secondary muscles and only use the targeted muscle group. If possible for this week I suggest going to train at a time when it's not busy at the gym so you will be able to perform the giant sets properly. I understand that some of you will not be able to perform giant sets due to schedules and only being able to workout when there are several people in the gym so if that is your case I suggest breaking it down into super sets or tri sets it will still be effective.


Members Section COMING SOON!

armdayscreenshot5 300x168 Members Section COMING SOON!

Screenshot from an upcoming Arm workout with my boy Ben Bowles

It's now Thursday morning and I finally feel like I've caught up on rest from my VA trip.  I think the combo of going out and drinking on top of the 7.5hr road trip was a shock to my body and it's taken me longer than I thought it would to get caught up.  My metabolism is crazy fast right now and I LOVE IT!  I woke up this morning at 6am because I was starving had my meal 1 and went right back to bed until it was time for meal 2.  Last week I started to add more food and I'm acclimating my body into a maintenance phase right now.  I did my weekly assessment yesterday to keep track of everything and my body fat is still at 4.91%.  At this point I'm extremely happy with where I'm at (body fat wise) so I've decided to maintain this look for a while.  I feel healthy and my workouts have been ridiculous.  I'm pretty much ready to shoot right now and I want to keep it that way since I still do plan on doing some new shoots very soon!  There would only be a few changes that I would have to make over about a 2 week period to look dry and shredded.  Well I'm coming close to the end of my 12 week training program TMT-PHASE ONE and it has been one hell of a journey both mentally and physically.  I hope everyone is still enjoying each cycle because I sure did.  I'm in my last Cycle 2 week right now and since I started this program I've kept having constant DOMS after each and every workout.  Like I've said in past posts once you reach a certain point it's hard to get DOMS all the time but this program has allowed my muscles to consistently get sore..and that to me means growth and improvement!


I have an exciting announcement that I wanted to make! I changed my mind and have decided to do a members section here at tylermcpeak.com!  I can't say an exact date because Brian my webmaster will kick my ass lol but it will be very soon.  This time it's going to happen..no bullshit.  All of the training ebooks will still be made but I decided against doing a nutrition ebook and instead do what my original plans were and have the members section.  In my members section it will be a separate blog and you will have access to my daily diet that I'm currently doing.  I will have a section of my previous diets as well that will include my bulking diet I did with Hany Rambod and my cutting diet that I've been following up until this past week when I've switched over to a maintenance.  My food logs will include how I specifically prepare each meal to make it very tasty along with pictures. It will contain all of the same info that I planned on putting in the book. The reason I've decided not to do the nutrition book and offer the nutritional side of things this way is because my nutrition will continue to change throughout the years and I want you guys to be able to see what I'm doing continuously rather than just have one or two specific diets and instead of paying 29.95$ for a nutritional ebook you will have access to my nutrition for a very cheap monthly subscription.  Also within the members section there will be a forum where you can ask me any nutritional,supplementation, and training questions etc.  There will be a "workout of the month" where I'll post a fully detailed workout from whichever TMT-PHASE that I'll be in as well.  All of this and more will be available to you very soon!

Upcoming Youtube Videos:

  • Cycle 3 Quad Training from TMT-PHASE ONE
  • Back Training with Cris Edmonds
  • Leg Training with Cris Edmonds and Brook Arrit
  • Arm Training with Ben Bowles
  • Various Exercise Descriptions

    july14progress 300x300 Members Section COMING SOON!

    July 14 2012 - Lancerlot in Vinton,VA


TMT-Phase One Ebook Reviews – 7/10/2012

ebookreview3 TMT Phase One Ebook Reviews 7/10/2012Here are some more reviews that I have been receiving via email or facebook.  Please keep them coming! I want to hear you guys feedback!

    Just got back from doing my first chest workout from the TMT program and I have to say that I am really pumped right now. I had a great workout and I was focused the entire time. I'm not writing you this email to kiss your ass but I do give credit when credit is deserved. I took before pictures for the first time last night and I haven't really been this psyched about a program  like I am now. I have to say I was surprised with how much of a challenge the pushups were. After those sets of chest, I really struggled with the pushups. However, I am looking to improve each and every week and I have a good starting point now. Quick question about the standing bodyweight one calf exercise, do you stand on a board or just on the ground? Also do you hold on to anything while doing it? My balance was a bit off from doing the calf exercises before when I did it. Anyway as the program goes on I'll probably have more questions but for now I am looking forward to tomorrow's workout.

Bryan L V

Tyler -- thanks for the Phase One workouts -- they are tough, but freakin AWESOME!!!

Chelsea G

I had some very unladylike choice words for you today when I got to the end of a killer quad sesh and still had to do 6 sets of 20 DB walking lunges. Burrrrrrrrrrn!!! Loving cycle 2!

Brandon P

Dude, this workout kicks ass. I've gotten a few friends to buy as well. I'd forgotten a lot of these exercises until you reminded me in the book. Kudos!


Keep it 100!

KEEP 227x300 Keep it 100!

7/5/2012 - KEEP IT 100

Another cycle 3 AKA TERROR WEEK! is almost complete!  This has been one painful week!  Keep in mind that the pain that you have to go through is well worth the results that follow!  It really will push your mind,heart, lungs and muscular endurance to a whole new level!  Cycle 3 definitely takes a lot out of you and it did just that this week.  I got footage of all of my workouts so there will be all new videos coming out next week!  I can’t wait to blow up my arms today and feast tonight!   A few days ago I posted that I had made a change in doing my cardio completely covered up in a full sweat shirt and sweat pants along with a ab sweat belt.  Well after I reached out to someone that I highly respect I quickly changed my mind and went back to just wearing a tshirt and shorts this IFITHURTS 150x150 Keep it 100!morning.  He is a top level NPC National bodybuilder that is known for his insane conditioning.  He told me that he hadn’t done much research on it himself but the fact that your depleting your body of valuable minerals excessively will cause your muscles to not perform at their maximum level.  Also our bodies naturally have mechanisms to cause ourselves to heat up so speeding that process up by being covered up isn’t for optimal health. H also said you actually want to start off cold because your body has to work harder to heat it up which that equals burning more.  The reason for me reaching out to him was that this week I began to feel very depleted and lethargic and I noticed that my cardio was starting to feel extremely hard which it never does considering it’s low intensity incline treadmill walk.

faucet 300x225 Keep it 100!

After only 1 rotation of Cycle 3 Quad day sweat was pouring off like a faucet!

I figured my body was just a little worn out or it was a part of the low carb blues lol…but after this morning’s session and all day today I felt like a new person.  Not depleted and drained etc…so I apologize for misguiding anyone or making you feel like shit if you did this week’s cardio covered up.  Next week I’ll be doing my cardio outside while I’m in VA.  My parents house is at the bottom of a mountain and there is a road that goes straight to the top. I’m looking forward to a switch up!

If you’ve been following my site for a while you know I’m a HUGE UFC fan and tonight it’s the rematch between Silva vs. Sonnen.  I’m pulling for Silva because I cannot stand how disrespectful Sonnen is and the amount of shit he talks.  It’s ridiculous and hopefully Silva will take care of him tonight!  Tonight’s big cheat meal is going to be an Italian feast.  Homemade baked ziti and meatball subs along with some cheese cake, pop tarts, and cookies!  Food porn pics soon icon smile Keep it 100!


Quads & Calf video TMT-PHASE ONE Cycle 2!

videos9 300x1201312 Quads & Calf video TMT PHASE ONE Cycle 2!Here is a glimpse of my Quad and Calf training for Cycle 2 of my 12 week ebook training program TMT-PHASE ONE!

Cycle 2 Description:
Weeks 2,5,8,11
Volumization Weeks. During these weeks you will be using both heavy and lighter weights. On some of your compound movements you will train heavy but also lighter weights and higher reps are involved. LOTS of advanced training techniques are in this cycle to create maximal stimulation and you will feel your muscles fire and fill up with blood like never before. The rep ranges are anywhere from 6-30 so you will be using a combination of fast twitch (power and strength) and slow twitch (endurance) fibers. The different techniques that are introduced in these weeks are super sets, tri sets, , speed of the movement (from super slow to super fast), duration of peak contraction, static holds, and more!



june29 225x300 Randomness

6/29/2012 - Progress Pic..still have a little more fat to go especially in my lower midsection


This week is coming to an end again and I just had some random things to speak about as you can see below.  Something that I changed this week for my cardio is that I'm staying totally covered up now.  Usually I do my cardio just in shorts in a t-shirt but this week for all of my sessions I wore sweat pants and a winter fleece type of zip up hoodie along with an AB sweat belt.  The point of this is to create an even more thermogenic cardio session by heating up your body temp.  So I figured why not get the maximum benefits that are possible for each cardio session..remember..it's the details.  You will sweat like crazy but if you ever pay attention to your midsection when wearing just shorts and a t-shirt it stays cold while the rest of your body is heated.  The ab belt keeps that area heated and I can tell a difference just in this week on my midsection.  I decided to do this because one of the trainers that I study his methods (Neil Hill) gets all of his clients to use this method so I did some research and applied it to myself.  Give it a try and see if it works for you!

Today was QUADS!  I'm feeling extremely drained from it after I had gotten home and showered on my way back down the steps my legs literally almost gave out on me.  I got some good video footage of the workout so that video will also be up very soon since everyone that bought the ebook this past week should be starting up Cycle 2 this upcoming week.  After I got cleaned up and had a couple of meals I had to make a Costco trip and my legs still felt full and numb!  Needless to say it was a great workout and I can't wait for you guys to try it out! Ending the week off with a volumized leg session leaves your body depleted and ready for a carb up!  Tomorrow I'm thinking some good old PopEye's fried chicken,mashed potato,mac n cheese, and carrot cake cupcake!

In 2 weeks I'll be making my annual summer trip to my hometown Roanoke,VA and I can't wait!  I have not been up there since X-Mas so it's definitely past due.  I'm looking forward to seeing my whole family and getting some kick ass workout sessions with all of my old training partners.  Another plus is that all the gyms in Roanoke are surprisingly better than here in Nashville.  I'll be going up for a full week so I'll be getting some workout video footage of my training partners and I.

Random Thoughts to end with:
Ask yourself this question next time before walking into the gym.  What are you thinking about during every rep of every set of every exercise?  Do you actually think about every inch of every rep or are you just moving the weight?  It takes unparalleled concentration and ability to block out the rest of the world; but if you can do it you will be thrilled with the results.  Set your mind on the perfect rep and never compromise that form.  Execute each rep to perfection.  When form gets compromised, so do your gains.

Today I read a pretty interesting article that makes total since to me and I can very much relate to this.  It's an article on how mental stress can wreck your gains.  Written by Charles Poliquin from www.charlespoliquin.com

"Decrease your stress to recover faster from intense training and make strength gains today. By managing your mental and physical stress levels you will get better results in the gym, have a better body composition, and a happier life. I know it sounds too simple, but you must manage your stress if you want to “be all you can be.”

New research shows that stress will hamper results and put you at risk for poor performance, which will cause you more stress! Don’t let this happen! A new study in the journal of Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise found that in trained college students, those who had higher stress scores on two well respected stress scales had a delayed recovery from a high-intensity lower body resistance training workout. Participants performed multiple leg extension sets to failure and then had their psychological stress levels measured during a one-hour period.

Recovery of maximal isometric strength was nearly 10 percent lower in the students who were more stressed. There was a distinct inverse relationship between lower stress ratings and greater recovery of maximal strength.

Researchers suggest the mechanism behind delayed recovery has to do with a chronic overactivation of the stress hormone response—mainly cortisol. This causes a cascade of negative physiological effects that may include irregular muscular activation, altered breathing, low blood pH, altered neural firing patterns, poor glucose tolerance, and atrophic gene expression, which shifts the body to a more tissue degrading state."

legscreenshot 300x168 Randomness

Screenshot from Quad Video - 6/29/2012 Nashville



Past 5 Days

motivation 300x300 Past 5 Days5 days in a row of workouts and my body is officially worn out.  Since Brian was in town I wanted to take him through all muscle groups except the only one we didn't hit together was quads.  Here is a rundown of what we did the past 5 days.. We used a lot of different techniques with partials,negatives,high reps,low reps, pre-exhaust,super sets,fst-7.

  • Friday - Chest/Biceps
  • Saturday - Hamstrings/Calf
  • Sunday - Back
  • Monday - Abs/Shoulders/Calf
  • Tuesday - Arms

I have a slow day with clients so I'm going to use this time to just recover.  I speak with Hany on Friday to find out what the game plan is now that I have to be prepared to shoot within 4-6 weeks so I know everything is about to get kicked into high gear.  I can't wait to see what the final product looks like and I'll post more once I know more of when I'm going to NYC etc.  One thing I know that will change is no more cheat meals until I'm done with my shoots.  On a different note the weather has been awesome here and I'm hoping this spring weather is here to stay!weather 200x300 Past 5 Days


Questions 3/7/2012

shoutbox7 300x1809 Questions 3/7/2012Angel
hey tyler i tried not taking any pre workout drink my last workout, and i found myself very tired and fatigued during the workout? whats ur best advice to keep energy levels up without taking tge pre work out stuff? also what pre workout supp worked best for u?
7 March 2012

Tyler - If you have been taking a stim based pre-workout supplement then it can take a week or so before you will lose the lethargic feeling since your adrenal glands are getting back to normal.  My suggestion is just to cycle off for 4-8 weeks and then once you take them again it'll be like you've never taken it before.  My favorite pre-workout supplements have been Stimulant based - superpump max, non stim - Evogen EVP.

Tyler my man, what exercises do you do typically do for hamstrings, I feel I do alot more quad exercies than hamstring ones when leg day comes around!
7 March 2012

Tyler - Try splitting them up and training quads one day and hams later in the week. Here was my most recent Ham workout

  • Lying leg curls - 4x8-12
  • Seated leg curls - 4x8-12
  • Deadlifts - 135x10,225lbx10,315lbx20,405lbx10,405lbx8,315lbx15
  • Standing One leg curl - 4x12-15 superset standing calf raise
  • one leg leg press calf raise - 4x12

Hey Tyler, can I take protein powder without a liquid or is it less effective?
7 March 2012

Tyler - No as long as your ingesting it it doesn't matter if you use liquid or not....but how are you going to be taking it? just eating the powder?

Tyler, why you were "filling out" with Hany's program, approximiately how many carbs were you taking in on you carb up day and how little did you take on your carb down days? Also, how did you cycle it? i.e. 3 low 1 high? Im working on putting on size but i find i tend to begin looking smooth and bloated if i eat moderate to high carbs everyday.
6 March 2012

Tyler - My carbs are still very high right now.  I'll be posting my daily food logs again once my members section launches so you will be able to follow my exact diet every day.

Hey McPeak!!! You offer so much value... I would love to offer something back. Maybe I can help you out with your marketing? Beyond that... I have a question regarding your lean-gains/warrior diet you did a few months back. i've been on it for about 4 month. i'm starting to look ripped but seem to have dropped in appearance? weight is the same, but I seem to look smaller.. what are your thoughts? thanks bud.
6 March 2012

Tyler - Lean-gains wasn't good for my body.  It sounds like your muscles are just extremely flat.  I had the same problem when I did that I thinned out quick.  Not sure what to tell you other than I didn't like it and I would never go back to it.  I prefer 6 meals a day and keeps my muscles full constantly.

hey ty i am 6'4" and have pretty well defined muscle due to my ectomorph body. i am not strictly ectomorph. i need to gain mass while keeping my definition. Where would be a good spot to start following your workouts? i love your physique and would like to get very close to that. great job btw and keep it up!
6 March 2012

Tyler - Any of my workouts I've posted since September 2011 till now would be good.  They are all designed for strength and mass gain.

Hey T, You plan on bringing back rap beats into your videos again? That was dope!
5 March 2012

Tyler - appreciate it..but I doubt it..I don't have the time anymore to put into that.

Hey Tyler... I started my cut 2 weeks ago today at 190 I am already 185. Do you think I might be losing weight to fast? I am eating 6 whole food meals a day and doing cardio every day. I am afraid that I am going to lose the muscle I worked hard to put on over the last year. Do you think I should cut down on the cardio?
5 March 2012

Tyler - First off 5lb in 2 weeks isn't too bad because usually people will lose quick in the beginning when your losing some of that water weight at first.  As long as your strength is staying the same and not decreasing then that is a clear sign that your holding onto your muscle.  That being said I do suggest cutting down on the cardio and giving your body two days rest during the week.


Questions – 2/24/2012

shoutbox7 300x1806 Questions 2/24/2012James
How do you properly warm up for heavy squats? I can do 10 reps of 315lbs, but i feel like my warm up to get there isn't at its best. Should i be doing a few sets with short rest periods? or start my weight low and go up and increments of 50lbs with 10 reps of each set until i get to the 315? Im trying to warm up enough to get my joing and blood pumping in my legs but not so much that im too tired to lift the heavy weight!
24 February 2012

Tyler - That is some good weight your moving right there! keep up the hard work! I always start my leg session off with 5-10 minutes on the recumbent bike. I'll do 3-5 warm up sets before I get into my working sets keeping the reps low though so I don't fatigue resting about a minute in between warm ups.  Depending how heavy i'm going that day I'll only do 5 reps or so on each warm up set.  Hope this helps...all that being said I usually hit squats now at the end of my quad workout because the mechanics feel better and my knees don't ache.

Hey Tyler, i've been following Hany's "GET JACKED" program and so far my chest and back days are phenomenal, im getting great workouts from it. My Shouler day however, feels like its not being stimulated enough. It might be becasue of all the isolation exercises that im not used to, im not sure. One exercise involves doing front raises on an incline bench, face down; this is an FST-7 technique as well. I feel like i cant quote get a proper pump in my front delt from this exercise, im not sure what angle the bench should be at and if it should be bringing my arms parallel to my body or parallel to the floor. When i have workouts where my pumps are just "okay", i tend to second guess my postworkout shake consisting of 50g carbs... im on th evogen stack as well. Let me know if you can offer any advice about the Incline bench exercise and taking in postworkout carbs for moderate workout days. Thanks!
24 February 2012

Tyler - First off don't second guess yourself on the post workout drinks.  We all have those days where you don't get a good full pump and it kinda just puts a damper on the rest of your day.  Happened to me yesterday.  As for the incline front raises put the bench on a 45 degree angle or so..most incline are numbered and i usually put it on 4 or 5.  It's a great exercise maybe just drop the weight a little and really focus on the feeling going slower with your reps until you get the mind muscle connection down.  If that doesn't help I would just substitute that exercise for another front raise exercise and hit the fst with a rope front raise.

Do you do a protien shake after your Cell Kem? What do you put in it?
23 February 2012

Tyler - No..30 minutes after I take Cell Kem and glycoject I have a whole food meal

Hey Tyler can you tell me some examples of your favorite clean meals? like chicken and sweet potato, or what are your favorite sources of carbs and such?
23 February 2012

Tyler - I'll be posting my daily food logs in the members section so you will see exactly what I'm eating every day.

Hey Ty, i feel like i cant get proper posture/footing when doing one arm rows on a flat bench, i feel like my lower back gets involved or my back doesnt get stimulated enough, im not sure if maybe my foot is to close to the bench or if i should be bending my knee. Any advice on one arm rows? I'[ve tried to lighted the weight and i make sure im always looking forward.
23 February 2012

Tyler - This will be something you will have to play around with to get the best feeling for you.   Whenever I do them I have a bend in my knee is its close to the bench.  Part of my members section videos I describe how to properly preform each exercise and where you should feel it.

When you say supplement hiatus, does that include whey and casein? Or is it just eliminating pre workout, creatine, etc? Great page by the way, looking forward to the members section.
23 February 2012

Tyler - It's just eliminating pre workout,creatine, and the pre and post carbohydrate drink.

How much water do you drink during your workout? If I am smaller I should drink less right?
22 February 2012

Tyler - I drink about a half gallon during my workout and a half gallon leading up to my workout.  I would say a liter pre workout and a liter during workout would be sufficient.

Have you ever heard of or used "Animal" products i.e. Animal Stak, Animal Cuts, etc.? Do you know anything anout this supplement
22 February 2012

Tyler - I've used the mutli vitamin and the animal cuts before.  I used the cuts when I was going through my eating disorder in nyc so i can't give a valid review on them since i wasn't on a proper exercise and nutrition plan.  I will say one thing I didn't like about the product was that it had a diuretic in it.  I don't think it's safe to take diuretics daily.

...a 27 minute-long workout on video? O.K., Tyler, you got me. I going to become a member. Glad to see you decided to create a members only section of your site. You deserve it for all the inspiration and advice you give.give inspiration
22 February 2012

Tyler - Thanks You!

Hey Ty. ive got such a passion and drive for health and fitness, and really want to get into the field and study it more in depth. wanted to know how you got into personal training, and if you have any advice for the likes of myself wanting to get more involved and persue a career in fitness and nutrition? you're a huge inspiration to me, and get alot of motivation from your videos and articles. thnx.
22 February 2012

Tyler - First off thanks for the compliments...I got into personal training when I was 20 years old.  I had gotten a job at a gym being the "house keeping" staff.  I cleaned toilets and did laundry etc.  I became friends with one of the personal trainers there and after speaking with him this seemed like something I wanted to try out.  It took me about 4 months to get my first certification (ISSA) and every two years you have to get continued education courses. 


Trashed Quads!

membersectionscreen 300x87 Trashed Quads!

Screenshots from yesterdays workout video for Members Section

After taking a 4 week hiatus from supplementation yesterday was the first day I started taking them again and I'm doing things a little differently.  Yesterday had a great workout and the whole thing was filmed for my members section.  Today was leg day but my schedule was pressed for time so I only had time for quads and I completely trashed them.  They were giving out on me when I was leaving the gym.  I think partly it's due to the supplements and partly due to the fact that I ate a 14" inch mushroom and pepperoni pizza last night  icon smile Trashed Quads!   FINALLY found a good pizza spot here in Nashville.  Up until last night anytime I would get pizza it was a failure. So I'll either be training hams here in a couple of hours or do them tomorrow on my scheduled day off.  I'll be uploading my new shoulder workout video tomorrow so make sure to check that out!

425306 178832035560500 163846577059046 270340 1458663731 n 225x300 Trashed Quads!

5 Points Pizza