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-Workout- Arms/Abs

Yesterdays workout was one of my most un-enthused workout I've had in a while.  I had no energy even after taking my normal 200mg caffeine.  Despite it being a bad workout I still managed to get somewhat of a pump.  Here's the workout.

  1. Standing DB Hammer curls - 4x8-12
  2. Skull Crushers - 4x12
  3. Lying Down cable curls superset overhead db 2 hand seated ext 3x12
  4. Incline DB Curls superset cable pushdowns 3x12
  5. Standing High cable one arm curls superset rope pressdowns 3x15
  6. Preacher BB curls Negatives 3xfailure
  7. jumprope 1 minute then rope crunches back in forth 4 sets

I'm going to most likely take today off and give my body some much needed rest and hit it hard tomorrow!


-Workout- Back/Tricep/Heavy Bag Basics

Another awesome workout! I'm really excited about my new switch up to my routine. Although it has been hard to slow it down a bit and not do as many supersets, I've cut it down to only one superset per routine now. Here's the workout

  1. Weighted Chins - 3xfailure
  2. tbar rows - 4x12 one drop set
  3. narrow grip pulldowns - 3x12 one dropset
  4. knee on bench db rows - 3x12
  5. reverse grip pulldowns superset weighted hyper ext
  6. over head db ext - 4x8-12

tonight for cardio i did 5 minutes of jumprope then Josh Hightower trained me on some basics. jab and cross's and foot work.  Here is a picture from sunday.


-Workout-*pre shoot* Arm/AB

  1. Spider Curls with Concentration curls with dips - 3x12 dips to failure
  2. skull crushers with close grip press with standing rope curls 3x12
  3. standing bb curls superset overhead both arm db ext standing 3x12 db ext to failure
  4. lying floor leg raises 1 set failure,rope crunches 1 set failure
  5. box jumps 2x20

here is a couple of pictures taken tonight one day before i leave for nyc in the morning.



-Workout- chest/side delt/tri/ab

Awful Arthers Roanoke,VA

This workout was at 1pm today.

1. - Flat hammer press 4x12 one dropset

2. - Incline db fly 3x12

3. - Flat db press superset pec dec 3x12 one dropset

4. - Pullovers superset seated later raise 2x12

5. - Rope Pressdowns superset ab bb rollouts 2x12

Another picture from my VA trip.  Went to Awful Arthers to have a couple of beers and shoot a game of pool.  My mom ended up beating me in that game of pool.


-Workout- ARMS/ABS

Thursday, November 18, 2010
so my new supplement cocktail came in the mail today from bodybuilding.com store and i LOVE IT! today was a carb up day for me also so that always helps get me pumped too. carb sources were sweet potato,oatmeal,1 apple. here’s the routine

- preacher curls superset cable kickbacks 4×12
 - seated partial bb curls superset straight cable pressdown 3×12-15
 -standing close-grip bb curl superset skullcrushers 3×12
 - one arm standing preacher curl superset dips 3×12 and failure for dips
 - rope crunches 4×12
 - oblique side cable crunches 2×12

no cardio today. i’ll be filming a at home ab routine and then filming my chest routine saturday!


-Workout- Chest/side delt/tri/ab/jump rope

Monday, November 15, 2010

another good one tonight!

Hammer press flat machine 4×10 one drop set
Flat db press 3×10 one drop set
Incline db fly 3×12
Pullovers superset pec dec 3×12
Standing lateral raise superset close grip cable pushdowns
Set one 30 reps set 2 20 reps set 3 & 4 15 reps
One arm oblique cable crunch superset captain chair weighted leg raises 3×12
Hyperext bench side crunches superset weight bench crunches 3×12
Jump rope 15min


-Workout- chest/side delt/tri/ab/calve/hiit – Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday, November 9, 2010
today i got one of the best pumps i’ve gotten in a while! here is the routine

  • incline bb press 4×10
  • incline db press 3×12 one drop set
  • flat db flys 3×12
  • flat hammer strength press 4×12
  • db pullovers 3×12
  • TRI-SET - standing lateral cable one arm raise,over head seated one arm db ext,seated calve raise. 3×12
  • SUPER-SET - rope crunches, seated leg press machine calve raise 3×12
  • oblique side one arm cable crunches 3×12
  • 10 minutes HIIT stepper machine 1 min recovers 3 minute high intensity

just finished filming my first cooking segment for my youtube channel once i get it edited down it will be online shortly!


-Workout- ARMs – Sunday, November 7, 2010

ARM Video

Sunday, November 7, 2010

today was the first day that i filmed one of my workouts and from hear on out i’ll be doing one a week a different muscle group until i cycle back around. the video is just of the last set of each set. here is the routine
  • preacher curls superset standing cable curls 3×10-12
  • skullcrushers superset close grip press and dips 3×10-12
  • spyder curls superset standing db hammer curls 3×10-12 one drop on spyders
  • standing db curls superset rope kickouts and pressdowns 3×10-12
  • cable concentration curl superset cable kickouts 3×10-12
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chest/side delt/tri…more CARBS!! – Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

another good one today. here’s the routine
  • incline db press 4×10-12
  • flat hammer strength press (butt at the edge of seat to really target lower cleavage)3×12
  • seated cable fly (first time i tried it like this and this will be a addition weekly)3×15 one drop
  • close grip machine press 3×12
  • pullovers superset standing db laterals 3×12
  • rope kick outs 3×12

no cardio today as i was feeling completely depleted so i decided to have a mini carb up. I had some fruit and extra oats. It never ceases to amaze me how great carbs can make you feel and improve your mood almost instantly when your depleted. i’ll post my food log up later but it ended up being about 130-150g of carbs.



Monday, November 1, 2010

just finished up a really good workout. as i’m writing this i’m having a banana and washing it down with 50g whey protein shake. here is the routine
  • high cable standing one arm curls superset one arm push downs 3×15-20
  • cambered bar close grip preacher curls superset seated one arm overhead db ext 3×12
  • straight bar standing curl superset dips 3×10-20
  • seated db concentration curls superset close grip cable pushdowns 3×12
  • db hammer curls superset cable kickbacks 3×12
  • standing cable straight bar crunch 4×12

for cardio i did HIIT on the stair climber. 1 min on 5.0 then 3 min on 8.0 back in forth to 15 min once i got to 15 i did 9.0 for 1 min then 4.0 for 30 seconds back in forth till 20. it was pretty intense..give it a try!!