Tyler McPeak

Shoulders/Step Mill

  1. WORKOUT13 300x12023 Shoulders/Step MillHammer Strength Shoulder Press - 4x8-12 2 dropsets on last set
  2. Standing DB Lateral Raise - 4x10,15,30,20 superset single plate underhand front raise
  3. upright rows superset plate front raises - 3x12
  4. one arm seated db lateral raise superset db shrugs 3x12
  5. step mill 30 minutes


WORKOUT13 300x12019 ARMS/CardioMy Sunday started off with a great run on the treadmill on an empty stomach for 25 total minutes.  I did several sprint intervals and one mile for speed which I did in 6 minutes to end the workout off.  A couple hours later was my first arm workout at the new gym and my training partner Ron joined.  We blasted arms for about an hour and did my favorite cardio machine afterwards which is the stepmill.

  1. 21's with the straight bar superset seated cable machine overhead ext - 4x21 on curls and 4x12-15
  2. preacher curl machine superset rope cable press downs - 3x8-12 2 drop sets on last set
  3. incline db curls (very low incline almost laying down flat) tri set seated barbell partial curls & dips  - everything 3x8-12
  4. preacher curl machine (a different one at a different angle) fst style - 4x10-12
  5. decline straightbar skull crushers superset standing db hammer curls - 3x12
  6. stepmill HIIT 20 MINUTES