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WORKOUT13 300x120113 Chest and LegsHaving that full day of nothing but recovery and rest on Sunday I was pretty excited to get back at it and fill my chest up.  My strength has improved since my last chest workout.  One detail I'm paying more attention to is increasing my strength from week to week.  Reason being that a stronger muscle is a bigger muscle.  That being said though I'm not sacrificing my form at all and ALWAYS contracting hard on every rep.  Increasing your strength from week to week doesn't necessarily mean you have to increase the poundage.  It can be that but it also can be that you used a certain weight for more reps than you did your previous workout.  Something to keep in mind though if your having one of those drag ass days and your just not feeling it don't get frustrated if your not able to improve or use the same weight because other factors can come into play (not enough rest,water,food).  Needless to say I've had two great workouts and today is my off day which always feels needed after an intense leg training session. Here is an example of what I discussed above.  Last Monday's chest workout for incline db press I did the 80's for 12 then 85's for 10 then 90's for 10... on Monday of this week I did 80's for 12, 90's for 10 then 90's again for 10.  Next week I'm going to increase to 95's and see how that feels and might even try the 100's. Another example is last Tuesday's leg workout for leg press I did 450x12,540x12,630x12 then 720x10 and yesterday I did 540x12,630x12,720x12 then another set of 720x10.

For an early birthday present my mom got me a ps3 and madden 2012 and she just told me yesterday that it's order and being shipped now icon smile Chest and Legs   This will help keep me occupied during my 4 month hibernation icon smile Chest and Legs I can't wait for the new Call of Duty to come out too in the beginning of November and UFC to come out in January.

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