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Chest/Bicep Workout Video!


prof Chest/Bicep Workout Video!Sunday Funday! Today's chest workout targetted the upper pecs right from the start with three different movements. The 100lb db's felt smooth like butter on the incline presses. As you can see with the incline barbell movement this was done with light weight slow on the negative pausing at the bottom feeling my upper chest stretching then squeezing the chest on the way up. After the 3 upper pec movements I moved onto 3 mid to lower pec movements. I started incorporating db pullovers again in my chest workouts last week because I'm wanting to improve that lower pec/ serratus area. All exercises today was 3-4 sets with rep ranges 8-15 resting 60-90 seconds between sets.

Preworkout - 3 scoops of Adrenol8
Directly postworkout - 8 Performance BCAA caps
about 20 minutes after - 2 scoops Pure Whey (Chocolate Brownie)

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