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Questions – 8/27/2012

shoutbox7 300x18039 Questions 8/27/2012Kyle
Hey Tyler, a question about Cardio. If you are sore from a leg workout (doms) the next day or the day after that, is it okay to fight it and do your cardio, considering you can barely walk straight? Also, how long should you wait if you do morning cardio and have a weight training session later that afternoon? Thanks!
27 August 2012

Tyler - I would say it depends on what type of cardio your doing.  I always do cardio the days after legs I feel that it actually helps speed up the recovery process.  If your just doing low intensity you shouldn't have a problem and once you get moving and blood flows to them you shouldn't feel the soreness too bad. To answer your second questions I would say 4-6hrs is a good rest time in between cardio and weights.  It's really going to be up to you and your schedule and personal preference as to how long to wait but I like to keep mine at about 6hrs apart.

daniel g
hey tyler what is a good creatine product that will get me bigger and stronger alot thanks
27 August 2012

Tyler - Micronized Creapure Creatine Monohydrate

hey Tyler, I'm a big fan of your work! I'm a shift worker and lately I have been working from 4am-1:30pm with 2 days a week where I finish at 4:30pm and a day off every now and again! I find it hard to go to the gym at 1:30 some days! Is it better to push through and go to the gym or have a nap then head to the gym! Am going to buy all the supplements for your ore workout shake in tmt phase 1 today! Thanks a lot, also am loving phase 1!!
26 August 2012

Tyler - Thanks for checking my book out!  I would most definitely take a nap before the gym.  Don't force yourself to go if your not feeling like up for it.  You want your workouts to be as productive as possible and forcing yourself to go when your worn down is not a good idea.  Good luck and keep up the hard work!

Hey Tyler, I have a very serious question. I've been working out non-stop for the past few months. I'm really starting to see the definition. The guys in my gym class keep saying that the bigger my muscles get, the smaller my penis will be. I don't really see how that's possible, but I wanted to ask a trained expert. Are there things I can do to prevent such a thing if it exists?
25 August 2012

Tyler - I'm not sure if your joking or not but lifting weights does not affect that one bit.

Tyler, i was wondering if 6oz chicken with 5oz sweet potatoes and half an avocado is OK pwo. This is also the last meal of the day and taken an hour after my pwo shake (25g karbolyn and bcaa). Thanks!
24 August 2012

Tyler - That sounds good.  I would actually eat that 30 minutes after your pwo shake if possible.

Edwin Adams
Tyler, what'st the best online or book information source to get a good overalll understanding of fitness nutrition? From vitamins to proteins to carbs....where is it all explained in simple terms?
21 August 2012

Tyler - Well there is several different ways to skin a cat.  That being said it all depends on what type of diet/nutrition approach you are interested in.  I've tried several different dieting approaches and what I'm currently doing right now is by far the easiest diet I've ever done and I feel that I look my all time best.  Check into bodybuilding.com and just search through some nutritional articles.


Philly Trip Recap

What an awesome experience!  A short vacation to visit my good friend Anthony was just what I needed.  On Friday my day got started at 3:50am Nashville time since I had to be at the airport by 5am.  It wasn't a direct flight so my layover was in Chicago.  The first flight was hideous since it was one of those tiny regional planes and the guy sitting beside me was my height as well.  Needless to say it was a cramped 1hr flight.  I was able to get a 20 minute or so nap on the next flight to Philly and I arrived at 12pm.  Once I got in we relaxed for a couple hours then went to the Sports Club and trained some DELTS!  Ridiculous workout! I brought up some NOXplode 2.0 since I had some free samples and it was a lot easier then bringing up all my supplements.  This was the first time I had taken this stuff in years and it had me tweaking in the gym lol.  I'm not a fan of that feeling and what I mean by tweaking is that it had me so hyped up I didn't want to stop moving and mentally just not a good feeling to have in the gym IMO.  After that went back to the apt and knocked down a couple more meals before we headed out for drinks.  We went to a few different places that night.   The Continental, Morgans Pier, and Ladder 15.  It was a great night and even though I only was running on a couple of hours I was a trooper and made it all night.  One of his friends that he works with Ryan also joined up with us and I havn't had this much fun IN A WHILE!  The city life is something that I do miss because Philly reminded me a lot of NYC.  Just a scaled down smaller version.  The next day we got up and I still had a buzz from the night before for the majority of the day lol.  We did a few things around the city and then it was that time again to get a workout in.  We got after some ARMS and it was a crazy workout.  Sick pump and it was the first time I'd ever gotten nauseous from an arm workout.  Now I don't know if it was because of the partying or the intensity of the workout...most likely a combination of both.  By the time we finished up our workout and got cleaned up we headed to dinner and ate at a place called Devon.  Amazing seafood restaurant that's right beside of one of the main parks in the city so we sat outside to do some people watching.  I got a 10pc ahi tuna sushi roll and tomato basil salad for appetizer.  Crab cakes, mashed potatoes, and asparagus for my main coarse.  Desert was a mojito icon smile Philly Trip Recap   As you can see this was a very scaled down version of my normal cheats but I wanted to be able to go out and have more drinks and not be totally stuffed.  Later on we ended up back at Ladder 15 and had a blast!  Yesterday for lunch we got some Philly Cheese steaks!  I couldn't go to Philly without trying one!  It was delicious icon smile Philly Trip Recap Overall it was a great trip.  A much needed trip since now it's time to crack down for the next 11.5 weeks to get in the best shape of my life for my upcoming shoots.  So that means I pretty much will not be doing anything social until I'm done shooting.  It was great hanging out and catching up with Anthony and making a new friend Ryan.  We talked about all taking a trip to Vegas together at some point and they are going to come down and visit me here in Nashville as well.  I know that's gonna be one hell of a time!


Questions – 8/15/2012

shoutbox7 300x18037 Questions 8/15/2012daniel g
hey tyler am having a hard time finding a supplement with L arginine so do u know of any good supplements with that ingrediant that also gives massive pumps thanks
15 August 2012

Tyler - I would go with AAKG - http://www.bodybuilding.com/store/prima/aakg.html

Hey Tyler, you are making some insane progress! Can't wait to start Phase 2 next month! I have a quick question about joint pain. I'm on week 8, cycle 2, and just did day 2 (Back/Hamstrings). During the first half of the workout with pulldowns I was experiencing a lot of pain in my left shoulder and left elbow. This has been a constant thing that I usually feel the most on back days and arms days. Usually I just push through the pain but I'm only 19 so I don't want to do any permanent damage or even be forced to stop training due to an injury. So my question is: is there any advice you could offer for me? Like is there some nutrient or food that I should be getting more of to help with the joint pain? Or maybe should I lighten the weight?... Thanks a ton for all you do man, you've kept my drive alive for over a year and a half! Keep up the good work and all the best!
14 August 2012

Tyler - Thanks Man! I've never made progress like this before and I'm excited to get hammering away on the daily grind..I've got a HUNGER FOR MORE!  Joint pain at 19 is not good..When I was your age I ran into the same issues and continued to train the same way.  I ended up having to get a cortizone shot in my shoulder and that worked but to avoid that route and save money you should learn how to work around it and do exercises as substitutes for whats on the program in order to be pain free.  Trust me I have had plenty of pain issues myself it's part of beating the shit out of your body but you do need to lighten the weight up and figure out different angles or exercises that you can do where you don't feel pain.  Don't keep pushing through the pain because the injury will only get worse.  I suggest icing it every night.  20 minutes on 20 minutes off back in forth for a few rotations this will help out a lot.  Anytime I feel any type of aching pain I always automatically start icing asap to speed up the recovery process.  Hope this helps!

Hey man, this mite be a confusing or even odd question. but stomach flab (the wobbly stuff) will that tighten with a lean muscle gaining eating plan or a cutting/weight loss eating plan, just confused on which route to take. cos its my main goal/concern at the moment. and its not just on my stomach. any bit of help or advice (hint) will be a big help. thanks bro. all the best.!
14 August 2012

Tyler - To get rid of your ab fat your will have to be on  a cutting style nutrition plan.

Hello Ty ! Grat news for your shooting session ! I can't wait to see the pictures !! I'd like to know with your phase 1 and 2 programs what is the time you spend in a normal workout at the gym ?? thanks and remain the BEST for all of us
14 August 2012

Tyler - Thanks Rudy! I can't wait to shoot again! I spend about 1hr to 1hr in a half at the most.  Usually they run about 1hr and 15 minutes


Questions – 8/6/2012

shoutbox7 300x18034 Questions 8/6/2012Joseph
Do you have any experience with Stretch Marks, or any advice on the best way to treat/prevent them?
5 August 2012

Tyler - I have them.  Keep the areas moisturized is about the only thing I know to tell you.  I started getting them after my first year of lifting.  I think if your prone to getting them there is nothing you can do.

After finding out that, unfortunately, the WBFF does NOT drug test and yet they call themselves a Natural Bodybuiilding Federation, I am feeling a bit disillusioned about the whoie scene. Who are some of the individuals that you look up to for motiviation that you know are working drug-free to enhance their physiques such as yourself? Thanks for the daily motifvation man. Keep doing your thing!
5 August 2012

Tyler - I follow professional bodybuilders.  It doesn't bother me that they use massive amounts of drugs.  The drugs aren't doing the work for them and making the sacrifice it takes to be at that level.  I have friends that use steroids.   At this point in my life my biggest motivator is myself but I've always followed the freaks!  I've done one cycle myself in 2008 and that was enough for me.  I don't regret doing it and it was a great experience but my health is my priority and I'm very happy with the progress I'm making being natural.

Hey Tyler...could you post pictures of your clean cheat meals?...really interested in seeing what the WW waffles,pancakes, and 2 pbandj sandwhiches looked like portion wise.
3 August 2012

Tyler - Yeah I will post pictures along with measurements

Are you taking any supplements do you take on your off days?
3 August 2012

Tyler - Yeah I take all my supporting supplements.  I only take my pre and intra shakes on days I train.


Week 1 of TMT-Phase 2 complete! & News Update

photo1311 Week 1 of TMT Phase 2 complete! & News Update

Screen shot from upcoming shoulder video for TMT-PHASE 2!

That was one hell of a week!  The workouts are crazy intense and so far so good as for being just as good as they look on paper.  There was only a couple minor tweaks that I made to perfect it.  Today my friend Brian joined up with me and we got after some arms!  I've already started filming my workouts and I've done 2 videos this week which I'll be putting out once the book is released in September.  This morning I didn't do any cardio except take the dogs for a 30 minutes walk a couple hours after my first meal.  I did my second session of HIIT cardio for the week after trashing arms and today I did 5 minutes on the spin bike by doing 1 min at a decent pace then a 30 second sprint (extremely painful leg pumps).  After the 5 grueling minutes were done I went on to the stair climber and did 2 minutes level 7.0 then 1 minute 8.0 and that wrapped up my workout for today.  Tonight I was completely ravenous and for my cheat meal Suzanne and I went to my favorite burger spot here in East Nashville called The Pharmacy.  I had the Farm Burger which has egg,ham and bacon on it and the cheeseburger which has 3 different types of cheese on it along with sweet potato fries and tots.  I washed it all down with a German beer that was 12% alcohol content (that one beer gave me a nice buzz).  After we finished that up I just wasn't feeling full or satisfied so I stopped by Burger King and tried the Texas BBQ Whopper and finished everything off with some ice cream when I got home icon smile Week 1 of TMT Phase 2 complete! & News Update

thepharmacy 300x300 Week 1 of TMT Phase 2 complete! & News Update

Favorite Burger spot in Nashville!

So after A LOT of thinking I've decided against going to South Africa or NYC in the near future to shoot.  I know I'm a very indecisive person sometimes lol but I just want to make sure I'm making the correct moves in order to further my progress towards my goals.  That being said the reasoning behind this is that I've really only been doing the correct nutrition,training, and supplementation for about 13 weeks now.  Yeah I built up my body for the first 6 years by training correctly and taking supplements but my nutrition was always horrible. Then I had the 1.5 years away from my passion where I completely threw everything away to try to be a fashion model.  Then after I got over that I was still in a confused state of mind of what exactly I wanted to do with my career and body.  Fast forward till recently it wasn't until I got very sick with pneumonia that it was a life changing experience for me.  If you've been following my site for a while then you will remember my ups and downs...my downs being where I wouldn't post ANYTHING for weeks on end...during those times I was very down on myself for the fact that I was always stressing out about my nutrition and could never accomplish the type of shape that I'm in now.  I was continuously spinning my wheels and the thought of quitting and giving everything up was constantly on my mind.  I was thinking of just getting a different job and going back to school for who knows what.  So the gist of the story is that I want to give my body more time to improve.  I've never seen it change weekly like it is and I've never done an "off season" style of nutrition and training correctly.  I feel this is the best time for me to do this since my head is on straight and my priorities are in the right place.  My plan now is to take the next 5 months and really focus on making solid improvements to my physique before I get back in front of the camera.  This will allow me to maintain where my body fat is now and make solid gains where I need to and not have to diet hard to get down to 3-3.5% body fat for a shoot (which is the percent I want to be for my next shoot) There is one photographer in particular that I am going to set a shoot up with that is famous for just FITNESS shots. I plan on doing this at the beginning of 2013!  Until then I will continue putting out plenty of content on here and my youtube channel!  Thanks again for the continuous support!  Everyone keep training hard and stay focused on your goals!

aug4 225x300 Week 1 of TMT Phase 2 complete! & News Update

8/4/2012 - Progress "Suffer the PAIN of Discipline, or Suffer the PAIN of REGRET"


Questions – 6/25/2012

shoutbox7 300x18023 Questions 6/25/2012ned
Hello tyler, i'm reading your TMT program and i can't wait to start it right today ! a question about your supplements lists, don't you need arginine or NO to increase your pump during workout ? what do you think about thoses products and effciency ? Thanks a lot for everything ! your're THE MAN to follow to succed !
25 June 2012

Tyler - Can't wait for you to start too! Arginine is an Essential Amino Acid.  You can add some AAKG to the mix if you would like but keep in mind that the PUMP is created by the correct diet,plenty of water, correct amount of sodium, and correct amount of rest.  The supplements are there just to aid all of that.

Tyler, is there a reason you are taking your supplements individually now instead of taking them in combined products such as the EVOGEN products? Whatever happend to those? Would you go back to EVOGEN?
25 June 2012

Tyler - For one it's a BIG MONEY SAVER.  The Evogen products are pretty pricey.  Second I like to know the exact amounts of certain supplements I'm using.  Some of these supplement companies will list the ingredients on the back but not even the amount of each one that in there.  This way you know you are getting the correct amounts that you need.  So to answer your question of would I go back to using Evogen products or any other supplement company that has there own pre-workout drinks etc the answer is no for the time being.

Hey Tyler I have a question about your cheat meal- how many of those cookies/cupcakes willl you eat? or how big was your cheat meal in terms of amounts?
25 June 2012

Tyler - My cheat meals are BIG! my metabolism is cranking right now so it's like I'm a bottomless pit lol. I NEVER stuff myself to the point of getting sick..I hate that feeling and that would be considered binge eating and defeat the purpose of a cheat meal. On Saturday I ended up having 4 biscuits and gravy, 2 pancakes with natural peanut butter spread on top with sugar free syrup, then 1 cupcake, and 3 cookies,2 poptarts


Ebook Reviews – 6/24/2012

ebookreview1 Ebook Reviews 6/24/2012

A couple more Reviews I received via Email. [email protected] THANKS FOR THE FEEDBACK GUYS!

Michael B
I've got to admit, I've always loved your physique and have been following your site and progress for the last year.
I've read through TMT Phase 1 and am totally PUMPED to get this going. Just wanted to say thanks for all the time you've spent on the shoutbox and site helping us grow and challenge ourselves.
Thanks for dedicating your time into make TMT Phase 1 and am really excited to get my hands on the nutrition program once it's out.
Desire is the key to motivation, but it's the determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal- a commitment to excellence- that will enable you to attain the success you seek.

Tyler - Thank you! I can't wait for you to get started... I put my heart into this program and it really does work... I'm happy that you are geared up and ready! And awesome quote I'm gonna use that!

Hey Tyler,

 Wassup man? I just read your ebook before going to bed last night. I am pumped and actually intimidated by the workouts. I'll be starting Sunday morning. But I gotta stay tough and positive. Its gonna be bananas! 2 questions...Can I ask...where do you get your supplements from? Do you go to one particular place? Any recommendations? If I'm all in with TMT phase one....i definitely gotta take what your taking. Also, second question...i work out by myself 99% of the time....for heavy weights, should I just use the Smith machine for BB bench presses? or just go a tad light with traditional BB bench presses.
Tyler -

What's up man! Thanks for the feedback and DON'T be intimidated this program is going to take your body and mind to a whole new level and it's going to teach you what it takes to have the physique you want! As for supps I get all of mine from bodybuilding.com and I train alone myself yesterday was the first day I trained with someone in months.. So to answer your question train with free weights...and grab someone to spot you on in the gym if needed
Good luck and keep me updated on your progress

TMT-Phase 1 ebook AVAILABLE NOW!

tmtphase11 230x300 TMT Phase 1 ebook AVAILABLE NOW!


A 12 week intense training program that includes 15 different workouts from 3 different cycles that you will be going through. Each cycle has specific purposes so be ready for mind blowing pumps and extreme pain to take your mind and body to a whole new level! This detailed program will allow you to improve your physique by shaping and detailing, burning fat, gaining size and strength, all while keeping your muscles with maximum fullness. The way I have designed this program is the best of all of the different styles of workouts that I have used on my body that are guaranteed to produce results.  Your body will be in shock from week to week while you go through each cycle so your physique has no other option but to respond.  Also included is my  supplementation guide of all the current supplements that I am taking. This hybrid style periodization training program is like nothing else today!

**This is a PDF file so there is no need for a kindle or any other ebook reader**


Questions – 6/17/2012

shoutbox7 300x18019 Questions 6/17/2012Jon
how much will the ebook cost?
17 June 2012

Tyler - TMT-PHASE 1 EBook will be available for $14.95US dollars

great new video. What music do you listen to.. that what was playing? Also, notice you move about in bursts.. is that free style based on the muscle feel of the moment or following a planned routine. great video all the way
17 June 2012

Tyler - Thanks Will! I listen to all kinds of music. I'm a music lover so my taste is very eclectic.  I mostly listen to Rap,House,and Hard Rock when I train.  As for as the different movements of the exercises they are all planned out and in the ebook I explain in detail of how I want everyone to perform each rep.

Can you explain perioidization training?
15 June 2012

Tyler - Periodization, is a method that involves changing up your training at specific times to maximize resultsMy new training program TMT-PHASE 1 is a periodization training protocol. Some workouts are high reps, some workouts are low reps.  The main goal is to maximize muscle stimulation by targeting both fast twitch and slow twitch muscle fibers.

If there is a muscle (say chest) that you don't wish to grow any larger but wish to shape and/or hardened it, how do suggest to train it? I still would like my other muscles to continue to grow for uniformity (my chest is larger), but i am happy with my chest size... i just dont know how to train it differently so that it's shaping rather then just growing in mass... i always aim to get stronger.
15 June 2012

Tyler - I have a couple of suggestions for you.  First would be if your going to stick with a traditional workout program doing the same style of workouts every week then I would place chest training at the end of the week.  Since you already have the mass that you want focus  on pre-exhausting method where you will start your workout off with a couple of fly movements rather than pressing.  The fly movements are more for shaping and detaling where pressing movements are more for chest mass and development.  My other suggestion would be to check out my 12 week TMT-PHASE 1 training program.  These workouts are designed to burn fat,shape and detail the muscle all while keeping it to the maximum fullness.  It will be available June 22!

Hey Tyler, 2 questions for you. 1. What are the current carbs food types that you are taking? Sweet Potato? Oatmeal? Just Veggies all the time? Are you limiting these carbs to the morning and afternoon only? and 2. What supplements are you currently taking pre, during, post? Any multi's or omega's? Thanks in advance! I tend to follow your supplement regimen and it has done wonders. P.S. come on PSN some time will ya!
15 June 2012

Tyler - I will be putting out my diet and a nutrition guide ebook very soon so that will answer all of your questions.  As far as supplementation goes in my new TMT-PHASE 1 Ebook that is coming out June 22nd it's my 12 training program that I've been following along with a supplementation guide in it with everything that I'm currently supplementing with.

whats the best way to recover after a binge? get back to your regular macros the next day, fast the next day? what doyou think.
14 June 2012

Tyler - First really try to avoid all out binges.  They wreaked havoc on my physique for quite sometime and not only does it make you look and feel bad it also taxes your digestive system heavily.  If you are having urges to binge your most likely not taking in the correct macros for your body.  But to answer your question if this does happen make sure to get right back to your normal macros the next day I do not suggest starving and fasting.

Is there such thing as too much cardio? Cardio everyday and once in the evening after every workout. I tried your high incline treadmill in the morning on an empty stomach and it worked wonders. Just curious about how much cardio I am doing. Is it too much, am I losing muscle?
14 June 2012

Tyler - There is definitely such thing as too much cardio.  I've been a victim of this.  It can send your body into a overtrained state and the longer your in that state you will most likely lose muscle, your body will go into survival mode and hold on to everything rather than burning off the fat.  Glad you like the 15% incline treadmill. That still is my go-to cardio right now.  As for if your losing muscle right now a good way to tell is if your strength is decreasing from workout to workout in the gym. With my new style of training that I'm doing I havn't had to kill myself on cardio at all and I'm continuing to lose body fat.  No more 2 a day cardio sessions at all.

Glad to see that you are back and training again. Looking forward to the youtube videos and website updates.
13 June 2012

Tyler - Thanks Kevin!


DMAA (Geranium) being Banned

DMAA is an ingredient in several pre-workout supplements and fat burners.  It's a stimulant and soon will be pulled of the shelves by the FDA.  For more info about the ban click here

Article from Muscular Development June 2012 Issue

"DMAA Does Not Increase Resting Heart Rate

Dimethylamylamine (DMAA) is a stimulant found in many athletic supplements such as Jack3d, OxyElite Pro, and M5 Extreme.  It was developed by Eli Lilly as a nasal decongestant, but is widely used in athletic supplements as a stimulant and weight-loss agent.  Reports of severe side effects in soldiers and athletes have led health experts to question its safety.  A study from the University of Memphis, led by Paul Whitehead, showed that supplementing DMAA had no effect on resting heart rate, blood pressure or liver and kidney function.  Human trials showed very few adverse side effects of consumption of these supplements. (Nutrition Metabolic Insights, published online 1212:6)"