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Back/Forearm/Calve/Heavy Bag/Cardio

WORKOUT13 300x12054 Back/Forearm/Calve/Heavy Bag/CardioYesterday I was able to run for my cardio.  I have not been able to run or train legs in over a month now.  It's shocking to me how quick you start to regress when you are not able to do something.  I ran for 20 minutes on level 6.5 then walked for 5 minutes then finished off with 5 minutes on 7.0.  I'm definitely looking forward to getting my heart and lungs back into the condition they were in before this injury came about and outdoor runs.  Today had a great back workout and afterward I hit the heavy bag for the first time in a long time.  This weekend I'll be filming a descriptive video on a few new exercises I've been doing.

  1. Wide grip pulldowns - 4x20,15,12,12 one drop set on last set for 12
  2. Supported T-Bar rows - 4x15,12,12,10, on drop set on last set for 10
  3. Reverse grip pulldowns superset behind the neck wide grip pulldowns - 3x12
  4. standing db rows superset one arm standing pec dec row - 3x12
  5. standing straight bar pulldowns giant set - standing calve raise,reverse grip straight bar curls, behind standing wrist curls - 3x12-20
  6. heavy bag - 5x 1 min
  7. jump rope - 5 minutes
  8. dog walk 25 minutes
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