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WORKOUT13 300x12095 Back/CardioFinally feeling almost back to normal.  Traveling and not getting much sleep in VA really drained me.  I had a couple of clients this am and when I got back home I passed out for 2hrs.  Woke up feeling like myself again.  I think by tomorrow I should be 100 percent.  Today I had an awesome back workout. Got an extremely good pump.

  1. standing one arm hammer strength row - 4x10-12 (this machine is meant to sit down but i tried it out standing..felt great) one drop set on last set i sat down for did both arms
  2. reverse grip barbell rows - 4x10 one drop set on last set
  3. hammer strength pull down wide grip machine - 3x10
  4. seated one arm hammer row (different machine then first exercise..hitting at a different angle) - 3x10
  5. reverse grip cambered bar pulldowns - 3x12-15 one drop set on last set
  6. hyper ext - 3x20
  7. stepmill - 20 min low intensity step rate 50

Here is a picture of my friends and I in VA this past Friday night.

roanoke 300x225 Back/Cardio

Anthony,David,Dee,Josh - Metro, Roanoke, VA July 22 2011

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