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Yesterdays workout was one of my most un-enthused workout I've had in a while.  I had no energy even after taking my normal 200mg caffeine.  Despite it being a bad workout I still managed to get somewhat of a pump.  Here's the workout.

  1. Standing DB Hammer curls - 4x8-12
  2. Skull Crushers - 4x12
  3. Lying Down cable curls superset overhead db 2 hand seated ext 3x12
  4. Incline DB Curls superset cable pushdowns 3x12
  5. Standing High cable one arm curls superset rope pressdowns 3x15
  6. Preacher BB curls Negatives 3xfailure
  7. jumprope 1 minute then rope crunches back in forth 4 sets

I'm going to most likely take today off and give my body some much needed rest and hit it hard tomorrow!

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