Tyler McPeak

Week 1 Progress

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3/25/2012 28 days till shoot

With 28 days left until I get back in from of the camera I have to make each and every day count!  This week I made some great progress and was happy with all of the numbers from my assessment.  Still have a ways to go but it seems like I'm changing pretty quickly.  Last Friday I was 222lb on an empty stomach and now I'm 216lb.  All of my workouts were great up until yesterday afternoon I could tell it was the end of a hard week and my body had the low carb blues lol.  Here is my updates: My waist dropped 3/4 of an inch and my ass came down a half an inch. A total of 6lb lost.

Weight - 216

  • Neck - 15
  • Chest - 45 1/4
  • Shoulder - 53 1/4
  • Waist - 34 1/4
  • Ass - 41/ 1/2
  • Upper Leg - 25
  • Calf - 16 1/4
  • Arm - 14 3/4

Body Fat 7.3 (again I don't think this is very accurate but it's still a way of tracking progress - digital calipers)

  • Tricep - 5
  • Chest - 4
  • Axilla - 7
  • Suprailiac - 8
  • Abdomen - 11
  • Thigh - 8
  • Subscapula - 11

Day 7

food1 300x225 Day 7

Quick stop by Nutrishop and the grocery today

Seven days into my cutting phase and things are going great!  I'm getting used to being hungry now and since my stomach should continue to shrink down hopefully that will start to ease up.  Workouts have been very intense!  I thought I was training my ass off before but I've stepped it up a notch and I've made some solid progress this week so far.  My weight this morning was 217lb that's down another lb.  I'm looking forward to doing my assessment on Saturday to see if any of the numbers have changed.  Yesterday I did some abs and cardio and today was back.  The lower calories and cardio has not effected my strength at all and the goal is for it to stay that way.  Some of the numbers I remember from today were 200lb cable pulldowns and 120lb standing db rows.  A couple of nutritional changes I made today are cutting back a bit on my sodium (just with my seasonings using sodium free now), switching over to gluten free rolled oats, and changing from natural peanut butter to organic almond butter.  Right now my current split that I'm doing is

  • Monday - Chest/Bicep
  • Tuesday - Legs
  • Wednesday - Abs
  • Thursday - Back/Calf
  • Friday - Shoulders/Tricep
  • Saturday - Abs/Calf
  • Sunday - off
food2 225x300 Day 7

Costco trip this past weekend



Growseason is officially OVER!

After doing A LOT of thinking over the past couple of weeks and more so in the past day I've made the decision that my grow season is OVER.  Or in other terms I'm not going to try to put on size anymore.  It's time to get lean and ripped up again but maintain the new size I have put on.  As for my workouts I'm switching a few things around and going back to some of my old techniques I've used in the past.  It's a lot of stuff that I miss doing to be more athletic.  With summer right around the corner I want you all to follow along and get ripped up too!   Brian my webmaster is coming down to Nashville this weekend to visit some of his family but we will also be doing some work as well (and I'm going to kick his ass in the gym).  I'm going to see if it's possible that we can get the members side launched this week  because I will be posting my detailed workouts daily, supplementation in detail, and my daily diet.  You will be able to follow my progress and ask questions on how to adjust your diet in order to get the same results I will.  And of coarse if your goal is to add mass I'll have my mass building diet posted as well that I've been following for the past 6 months that took me from 210-222lb.  Here are my measurements I took (no pump or flexing)  just now along with my body fat measurement that we redid (Suzanne wasn't pinching hard enough the other day)

Current Weight - 222lb on an empty stomach in AM

  • Neck (directly above adams apple) - 15
  • Chest - 45 1/4
  • Shoulders - 53 1/4
  • Waist (belly button - 35
  • Ass - 42
  • Upper leg (mid point between knee and hip) - 25 1/4
  • Calf - 16 1/4
  • Arm - 14 3/4

Body Fat 7 point Test with Digital Calipers - 8.6%

  • Tricep - 5
  • Chest - 5
  • Axilla - 9
  • Suprailiac - 9
  • Abdomen - 13
  • Thigh - 10
  • Subscapula - 11

photo272 300x300 Growseason is officially OVER!


Triceps Giant Set!

videos9 300x120135 Triceps Giant Set!A triceps giant set. Give this a try in your next arm or triceps workout! A giant set is 4 or more exercises done back to back with no rest in between. It's a great way to shock a muscle group!


Pre-Exhaust Sets

Invented in 1968 by MuscleMag's own Robert Kennedy, pre-exhaust sets help eliminate the problem of the "the weakest link in the chain."  Most exercises involve more than one muscle group, even if the exercise is considered to be targeting a single muscle.  For example, most chest exercises involve the triceps and shoulders.  These muscles often tire before the pectorals.  The theory behind pre-exhaust sets is to fatigue the primary muscle as much as possible by using an isolation exercise (or as close to an isolation exercise as you can get), and then perform a compound movement that utilizes fresh muscles to take the fatigued muscle to greater depths of stimulation.

dbfly Pre Exhaust SetsOne of the best examples of pre-exhaust principle is flat-bench flyes followed by barbell bench presses.  the bench press is called a chest exercise, but the triceps and shoulders receive tremendous stress as well.  Often it's the smaller triceps that give out first.  To get around this difficulty,  first perform an isolation exercise like dumbbell flyes,  which places little stress on the triceps.  This will 'pre-exhaust" the chest muscles, leaving the triceps in a stronger state.  now when you perform bench presses, the triceps are no longer the weak link in the chain.  The relatively stronger triceps can be used to push the chest muscles to failure.

Source - MuscleMag - Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding


Questions – 2/16/2012

shoutbox7 300x1804 Questions 2/16/2012

If I am on a cut should I still have a bigger than normal meal before and after I work out or still restrict my calories? Thanks
17 February 2012

Tyler - Every meal should still be in balance.  That being said in the past when I was trying to get my leanest I would just eat carbs before and after my workouts and all of my other meals were protein and veggies and some fats.

thanks a lot for all you produced on your website, so amazing.
16 February 2012

Tyler - Your welcome! I'm happy you like it!

Hey love the website, thought I would give you some constructive criticism. Your medial and long head of your tricep is lacking as well as your rear delts. Every thing else looks amazing, keep it at bro.
15 February 2012

Tyler - Thanks!  I'm a work in progress always...thanks for the support!

hey tyler..i was looking at your youtube page, and was watching the at home ab workout video. i think u posted it around November 2010. Around how much did you weigh around then? you look more lean then, as you have put more mass in your present pictures. thanks.
14 February 2012

Tyler - Yeah I was definitely a lot smaller then.  My body fat was a little bit lower than it is now but  I weighed 195-200lb so I've gained around 20lbs since then.

Hey Tyler, I was wondering if you just blend the oats into a protein shake or do something different...also im trying to get cut as well as put on mass, should I keep using Myofusion once a day right after my workout? Or do the why that comes in the 6 pound bag from costco in the morning and then the myofusion like normal?
14 February 2012

Tyler - Whenever I have oats and protein powder together I'll just mix them in a bowl together with water and microwave it.  Tastes really good that way or I'll blend it together and make pancakes out of it and use sugar free syrup.  I would stick with the gaspari for your protein it's going to be better quality then the big bags from costco.

Tyler, After about an hour of weights I sometimes do 15 minutes of incline treadmil, but am afraid to more I get real paranoid that doing cardio is just eating away at my mucles if I do any longer after wieights, how long do you do cardio for after weights and how many times per week?
13 February 2012

Tyler - I've been the same way in the past about being paranoid that the cardio will burn off the muscle.  As long as your eating enough quality food throughout the day you will not have to worry about that.  Whenever I do cardio directly after weights its for 35 minutes on the stepmill.  I'll usually do that 2-4 times a week depending on how my body feels.



photo142 295x300 Calf/Bicep/Tricep

Yesterday my body was feeling drained from that heavy back day on Sunday but I still got a good arm workout in.

  1. Standing calf raise - 4x15
  2. TRI-SET - hammer strength preacher curl,rope pressdowns,seated calf raise - 4x10-12
  3. spider curls w/ cambered bar superset db seated overhead ext - 3x10-12
  4. standing concentration curls superset cambered bar skull crushers - 3x10-12

This upcoming Sunday I'll be filming my chest workout and I'm looking forward to seeing what type of quality this new camera produces.  The video will be up by Monday afternoon.


Back/Tricep 1/29/2012

videos9 300x120131 Back/Tricep 1/29/2012
I train back and triceps and explain each exercise along with different techniques I've been using. Sorry for the quality I still have not gotten my new camera in but will be getting it in very soon. Make sure to check out my website tylermcpeak.com and follow me on facebook at facebook.com/tyler.mcpeak or twitter @tylermcpeak615



WORKOUT13 300x12037 Chest/Tricep/AbsBack to training weights once a day.  Twice a day was a bit much for my schedule.  Also started back taking some supplements again today.  Had an awesome workout.  I'm taking some new stuff I've never tried before.

  1. Incline BB Press one drop set on last set - 4x10-4
  2. Flat DB Press - 4x8-12
  3. Incline DB Fly - 3x12
  4. Flat Smith Machine Press - 3x10-12 2 drop sets on last set
  5. Straight bar cable pressdowns - 3x12
  6. Cable seated overhead ext superset bench crunches - 3x12 tricep and 3x30 crunches
  7. Cardio - dog walk 25 minutes


WORKOUT13 300x12035 Chest/Shoulder/TricepHere is yesterday's workout.  I was only able to make it to the gym once so I did everything in one workout.  I'm most likely going to switch back to just weight training once a day this week.

  1. Flat Barbell Press - 5x15,12,10,8,2
  2. Incline DB Press - 4x12,10,8,5
  3. DB Pullovers superset Cable Flys - 3x12
  4. Standing DB Lateral Raise superset upright row - 3x12-15
  5. Standing One arm Cable Side raise superset DB Shrugs - 3x12
  6. One Arm Cable Kickouts superset hands close pushups to failure
march18 Chest/Shoulder/Tricep

March 18 Iphone Picture 208lb

Here is a picture I took yesterday.  I'm currently weighing 208lb in the AM on an empty stomach.