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WORKOUT13 300x12052 Chest/Calves/CardioSince enjoying a good amount of delicious food yesterday at my client Kitty's house with her family I decided to go higher volume than I normally do.  From the very first set my chest started filling up with blood quick.  Both Ron and I both had a very good workout.

  1. Incline Barbell Press w/ chains - 3x15,10,8, 1 set of negatives
  2. Flat DB Press - 3x10-15 one drop set on last set
  3. Cable Fly - 4x12-15 one drop set on last set
  4. DB Pullovers - 3x15
  5. Flat Hammer Strength press - 3x12-15 one drop set on last set
  6. Seated Calve Raise - 3x20
  7. Leg Press calve machine - 3x20
  8. Walk on Incline - 30 minutes
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