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Chest yesterday and legs today…

WORKOUT13 300x120114 Chest yesterday and legs today...Yesterday I had one of my strongest chest days which was partially due to my cheat meal on Sunday night.  I'm still aloud to have one cheat meal a week but that might be getting changed after this week since I speak with Hany this weekend.  I worked up to 100's on db incline press and got 6 reps with 2 forced reps with assistance by my training partner Ron.  We both got a very full pump and later on that night I got a text from Ron saying that he couldn''t even flex his chest lol.  Today's leg workout was BRUTAL!  I pushed heavier today then last week and I left the gym feeling loopy and sick for a good hour after I was done.  Mentally I had to push myself to a new place today when doing squats because after the third set my mind was starting to give in to the pain and toughness but I talked myself out of skipping my 4th set and I felt better that I didn't give in.  I would have been regretting that for the rest of the day.  When your mind starts playing games with you and telling you that there is nothing left in the tank and you can't do it make yourself do it!  Tell yourself  TRAIN INSANE OR REMAIN THE SAME! My theme song when doing squats today was the new Korn song called "Get UP" definitely check it out it's a awesome workout song!

Check out the October issue of Flex to read a really good article where Hany explains some of his guidelines on training and nutrition.

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