Tyler McPeak


videos9 300x1209 CHEST/BACK 2/28
This is part 1 of a 3 part series. If you can only make it to the gym 3 days a week here is a routine to do on one of the days. Part 2 and 3 coming in the next couple of weeks! I'm 3 Days away from my upcoming shoots and I supersetted chest and back together. I also made both of the beats used in the video this past weekend. These are rough drafts not complete beats. More to come soon!



WORKOUT13 300x12017 CHEST/Biceps/Calve/AbsMy second workout at the new gym and it was INTENSE.  I'm surprised that my strength is still going up considering I'm low carbs and doing extra cardio.  Being in a new environment with new equipment has definitely been a great change.  With 14 days left till my shoot I'm looking forward to getting back in front of the camera!  I've never been in this type of condition before!

  1. Incline Hammer Strength Press - 4x 5x12 2 drops on last set. (on my forth set i used 3 plates on each side for 5 reps)
  2. Incline DB Press - 1 feel set 3x8x10 1 dropset on last set (worked up to 80's)
  3. Flat DB Fly - 3x10-12 one dropset on last set (worked up to 60's)
  4. Decline Hammer Strength Press - 3x8-10 2 dropsets on last set
  5. DB Pullovers - 3x12 used a 90
  6. Preacher Curl Machine - 4x10-12 one dropset superset with standing calve raise
  7. Standing DB Curl - 2x10 superset seated calve raise
  8. Sit ups on decline bench - 2x20 superset standing concentration curls 2x12
  9. AB crunch machine 3x12


  1. WORKOUT13 300x12016 LEGS/ABS/CardioBike Ride To the gym 1.5 miles
  2. Front Squats - 3x10 - Back Squat 1x20
  3. Leg Press - 3x12 2 drop sets, first drop 10 reps second drop 20 reps
  4. Smith Machine Squats - 3x10 one drop set for 20 reps
  5. Lying Leg Curls - 4x12
  6. Stationary DB Lunges superset DB  Stiff Leg dead lifts - 3x12
  7. Seated Calve Raise - 3x12 2 drop sets on last set
  8. Rope Crunches superset V-Crunch Machine - 3x12-15
  9. Elliptical 10 minutes
  10. Bike Ride Home

Update on my training partner Ron.  He is now down to 198!! All of his hard work is definitely paying off!!