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After taking 4 full days off from the gym to give my body a much needed break I was excited to get back in there today and hit chest.  The only exercise that I've done the past 4 days has been a few dog walks.  My right knee is still bothering me so I was not able to do part 3 of my suggested 3 day split routine video.  Depending on how it feels this weekend will determine if I will film.  I got a very full pump today but I can tell that I'm out of shape cardio wise since I havn't been hitting it like I used to. Today I tried a new technique that I've never used before on a couple of my exercises.  It's time under tension.  It's a shorter rep range with no lock out which keeps the muscle under constant tension through the whole set.  It's definitely a different feeling but I'm going to start incorporating it into my daily workouts.

  1. Incline Barbell Press - 4x12-4
  2. Incline DB Press - 3x10-12
  3. Flat Barbell press - 3x8-12
  4. Flat Machine Press - 3x15-20
  5. Pec Dec - 3x15
  6. DB Kickbacks - 3x12
  7. Cable pressdowns - 3x12
  8. Skullcrushers superset close grip press - 2x12-20
  9. Stair Climber - 30 minutes
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