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6 weeks till I shoot

On Friday I spoke with my trainer Hany to get the game plan for my upcoming shoot and he decided that I'll be ready in 6 weeks.  He said I'll most likely be ready in 4 but didn't want to have to rush things and I lose everything I've gained over the past 6 months.  So Friday was my last day of weights until I start up my new program on Monday and all I've done since is my cardio.  I'm confident with the new changes that I will be in the best shape of my life and I like the fact that I will be in shape for the summer too and will only have to suffer and be a hermit for 6 weeks (keep in mind that the journey of getting ripped is the hardest but once you are there is a lot easier to maintain).  I've already started to lose some of the water and can already see a physical difference  since Friday with my physique getting harder.  I woke up this morning at 219lb that's a 3lb drop of water.  At the end of each week I'll post my body fat measurements along with progress pictures.  I'll be posting a new youtube workout video by the end of next week as well.

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June 2011 - Paul Reitz

Hopefully the third time is the charm!  What I mean by this is if you've followed my storyline then you know that I gave fitness modeling a try at the very end of 2007 and all of 2008.  Then in 2009-2010 my second try was to be a fashion model and that just ended badly.  Adam Silver booked me on  A LOT more work having a fitness physique than I ever did trying to do fashion when I left his company.  So it's 2012 now and hopefully this third try will be the charm.


Questions – 2/24/2012

shoutbox7 300x1806 Questions 2/24/2012James
How do you properly warm up for heavy squats? I can do 10 reps of 315lbs, but i feel like my warm up to get there isn't at its best. Should i be doing a few sets with short rest periods? or start my weight low and go up and increments of 50lbs with 10 reps of each set until i get to the 315? Im trying to warm up enough to get my joing and blood pumping in my legs but not so much that im too tired to lift the heavy weight!
24 February 2012

Tyler - That is some good weight your moving right there! keep up the hard work! I always start my leg session off with 5-10 minutes on the recumbent bike. I'll do 3-5 warm up sets before I get into my working sets keeping the reps low though so I don't fatigue resting about a minute in between warm ups.  Depending how heavy i'm going that day I'll only do 5 reps or so on each warm up set.  Hope this helps...all that being said I usually hit squats now at the end of my quad workout because the mechanics feel better and my knees don't ache.

Hey Tyler, i've been following Hany's "GET JACKED" program and so far my chest and back days are phenomenal, im getting great workouts from it. My Shouler day however, feels like its not being stimulated enough. It might be becasue of all the isolation exercises that im not used to, im not sure. One exercise involves doing front raises on an incline bench, face down; this is an FST-7 technique as well. I feel like i cant quote get a proper pump in my front delt from this exercise, im not sure what angle the bench should be at and if it should be bringing my arms parallel to my body or parallel to the floor. When i have workouts where my pumps are just "okay", i tend to second guess my postworkout shake consisting of 50g carbs... im on th evogen stack as well. Let me know if you can offer any advice about the Incline bench exercise and taking in postworkout carbs for moderate workout days. Thanks!
24 February 2012

Tyler - First off don't second guess yourself on the post workout drinks.  We all have those days where you don't get a good full pump and it kinda just puts a damper on the rest of your day.  Happened to me yesterday.  As for the incline front raises put the bench on a 45 degree angle or so..most incline are numbered and i usually put it on 4 or 5.  It's a great exercise maybe just drop the weight a little and really focus on the feeling going slower with your reps until you get the mind muscle connection down.  If that doesn't help I would just substitute that exercise for another front raise exercise and hit the fst with a rope front raise.

Do you do a protien shake after your Cell Kem? What do you put in it?
23 February 2012

Tyler - No..30 minutes after I take Cell Kem and glycoject I have a whole food meal

Hey Tyler can you tell me some examples of your favorite clean meals? like chicken and sweet potato, or what are your favorite sources of carbs and such?
23 February 2012

Tyler - I'll be posting my daily food logs in the members section so you will see exactly what I'm eating every day.

Hey Ty, i feel like i cant get proper posture/footing when doing one arm rows on a flat bench, i feel like my lower back gets involved or my back doesnt get stimulated enough, im not sure if maybe my foot is to close to the bench or if i should be bending my knee. Any advice on one arm rows? I'[ve tried to lighted the weight and i make sure im always looking forward.
23 February 2012

Tyler - This will be something you will have to play around with to get the best feeling for you.   Whenever I do them I have a bend in my knee is its close to the bench.  Part of my members section videos I describe how to properly preform each exercise and where you should feel it.

When you say supplement hiatus, does that include whey and casein? Or is it just eliminating pre workout, creatine, etc? Great page by the way, looking forward to the members section.
23 February 2012

Tyler - It's just eliminating pre workout,creatine, and the pre and post carbohydrate drink.

How much water do you drink during your workout? If I am smaller I should drink less right?
22 February 2012

Tyler - I drink about a half gallon during my workout and a half gallon leading up to my workout.  I would say a liter pre workout and a liter during workout would be sufficient.

Have you ever heard of or used "Animal" products i.e. Animal Stak, Animal Cuts, etc.? Do you know anything anout this supplement
22 February 2012

Tyler - I've used the mutli vitamin and the animal cuts before.  I used the cuts when I was going through my eating disorder in nyc so i can't give a valid review on them since i wasn't on a proper exercise and nutrition plan.  I will say one thing I didn't like about the product was that it had a diuretic in it.  I don't think it's safe to take diuretics daily.

...a 27 minute-long workout on video? O.K., Tyler, you got me. I going to become a member. Glad to see you decided to create a members only section of your site. You deserve it for all the inspiration and advice you give.give inspiration
22 February 2012

Tyler - Thanks You!

Hey Ty. ive got such a passion and drive for health and fitness, and really want to get into the field and study it more in depth. wanted to know how you got into personal training, and if you have any advice for the likes of myself wanting to get more involved and persue a career in fitness and nutrition? you're a huge inspiration to me, and get alot of motivation from your videos and articles. thnx.
22 February 2012

Tyler - First off thanks for the compliments...I got into personal training when I was 20 years old.  I had gotten a job at a gym being the "house keeping" staff.  I cleaned toilets and did laundry etc.  I became friends with one of the personal trainers there and after speaking with him this seemed like something I wanted to try out.  It took me about 4 months to get my first certification (ISSA) and every two years you have to get continued education courses. 


Members Section Coming Soon!

I'm extremely excited to be launching a Members section of my website within the next month.  It will include A LOT more detailed content.  I'll be doing longer videos and explaining what I'm doing while I'm working out.  I will also have weight loss programs, lean mass building programs, and programs for women.  It will be as if I'm your personal trainer over the internet.  I will be teaching all of my tips and tricks that I've learned over the years since I got started.  I'll have my full diet I've been following and my blogs will be updated daily with the exact workouts that I'm doing.  There will be a forum for members to ask me any questions.   Also I'll be doing videos in the kitchen making healthy recipes and showing how I prepare my food.  There will be new videos every week.  I want to make it affordable for all of my dedicated followers so for a limited time I will be offering this membership for $4.95 (US Dollars) per month for lifetime.  Stay tuned for more information.

screenshot 300x169 Members Section Coming Soon!

Screenshot from Chest/Bicep video 2/11/2012

On the flip side I will still be doing some free content.  Every couple of weeks I will continue to put out a youtube video and will be updating my facebook and twitter daily.  Thanks for the ongoing support! Keep training hard!


Questions – 2/9/2012

shoutbox7 300x1803 Questions 2/9/2012Sam
Ty, just reffering back to my previous post but just curious as to why you said that running "burns off more muscle" than doing a stair climber? if you are working in a similar heart rate zone for the same amount of time what is the difference?
9 February 2012

Tyler - If you keep your heart rate in the same zone then there isn't a difference.   I just personally prefer to do low impact because when I used to run and sprint a lot last year my hips,knees,calfs would give me problems all the time and it made my leg strength WEAK for my workouts.

Tyler - I am getting ready to start my cut in a few days and was wondering if I should be taking creatine while I cut and if so what kind? I have gotten mixed opinions when talking to people in the gym about this. I am just about ready to order some supplements and would like to know if I should add this to the list.
9 February 2012

Tyler - I would for sure keep the creatine in.  It will help keep your strength while cutting down.  The only thing creatine might cause is a little water retention and you don't have to worry about that until a week before you were to say go  on vacation,photo shoot,competition, etc. and then at that point a week before you would stop taking it and the little bit of water will come off.

Hey Tyler, hope your doing well. I have a quick question regarding diet. I'm 18, 5'10, and 160 lbs. and have a pretty fast metabolism, and I'm trying to gain lean mass. With that said, do I need to focus on clean diet (chicken, fish, sweet potato, oats, egg white, brown rice, etc.) 100% of the time or should I allow cheat meals? If I should, how often? Thanks for the inspiration Tyler, it truly makes a difference to many!
8 February 2012

Tyler - You should still get in the habit of eating several clean meals a day but don't be afraid to have 2-3 cheat meals a week.  If you see that your gaining fat quickly then back it down to just 2 and if your body can't handle that back it down to 1.  But seeing that your 160lb and have a cranking metabolism I think you'll be good with 3.  Just spread them out over the week. 1 at the start one at the middle and another towards the end.  Also another thing to keep in mind when you have your cheats is make sure your still getting a lot of protein with it.  Don't just cheat on deserts and chips and junk like that.  ENJOY THE GOOD EATING! 

do u recommend to take a multivitamin or single vitamin? because i had read some articles that multivitamin sometimes cannot completely absorb into the body and a waste of money .. so what's your comment on it? thx~
7 February 2012

Tyler - I don't use a multi vitamin anymore or take single vitamins.  Everything you need for recovery is in Cell K.E.M.  That being said before I started working with Hany I was taking Optimum nutrition multi once a day with my first meal.

Hey i added you to PSN, do you still go on?
6 February 2012

Tyler - Yeah I get on everyday.  I added all my new friend req on there hit me up

Hey Tyler- thanks for the response. so after research I've determined that my body needs anywhere from 200-350 grams of carbs a day. Rice is my favorite carb and a cup of rice seems to be 45-50 grams of carbs. Does this mean I can be eating 5-6 cups of rice a day and still be getting results. I feel as if I am eating that much rice gains in bodyfat will be sure to come. When I see many nutrition logs like yours and other fitness models they are not taking nowhere near 5-6 cups of rice. Thoughts?
5 February 2012

Tyler - It depends on what your goals are right now.  If your trying to build then 5-6 cups of rice will be fine however if your trying to cut down then that would be a bit much in my opinion.  I suggest giving it a try for a couple of weeks and see how you respond.

Excluding your daily 40 minutes of cardio, how many minutes or hours long is your daily workout? One trainer told me that more than an hour, counting rest periods, is too long.
5 February 2012

Tyler - 45 minutes to 1 hr.  the longest would be 1 hour and 15-20 minutes of so on a long leg day.


Questions – 2/3/2012

shoutbox7 300x1802 Questions 2/3/2012Cal
hey Tyler was wondering about taking shakes before gym, I sometimes take a protein shake with dextrose roughly an hour before training, but I know some people who take it when they arrive at the gym or 15 miinutes before, does taking a shake immediately before training alter the digestion and blood flow to muscles?
3 February 2012

Tyler - If I were you I would have a whole food meal consisting of protein and slow carbs an hour before training and then 15-20 min have some BCAA w/ dextrose or your protein shake w/ dextrose.

Tyler, what are your goals right now? I dont think you posted your new stats at the end of the year after cutting down with Hany for your shoot? Are you still cutting down? Or putting on size'? Also, do you record what you lift at all your workouts? Do you still try to get stronger?
3 February 2012

Tyler - I still havn't done a shoot yet.  I speak with Hany tomorrow to find out what direction we are going in.  I still am going to continue to slowly lose body fat but maintain every ounce of muscle I have.  I don't write anything down as far as weights go I keep in all in my head and yeah I'm still getting stronger right now since I'm having more cals and backed down from cardio.  All that being said some personal physique goals is to fill up my weak points to have a rounder fuller look.

Tyler, just to follow up on my question ...basically my goal is to get shredded and look like that guy zyzz (except I don't want to do from roids and coke like him!!) and I want to do it as naturally as possible without taking stuff to suprress my appetite like animal cuts etc maybe you can help me with a plan don't know. thank you for your site.
3 February 2012

Tyler - Email me for rates for a plan if your interested [email protected]

Thanks a ton for the back/tri video Tyler! Got some awesome advice that I'll be sure to take to the gym tomorrow, so thanks a ton!
2 February 2012

Tyler -  Your welcome! more to come very soon! and in Hd

Yeah, when are you going to get more of those t-shirts brah?
31 January 2012

Tyler - I'll have something available soon again.  I think I'm going to do tank tops this time though

When will your "TM Keep it 100" be avail. again?
31 January 2012

Tyler - I'll have something available soon again.  I think I'm going to do tank tops this time though

Tyler- why do you only do incline walking or stair climber for cardio as opposed to just jogging or intervals on a treadmill?
31 January 2012

Tyler - I want to insure that I'm not going to burn off any muscle that I've gained.  Last year I ran a lot but had a slimmer look.

When I had a personal trainer we worked out in the morning and then I had my "big" meal after weights. He told me if I wanted to get ripped I should not eat much after 3PM and "fight my hunger." Do you think there is logic in this? I am not working out with him anymore, saw results with him, but now need to workout at night. I still have same goal of getting shredded. he said not to have stuff like chicken fish late at night and that my meals should be getting smaller as the day goes on. what do you think about this? thank you!!
30 January 2012

Tyler - No I don't think there is any logic to this.  I suggest taking a balanced approach.  Each meal have balance to it rather than some meals being very large and getting smaller through the day then starving yourself in the afternoon/night.  From my experience if you read my story of when I used to starve myself it caused me to have an eating addiction which screwed my whole body up.  So definitely keep in mind that this is health and fitness not starvation and being unhealthy. 


How I got started in the Modeling Industry

videos9 300x120 How I got started in the Modeling Industry