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WORKOUT13 300x120110 Back/BicepYesterday Ron and I headed over to the NAC (Nashville Athletic Club)  to meet up with one of my previous clients Andy for a back workout.  I got to use some machines that I hadn't used in a while.  It's definitely my new favorite gym in Nashville by far.  It has EVERYTHING and I managed to walk out of there with a free week pass so I'll be checking it out again very soon  icon smile Back/Bicep   I would join because it's very inexpensive but I have my membership still for all of the Y's and they are more convenient.  Directly after our workout Ron and I made a pit stop into McDonald's and I got 2 big macs and a double cheese burger.  Since Wednesday I've been taking a break from my normal food since I'm about to start my new program.  Suzanne has made 3 different recipes from the magazine Clean Eating so I'll be posting some new recipes up soon.  Lamb Pita's,Chicken Quesidilla's, and a Pasta Dish.  All very healthy alternatives to the normal dishes but I'm officially over food I'm ready to get back on a scheduled plan.  I spoke with Hany last night and received my program so I'm starting the diet today.  Everything is totally different then what I've been doing and I'm excited to see how my body will respond.  I CAN'T WAIT TO GET STARTED WITH EVERYTHING!

  1. Wide Grip machine pulldowns - 4x10-12
  2. Standing DB Row - 3x12
  3. underhand grip hammer strength pulldowns - 4x10-12
  4. seated wide grip cable row superset standing rope pulldowns - 3x12
  5. low handle hammer strength rows - 3x12 one arm at a time
  6. standing db hammer curls - 3x10-12
  7. standing cambered bar preacher curls - 4x15 one drop set on last set (worked on negatives)
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