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Sore ass lower back!

vieww Sore ass lower back!

my view I get to wake up to every morning from my new place

It has now been almost 3 full days since Saturday's dead lift session and my lower back is still sore!  Needless to say that was a HUGE shock to my body and trust me I've felt pretty drained since.  On top of the crazy workout I managed to move into my new place and still get all of my normal cardio sessions, meals, and weight training workouts in.  I'm EXHAUSTED. Tomorrow I have a busy morning with in person clients but pretty much my whole afternoon is off until 6pm so I'll be RESTING.  No cardio and no weights.  Today was leg day and I had to do quite a bit of adjusting to my normal routine that I've been doing since squats were out of the question.  This Friday my new ebook TMT-PHASE 2 comes out!!  After this one if your a member to my site you will no longer have to purchase my books as I'll start posting my daily workout logs next week on the member side.  Phase 3 will be my preparation for my upcoming shoots and you will be able to follow my diet as it changes along with exactly what I'm doing in the gym daily to be photo shoot ready in my members section for only 9.95$ a month!

brian 225x300 Sore ass lower back!

Food prep with my friend and neighbor Brian. This is our grilling area we have. I'll be spending a lot of time down here

A LOT has changed in my life in such a short period of time but I'm feeling great about everything and now that all the moving and running around is done I can now settle in and start to relax and enjoy my new place.  It is about 5 minutes from my old house I was living in with my ex girlfriend so the move was easy but anytime you move it's stressful and a pain in the ass.  I'm so happy I decided to stay in Nashville and I'm very excited about the future!

I've decided that I'm cutting out cheat meals all together from here on out.  I originally was thinking about putting my Saturday one back in this week but I've decided to just keep doing what I'm doing without them.  I'm surprised at how my condition has changed just since last Wednesday.  I havn't stepped on a scale yet since it's been pretty hectic but tomorrow I'm doing my assessment and I'll be weighing myself first thing.

lighting Sore ass lower back!

Trained one of my in person clients at their home gym this past weekend and couldn't pass up the good lighting lol


10 Weeks Out!

sept5 10 Weeks Out!

9/5/2012 10 weeks out from my upcoming shoots

I'm now 10 weeks out from my upcoming shoots and I'm in my second week of Cycle 2 of TMT-PHASE TWO.  I woke up this morning weighing 217.4!  That being said I noticed a slight bit of softness starting to occur around my midsection.  Looking a little watery in this weeks pictures and my waist measurements were a tad higher so NO CHEAT MEALS THIS WEEK icon sad 10 Weeks Out!   Even though I havn't started my cutting process yet like I said in a previous post I want to make this process as easy as possible so skipping my cheat meals this week is what I'm doing to harden that area back up.  Overall I really like the way I look right now.  My strength,endurance and pumps have been insane!  Yesterday was leg day and it is by far one of the hardest leg workouts I've ever done.  I got it on film and it was my last day of filming for Phase 2 videos.  There will be 10 new videos coming out weekly once the book is released next week!  Also wanted to say that Cycle 2's chest workout is one of my all time favorite chest workouts I've ever designed.  You guys have some good shit to look forward to lol.  Today was supposed to be my off day but I ended up taking a Barry's Bootcamp Class.  If you don't know anything about it it's pretty much high intensity interval training.  First time I ran in a long ass time and the class kicked my ass! It was a great class and the option might be there for me to teach a couple classes a week.  I see now why there is a lot of hype around that gym.

So after A LOT of thinking I've decided to stay in Nashville.  For several reasons but the one major reason is that I don't want to give up my business that I've built up for the past two years and have to restart in VA.  As a personal trainer it takes time to build up a good clientele and it would be a pretty ignorant move on my part to just throw everything away here.  I went and checked out my new place tonight that I'll be moving into very soon and I'm extremely excited about this new chapter of my life.  It will be very interesting!

SEPT1arms 10 Weeks Out!

9/1/2012 - screen shot from upcoming arm video

A great video that I ran across tonight!  Give it a watch...very motivational!


TMT-Phase One Intro


wizkhalifa1 TMT Phase One Intro

Screenshot from shoulder video 9/31/2012

For the past 8 years I have tried several different workout programs that involved several different types of techniques.  I’ve trained heavy maxing out every week on compound lifts and I’ve trained lighter for more volume.  I’m not here to say one way is superior to the other because it all boils down to what you want to accomplish with your physique.  Since you have purchased this ebook then your goal is to improve your physique by shaping and detailing, burning fat, gaining size and strength, all while keeping your muscles with maximum fullness.   This concept of training with multiple periodization cycles has become very popular recently with other workout programs but NONE are like this one.  In order to get the most out of your physique, you have to have maximum stimulation of every muscle fiber you train.  The way I have designed this program is the best of all of the different styles of workouts that I have used on my body that are guaranteed to produce results.  Your body will be in shock from week to week while you go through each cycle.  Our bodies are a lot smarter than we think and if you go into the gym day after day doing the same workouts, just lifting the weights from point a to b with no real understanding of what you are doing then you are selling yourself short.  But if you go into the gym with a clear plan of attack and concentrate and focus on every single rep of every single set with multiple styles then your physique has no other option but to respond.  In my years as a novice trainee I would always train with an ego and trust me that leads to unwanted injuries that will do nothing but slow your progress and could potentially not allow you to ever train properly again.  Leave your EGO at home before heading to the gym.  You need to keep in mind that you are there to stimulate the muscle, not inflate your ego.   It’s not how much you can lift, it is how you lift and what you are able to stimulate with the maximal amount of weight possible while still performing the exercise as it should be performed.




backaug29 Cycle 2 BACK! TMT PHASE TWO


Yesterday was the first day I woke up feeling fully recovered and rested from my travels this past weekend.  I was pretty lethargic for the first couple days but that didn't stop me from getting after it in the gym!  Since I was feeling 100 percent back to myself yesterday I was pretty hyped up about training BACK!  The first 4 weeks of Phase 2 you will not be doing any deadlifts because in my experience it's good to cycle them on and off and after doing them for 12 weeks in Phase One a 4 week break was needed.  Anthony my boy that I just visited in Philly was who introduced me to deadlifts when we were both 19-20 years old at the BAC in VA.  Week after week we would max out trying to beat our previous number.  Deadlifts has always been my strongest lift and I ended up hitting 600lb for a single rep a couple of different occasions.  That being said though my body was beat all to hell every week I had back, neck, trap, and shoulder issues.  Now as you can tell by my programs I never go lower then 4-5 reps on Deads.  Who knows maybe one day I'll get ballsy again and see what I can do.  Back to yesterday's workout Deadlifts are re-introduced in the cycle 2 and I ended up pulling 315lb for  2 sets of 15 then 365lb for 1 set of 12.  It actually felt pretty light so I'll be increasing that next week.  These are done at the end of the workout as part of a superset too icon smile Cycle 2 BACK! TMT PHASE TWO   My lower back is getting tighter by the hour and I'm sure it'll be pretty damn sore tomorrow.


8/30/2012 - DEADS

So I might not be moving back to VA after all lol...At this time in my life I just don't know if that's the smartest decision so if that's the case I'll be getting my own place here in Nashville.  I'm not going to talk about it anymore though. I've got A LOT of thinking to make a life changing decision like this.


Starting a New Chapter

11weeksout Starting a New Chapter

11 Weeks Out from my upcoming shoots 8/29/2012.. 214.5lb

I look at life as one big book with several different chapters that continuously are being written as your life story. As of Monday the decision was made to start a new chapter.  I will be moving back to my hometown of Roanoke,VA mid November once I get finished up with my shoots.  I need to stay here in Nashville to finish out with all of my in person clients and prepare for the biggest shoots of my life.  The reason for my move is that I am now single and the only reason I was in Nashville in the first place was for my girlfriend.  Nashville is a great city but it lacks what I'm really passionate about and that is the fitness industry.  If my dream was to be in the music industry I would be golden by being here but it's not.  Moving back to Roanoke will only be temporary but I look at it as a fresh start.  One of my ultimate goals is to  eventually end up in Cali.  The fitness industry is booming there and I absolutely love it but financially it wouldn't be a smart move right now.  I am looking forward to being around my family and friends again since I havn't lived there in about 4 years.  I'm very interested in seeing what this new chapter will consist of and I'll be sharing my experiences along the way!

shavedhead 300x286 Starting a New Chapter

I got my head shaved yesterday..it was time for a new look and I got tired of the mop hair lol

This week was the start of TMT-PHASE TWO CYCLE 2 and the workouts have been PHENOMENAL!!  The book comes out September 14th!  The concept of this book is heavy duty low rep volume training for the first 4 weeks then higher rep volume training for the last 4 weeks.  The goal was to go through a mini strength builder so that you will be able to use heavier weight for the hypertrophy rep ranges (muscle growth).  My chest is still sore from Monday and my legs almost gave out of my several times yesterday.  At one point of the workout I had to lay on the floor because it is INTENSE!  I LOVE VOLUME TRAINING!

photo175 1024x768 Starting a New Chapter

Homemade burgers on whole wheat toasted buns

Today I woke up at the weight of 214.5lb.  After increasing my food last week since I'm still trying to fill out and get bigger I ended up losing weight damnit lol.  That's down about 2lb but honestly the number doesn't bother me I go by what I see in the mirror and my progress pictures that I analyze.  I'm very happy with the way things are going right now and my workouts are better than ever.  I feel my biggest I've ever been and I know I've said this before but I never would have thought I'd be able to eat the amount of food that I am and be in this type of condition.  I've never been this size with this body fat level!  Only a few more weeks of filling out then I'll go into my cutting phase.  Today was my clean cheat day so I had 4 homemade burgers and they were delicious icon smile Starting a New Chapter


Questions – 8/27/2012

shoutbox7 300x18039 Questions 8/27/2012Kyle
Hey Tyler, a question about Cardio. If you are sore from a leg workout (doms) the next day or the day after that, is it okay to fight it and do your cardio, considering you can barely walk straight? Also, how long should you wait if you do morning cardio and have a weight training session later that afternoon? Thanks!
27 August 2012

Tyler - I would say it depends on what type of cardio your doing.  I always do cardio the days after legs I feel that it actually helps speed up the recovery process.  If your just doing low intensity you shouldn't have a problem and once you get moving and blood flows to them you shouldn't feel the soreness too bad. To answer your second questions I would say 4-6hrs is a good rest time in between cardio and weights.  It's really going to be up to you and your schedule and personal preference as to how long to wait but I like to keep mine at about 6hrs apart.

daniel g
hey tyler what is a good creatine product that will get me bigger and stronger alot thanks
27 August 2012

Tyler - Micronized Creapure Creatine Monohydrate

hey Tyler, I'm a big fan of your work! I'm a shift worker and lately I have been working from 4am-1:30pm with 2 days a week where I finish at 4:30pm and a day off every now and again! I find it hard to go to the gym at 1:30 some days! Is it better to push through and go to the gym or have a nap then head to the gym! Am going to buy all the supplements for your ore workout shake in tmt phase 1 today! Thanks a lot, also am loving phase 1!!
26 August 2012

Tyler - Thanks for checking my book out!  I would most definitely take a nap before the gym.  Don't force yourself to go if your not feeling like up for it.  You want your workouts to be as productive as possible and forcing yourself to go when your worn down is not a good idea.  Good luck and keep up the hard work!

Hey Tyler, I have a very serious question. I've been working out non-stop for the past few months. I'm really starting to see the definition. The guys in my gym class keep saying that the bigger my muscles get, the smaller my penis will be. I don't really see how that's possible, but I wanted to ask a trained expert. Are there things I can do to prevent such a thing if it exists?
25 August 2012

Tyler - I'm not sure if your joking or not but lifting weights does not affect that one bit.

Tyler, i was wondering if 6oz chicken with 5oz sweet potatoes and half an avocado is OK pwo. This is also the last meal of the day and taken an hour after my pwo shake (25g karbolyn and bcaa). Thanks!
24 August 2012

Tyler - That sounds good.  I would actually eat that 30 minutes after your pwo shake if possible.

Edwin Adams
Tyler, what'st the best online or book information source to get a good overalll understanding of fitness nutrition? From vitamins to proteins to carbs....where is it all explained in simple terms?
21 August 2012

Tyler - Well there is several different ways to skin a cat.  That being said it all depends on what type of diet/nutrition approach you are interested in.  I've tried several different dieting approaches and what I'm currently doing right now is by far the easiest diet I've ever done and I feel that I look my all time best.  Check into bodybuilding.com and just search through some nutritional articles.


12 Weeks Out!

aug22progress 12 Weeks Out!

8/22/2012 - 216lb on an empty stomach..12 weeks out!

I am officially 12 weeks out as of yesterday from my upcoming shoots.  I'm weighing 216lb on an empty stomach and my goal right now is to continue to fill out slowly to keep making improvements for the next 4-6 weeks.  I've been able to maintain my body fat right at 5% (it's still reading 4.91% on calipers) so as long as that doesn't go anywhere this process should be easier than it ever has been to get camera ready.  Once the 6 week mark hits I'll change gears to get super shredded!  As I'm writing this I'm doing all my food prep for my PHILLY Trip!  This is one of the downsides to this lifestyle because it would be a hell of a lot easier just to eat whatever I wanted on this short vacation.  BUT, in order to keep my progress rolling in the right direction I have to make sure I still don't miss any meals and always being prepared will keep me from having to resort to other options.  I can't wait to get up there tomorrow!  I asked Anthony yesterday what was on the agenda for tomorrow and so far we are planning on training DELTS sometime in the afternoon then heading out for drinks later on that night.  Like I said in a previous post this is my last weekend of fucking off drinking wise till I get done with my shoots so I'm going to ENJOY myself and RELAX with good company with a buzz icon smile 12 Weeks Out!   That leads me into a random thought...if you do like to enjoy yourself and party every so often you better make sure to get your ass in the gym the next day as if it was a normal training day.  Don't be lazy and use the excuse that you had too much to drink the night before.. there have been plenty of times in the past 8 years of me doing this that I've partied hard the night before and still got some kick ass workouts the next day...or at least I thought they were lol...one example is my most recent trip to Roanoke the arm video that I did with Ben on Saturday I had drank pretty heavily the night before and still worked my ass off the next day...it can be done!  This will be my last blog post till Monday and I'll do a Philly Recap!  Everyone have a great weekend and train hard!  I'll be updating my facebook page several times through my trip!

aug23back 12 Weeks Out!



Questions – 8/21/2012

shoutbox7 300x18038 Questions 8/21/2012Tom
Hey Tyler, my typical mornings would be up at 6.30 with a strong black tea and then i'd prob have my first meal at 8am (way it is with work etc). I'm currently on a cut, but wondering if I should get some sort of protein in before 8 or if it makes little difference? How long do you normally have between waking and your first meal?
21 August 2012

Tyler - I suggest eating your first meal as soon as you wake up with your black tea.  Your body has been fasting all night and in order to keep it anabolic you should give it nutrients as soon as you get up.  On days that I don't do my morning cardio I eat as soon as I get up.  On days that I do my cardio I'll take 10g of BCAA before doing cardio and directly after I'll have my first meal.

Hey Tyler, I am currently going through a workout crisis. I am currently on holiday and on my week 6 of TMT-Phase 1. Wasn't able to go to the gym on Monday and Tuesday it was closed. I might be able to hit the gym on Wednesday but then I have to skip 1 workout day for a rest day in between week 6 and 7. Should I just take a whole week off or just sacrifice 1 workout day for a rest day.
21 August 2012

Tyler - I would only take a full week off if you feel like your body needs a break.  If my gym was closed Monday and Tuesday from a holiday but open for the rest of the week I would just train 5 days in a row to make sure I got all my days in still.

Vodka is a better option than beer if I want to protect my abs right? it has less carbs correct?
18 August 2012

Tyler - IMO Vodka is a better option than beer. 

Hi Tyler, Your blog had been a true inspiration to me! I'm 34 now and untill à year ago I had real idea about training, nutrition, rest, mindsett, to be honest. Altough training for more than 10 years, being nicknamed the ' muscular nail' though, I have always been an ectomoph 'no gainer', weigthing 155 but never more... ( at 6'3 lenght and 10% bf. 6 months ago, I started to include the nutrition element and did take my fitness to another level.. Your blog and TMT Fase 1 did the rest.. Now I weigh 182 with bf 8%. Still lean but Much more mass. I have experienced it as à tough but very rewarding process! Keep up THE good work with your blog, Kind Regards, Henk, The Netherlands
18 August 2012

Tyler - Thanks for the update Henk!  And congrats to all of your fitness success thus far..keep up the hard work and much more progress to come!

How do you do one arm t-bar rows? Between the legs or beside? Also, what are your thoughts on pwo cardio? Would you advise it after your TMT workouts? Thanks!
16 August 2012

Tyler - It's going to be beside your legs.  I'll make a demo video of the exercise.  Make sure to position yourself where you can get a full stretch of the lats.  My thoughts on post workout cardio is depending on how long the session will be.  If your only going to be doing 10-15 minutes then I would say that is fine.  But if your going longer then that I would keep them done apart.  Your main focus once getting done with weight training should be to start the rebuild process with flushing your body with the proper nutrients right away.


80 Days Out & Feeling Good!

aug18obey 80 Days Out & Feeling Good!

A couple shots of vodka in me before heading out to an Italian feast!

Let the count down begin!  I'm now at 80 days till my shoots and I'm starting to slowly change a few things.  One change is that I'm downsizing my cheats.  Reason for this is that I want to make this process on myself of getting super shredded as easy as possible.  I'm back to my 45 minute rule where I have to be done with everything within 45 minutes and be done for the night.. The past couple weekends I kinda threw that rule out the window lol.  My Wednesday clean cheat will now take place during the day and it will be the same every week.  2 homemade hamburgers on whole wheat bread.  I picked up a pack of frozen sirloin patties and a big bag of whole wheat buns from Costco yesterday.  So the change there is that Wednesday won't be a huge feast anymore either.  The more I think about these upcoming shoots the more excited I get!  I can't believe it's been 2 years since I've been in front of the camera.  I think another thing that is really exciting me is that I'm taking matters into my own hands and controlling my own destiny by doing the type of pictures I WANT and feel that I NEED to help reach my goals within the fitness industry.  These pictures are going to be just FITNESS pictures.  The possibility of me going to South Africa to shoot is still on the table but that will take place in 2013.  So for right now my sole focus is on my upcoming November shoots.

salverinos 300x300 80 Days Out & Feeling Good!

Cheat meal last night was at Savarino's which was featured on Food Network's show Triple D..(one of my favorite food porn shows lol)

TMT-PHASE Two has been great thus far!  I have one more week of cycle 1 then I switch over to the final 4 weeks for Cycle 2!  I have consistently gotten DOMS after every workout so that is a clear sign that these workouts are just as good as Phase 1 despite being set up totally different.  My strength is definitely increasing and for one example my first week I did 105lb for my last set of standing straight bar curls, the second week I did 115lb and yesterday I cranked out 125lb! As the book release gets closer I will start to reveal more information and go into further detail of what TMT-PHASE TWO has to offer.  But like I said in a previous post be ready to beat the shit out of your body with heavier weights and get ready to increase your STRENGTH!

This upcoming weekend is my PHILLY TRIP!  I'm very excited to get up there and hang out with my boy Anthony!  I texted him earlier this week and asked if it was cool that we stay on my training schedule and he was up for it so we will be training Shoulders Friday and Arms Saturday. This will be my last weekend of partying/drinking until I'm done with my shoots. I'm finally able to update my facebook page through my iPhone again.  The new facebook app doesn't allow it so I researched some about it yesterday and realized you have to dload a page manager app to be able to update it.  So there will be plenty of pictures of my traveling this upcoming weekend!

aug19cardio 300x300 80 Days Out & Feeling Good!

Great cardio session.. 30 min incline treadmill on 15% and speed at 3.4 keeping heart rate at 135-140 today's cardio music was
Afrojack - funk with me
Kaskade - only you
Afrojack - replica
Bingo players - mode
Swedish house mafia - you (vocal mix)


Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.

aug16 Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.


Time flies by!  As I'm getting older I'm noticing that the weeks go by A LOT faster then they did when I was in my late teens and early 20's.  Shit sucks lol!  Summer is almost over and next thing you know it'll be the holidays again.  One thing that is a huge plus about getting older (which I'll be turning 28 on November 24) is muscle maturity.  I'm really starting to notice my muscles getting a more mature look that comes with years spent hammering away at the weights.  Most males really start to hit their prime physique wise I'd say all through their 30's if they've played their cards right.  Today my day got started off with 30 minutes of low intensity treadmill walk.  I read some of the dumbest shit the other day from an interview of a guy who says that only guys who use steroids can benefit from doing fasted cardio.  I'm not quite sure what he means by this but it's his opinion.  Doing cardio as soon as you wake up is my favorite time to do it because it allows me to knock it out first thing and not have to worry about getting it in for the rest of the day.  I suggest to everyone whether your doing do it empty stomach or later on to keep your cardio separate from your weight training.  As soon as your done with weight training you want to focus on the repair process immediately to keep your body anabolic.  I understand some peoples schedules might not allow that but if yours does keep it separate. Later on I started putting TMT-PHASE 2 together as a book and before I knew it it was time to train some BACK!  I got a RIDICULOUS pump and I know that my  my clean cheat last night helped out with that along with my strength being through the roof!  Last night I had 5oz beef, 2 cups white rice, sun flower kernels, sushi, and a tomato salad.  Next week I'm going to switch it up but beef and white rice and sushi are definitely a favorite.

photo160 1024x1024 Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.

5oz beef, 2 cups white rice, sunflower kernels, sushi, tomato salad

TMT-Phase 2 will now be an 8 week program.  Reason being is since I've got this upcoming shoot once I'm done with phase 2 that will put me at 6 weeks out.  I've got one more week of Cycle 1 then I move onto cycle 2 which is weeks 5-8.  Phase 2 so far has allowed me to make some really solid gains.  I did my weekly assessment yesterday and I woke up at a weight of 215lb!  Body fat still reading under 5% so I'm extremely happy that I've been able to maintain my body fat but put quality size on. So Phase 3 will be a 6 week program geared towards getting into crazy photo shoot condition.  Once I'm 4-6 weeks out cheat meals will get cut out as well.  My goals is to be 3.5% body fat and DRY for this shoot.  You will be able to follow my diet as it changes and what I do to peak my condition the day of the shoot all on my members section!

Everyone keep up the hard work!

"Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen." -Michael Jordan