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WORKOUT13 300x12094 Chest/Abs/CardioAfter a 7 hour road trip (and going through 4 storms)  back to Nashville yesterday I was still feeling lethargic today.  I woke up at 7:30 and went to the gym to do 30 minutes on the stair climber at level 4.5.  After that I had 2 clients to train then I got to come home and I passed out for 3 hours.  When I got up I felt a lot better and was ready to hit some chest!

  1. Flat barbell press - 2 warm ups, 3x10,8,6 one drop set for 20 on the last set
  2. flat db fly - 4x12,12,10,10 one drop set on last set for 15
  3. incline barbell press - 3x12
  4. TRI-SET - db pullovers,standing one arm db fly, pec dec - 3x12-15
  5. rope crunches superset hanging leg raises - 3x15-20
  6. elliptical 20 minutes level 8

A few dietary changes for this week is that I'll be incorporating a lot more fish starting tomorrow.  I had some chicken that I made yesterday before I left so I had that all day today.  I just got home from the grocery and picked up some orange roughy and cod.  I'm cutting out red meat this week and still sticking with the cream of wheat instead of oats for now.  This is how I self educated myself and learned how to build my physique.  This is from my parents house I brought back all of my old Muscular Developments (my favorite mag) so I could have new reading material every day icon smile Chest/Abs/Cardio along with my encyclopedia of bodybuilding.photo461 225x300 Chest/Abs/Cardio

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