Tyler McPeak

McPeak Fitness Video Series BACK Workout

This is the first training video of my new series. I take you through one of my back workouts and explain how to properly execute each exercise. Make sure to subscribe for more updates and videos coming soon!

Filmed and Edited by Cody Kern


Workout of the Week BACK TRAINING!

photo501 Workout of the Week BACK TRAINING!

2/7/2013 BACK Day

This weeks workout of the week is some BACK!  I often see people in the gym trying to use way too much weight when they train back and are most likely not even feeling the back do the work.  Back training is a muscle group that is hard for some people to mentally connect with since you can't see it doing the work.  The main thing to focus on is always getting a good stretch and at the contraction rotate the shoulders back and squeeze the shoulder blades together.  If you feel like your arms are doing the majority of the movement and are fatiguing out before your back is then you need to drop to a lighter weight and focus on getting strong contractions.  Here is the workout I did today!

  1. Narrow Grip Pull Up on Assist - 4x15
  2. Reverse Grip Pulldowns - 4x12-15
  3. One arm DB Row - 4x12
    superset with
    One arm wide grip pulldown - 4x12
  4. Seated Cable Row - 4x12
    superset with
    One arm hammer high row - 4x12 (sit sideways)
  5. Standing straight arm pulldowns - 4x20