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-Workout- Back Attack!

along with back i did biceps and calves.  i rode my bike on this gorgeous day of 71 in the end of november isn't too bad eh? so here's my routine.  it was around 1pm today.

  • weighted pull ups - 4 sets one set bodyweight warm up then worked up to 75lb for 5 reps then a drop with my bodyweight on that last set
  • knee on bench db rows - 3x12 80,90,100lb
  • overhand straight bar overhand rows super set narrow grip pulldowns 3x10-12
  • t-bar row superset deadlifts 3x12
  • straight bar cable standing pulldowns superset benhind the neck pulldowns
  • standing db curls 2x20
  • standing cable curls superset standing calves 2 sets of curls and 4 total sets for calves

here is a couple more pictures from last nights get together! I'm looking forward to seeing my family and catch up with old friends.  It's going to be a great trip to VA!birthday4 Workout Back Attack!

birthday4 150x150 Workout Back Attack! birthday4
birthday5 150x150 Workout Back Attack! birthday5
birthday6 150x150 Workout Back Attack! birthday6

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