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ARM B-Day Workout!

photo 300x225 ARM B Day Workout!

Gold's Gym 419 Roanoke,VA

Had one of my best arm routines in a while. my new supplement cocktail is definitely kicking in nicely as my strength is going up.

Standing db curl superset vbar press down 4x12-15
Preacher curl machine superset skull crushers - 3x12-15
Standing bicep normal grip with a drop set each set to  close grip superset with close grip bb bench 3x12
Freemotion cable curl superset dips 2 sets failure

Here is a picture taken after our workout me and my boy Eli Widner.

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  1. First of all Happy B-day and best wishes. Thank you for all the motivation that you have given me and best of all i am seeing results. It is an awesome website! i will be incorporating some of your workouts into my current routines.

  2. thanks a lot! i’ll keep them coming!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving!!!! I just want to let you know that i have tried your shoulders, back and leg workouts and man they are a killer. the rest period of 1 min. has me sweating like crazy. I do not know if it is my imagination or what, but now that i have been following your diet and workouts if feel great. I now need to work on my cardio and to be honest, i HATE cardio. I guess i have to find something that i enjoy doing and i know i will probably see better results.

  4. Bernard try giving HIIT a try. 15-20 minutes directly after your weight training.

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