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April 26 VLOG

photo1412 April 26 VLOG

215lb April 26 2013

APRIL 26 VLOG - I give some news on what I have upcoming along with what I eat, supplement with preworkout and a little clip from today's workout!


McPeak Fitness Video Series BACK Workout

This is the first training video of my new series. I take you through one of my back workouts and explain how to properly execute each exercise. Make sure to subscribe for more updates and videos coming soon!

Filmed and Edited by Cody Kern


Workout of the week LEGS + HIIT

photo120 Workout of the week LEGS + HIITThis weeks workout of the week is LEGS.  I did this workout on Tuesday and my legs are still feeling it today.  If you skip leg day you are missing out on total body growth.  I'll admit in my first several years of lifting I never really hit legs with the correct intensity and all out mentality that leg day takes in order to achieve maximum results.  It really wasn't up until the past two years that I really started training them correctly and I've noticed change and development rather quickly since doing so.  For a while I split up my quads and hamstrings by training one at the start of the week and the other at the end.  For the past year I've kept it to once a week and sometimes my leg sessions will last over two hours long.  Talk about feeling completely out of it and drained for the entire next day :)  So one of my goals has been to improve my squat.  I've had to deal with minor aches, pains and injuries including IT Band pain, hip pain, and knee issues.  For the past month or so though my lower body has been feeling good (knock on wood) and my squats have been improving almost weekly.  This was the first time since probably in my early 20's when I weighed 255lb that I got under 405lb.  These are no quarter bullshit half reps either.  I go slightly under parallel to the floor (at 6'3 anything lower feels like a danger zone).  On that last set of squats I went from 405lb for 1 rep directly into a dropset with 315lb for 10.  I had to lye on the floor after that one since my whole world felt pretty loopy.  There was even a guy at the gym that came over to me to make sure I was alright lol.  So I hope you guys enjoy the pain and challenge of this workout and make sure to NEVER SKIP LEG DAY! Until next time train like a champion and RISE ABOVE!

5 min warm up on bike

  1. Squats - bar x 10, 95lbx10, 135lb x 5, 225lbx 5, 275lbx 5, 315lbx 4, 335lbx 4, 365lbx 2, 405lbx1 then drop 315lb x10 , then drop 225lbx 10, then drop 135lbx 20
  2. Lying leg curl - 4x15,12,10,10 plus rest pause for 2 reps twice
  3. Lunges - 3x20 total steps, 80lb, 100lb, 120lb
  4. Leg press - 8 plates x 15, 10plates x 15, 12plates x 15, 14 plates x 15, 16plates x 12
  5. Tri set (exercises done back to back with no rest)
    Leg ext - 3x15 plus 2 drops on last set
    Seated leg curl - 3x15 (pause for 2 seconds at contraction
    Leg press machine calve raise - 4x15
  6. Seated leg curl - 3x15
  7. Stair climber 10 rounds of 30sec all out sprint