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WORKOUT13 300x12041 Back/Bicep/Forearm/AB/CardioToday was the first day I had used supersets for my whole back workout in a while.  I could definitely tell I hadn't been doing them.  It was very intense and it had me winded from the first two exercises.  It was a great shock to my body today.

  1. Reverse Grip Pulldowns superset Seated Row machine - 4x12
  2. Overhand Barbell Rows superset Tbar Rows - 3x10-12
  3. Deadlifts superset wide grip pull downs - 3x10-15 (last set of deadlifts was 405lb and got it for 4 reps)
  4. Hammer curls superset reverse grip barbell curls - 3x10-12
  5. Standing one arm high cable curl - 3x20 superset rope crunches 3x20
  6. Elliptical 15 minutes
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